Our Pitch to Investors - A Sneak Peek at Outdoor Cam, Video Doorbell, Thermostat, and Wyze Services

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9 months ago

While our current business is weathering the COVID-19 storm well​, we’ve decided to raise a little bit of cash due to the economic uncertainty out there. Here's the video we are showing at the start of every investor pitch right now.
We've made the tough decision not to apply for the government-funded Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), though we can meet the requirements. Instead, we've started taking meetings with many interested investors that have been reaching out to us.
We wanted to pull you into the room and share our investor pitch video with you. This is the video we’ve been playing at the beginning of every meeting with potential investors. We hope this gives you a peek into what you can expect from Wyze in the near future (including a quick first look at the outdoor cam, video doorbell, thermostat, and new Wyze services).
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Thy To
Thy To 23 days ago
Wow, love this presentation of Wyze! Love the products.
Sean McPherson
Sean McPherson Month ago
This was wonderful!
Sharazod 5 months ago
Not one African American, wow!
Cindy Miller
Cindy Miller 5 days ago
And that's one of the reasons why they are successful. This is a predominantly Asian and Caucasian industry. Simple concept to understand. You people always have to pull the race card...LOL. I'm sure in the future they'll add a few African Americans on the minimum wage pay scale. Not because they want to but to avoid whiners like you.
Terry Moorer
Terry Moorer 5 months ago
Watching the end of the video and hearing that Wyze is coming out with 30 more products. I'm thinking microwave, water pitcher, smart car, refrigerator, coffee maker
EHe Lee
EHe Lee 6 months ago
I’m loving all the current and upcoming product as well as the company’s business model and innovative approach! How can I invest and join the team?
ugetridofit 6 months ago
Outdoor Cam will be cool. Just dont screw up and skimp on the RTSP functionality. This is where you guys are really weak in.
Warped Games
Warped Games 6 months ago
I'm still here waiting for that thermostat update 🙃
Wyze 6 months ago
Still in the works! If you want, you can check the most recent updates using our Roadmap: forums.wyzecam.com/c/roadmap/37
Ryan Townshend
Ryan Townshend 7 months ago
Doorbell cam for sure!
Katanamast279 8 months ago
I'm waiting on that doorbell. Excited for the future of Wyze. Great company with great people
Nick 8 months ago
I'm closing on my first house in July. I'll be making the entire house a Wyze house. Looks like a super dope company, and can't complain about the prices! Hurry up and drop that thermostat 🙃
Javabasily 8 months ago
You guys are amazing. You were able to profit so much yet you don’t steal money from your customers.
Adam Vargas
Adam Vargas 8 months ago
#Tech4Everyone !!! Let's Go Wyze!! Kill them with kindness! Blow up the marketplace, I believe in y'all!!
Justine Cepriano
Justine Cepriano 8 months ago
Need your doorbell ASAP!
Joseph 8 months ago
GO PUBLIC!!!!!! I have been waiting to invest in you guys! I believe in you and your products.
Naruto Uzuamaki
Naruto Uzuamaki 8 months ago
I personally can't wait for the Doorbell and the thermostat. I've got the wyze lock. 8 cameras. And I'm getting the wyze scale and plugs. I love the fact that your attacking all avenues of business!!! You guys should come out with smart bulbs that change colors!!! Not just white lights. My son is autistic and loves having color bulbs. We currently have Genie for our bulbs. But if you guys came out with color changing bulbs, I'd jump ship in a heartbeat!
pilauboi05 8 months ago
I’ve been waiting for a dash cam. I’ll 100% be buying a couple from Wyze! And I can guarantee thousands will buy too!
Pierré Nel
Pierré Nel 9 months ago
All I'm asking for is Homekit support! 😔
Jon Beals
Jon Beals 9 months ago
I can't wait till the new products release 😍 I am ready to upgrade to become a Wyze house in addition to my indoor cam!!!
Jeremy Hainsworth
Jeremy Hainsworth 9 months ago
Awesome. But when will you start shipping to Canada?
Ana Z
Ana Z 9 months ago
Yeahhh. This s sooo crazy. My dad bought it in bulk. N gave it to our uncles n aunts, coz it just super affordable. Cant believe w this price we can get all the features. Like mindblowwwnnn
Helix 9 months ago
About time for n outdoor camera! Been using after market housing
GAiPS 9 months ago
@wyze do you need beta testers in Canada? We have harsh winters to beta test your products.
J J 9 months ago
I have your first generation cameras ... still using two of them at home.
Web Unlocked
Web Unlocked 9 months ago
I would really love wyze to have an "europe" line, eu outlets
WokeFromTheMatrix SpreadTheTruth
WokeFromTheMatrix SpreadTheTruth 9 months ago
I was wondering if you would be Interested in suggestions for products by consumers that enjoy and already love your products and services? I was wondering if wyze would consider making a robot vacuum that self empties to compete with the "big dogs"? You always make quality products at very affordable prices so I would back it up as well as many others would support it. I think that's a area wotht venturing into. Keep up the excellent work Wyze team!
All-out action
All-out action 9 months ago
I love what you guys are doing I am so buying the door bell and a whole bunch of the outdoor cameras when they come out.
Kevin x
Kevin x 9 months ago
Wyze I love you guys but I'm forced to think about how much easier it is becoming for the surveillance state by making it easier to have a camera even more established in our lives. I love your devices, thank you for making them.
Tronoxis Gaming
Tronoxis Gaming 9 months ago
I own about 20 cameras for in/out of my house for reasons. I first bought two nest cameras for I think 400$ then a yearly fee. Wyze cams have the same video quality but audio quality is very very poor. Overall if you want just good video and cheap, these things rock.
GenerlAce - Big War inc.
GenerlAce - Big War inc. 9 months ago
I am really excited for this. Just purchased my first home and was ready to buy wyze cams for the entire perimiter. Really hoping the outdoor cams support PoE. Thats my biggest wishlist item for Wyze Cams (and now doorbell), would be PoE support.
Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter 9 months ago
Hurry the F up with the outdoor cam gotta catch some fools
Brook Gyde
Brook Gyde 9 months ago
Please go public!
Thomas Salyers
Thomas Salyers 9 months ago
I took a chance and bought 1 cam and thought how good could it be for $20-$25.00 ?? I was very impressed to say the least. I have since added more cams and a Pan Cam and cannot wait for more products. Truly a game changer and great to hear a little about your back story. Be proud Wyze, you're doing great!
Joshua Coats
Joshua Coats 9 months ago
Please make the SD card storage for the video doorbell like you did for the wyze cams! No one else is doing that and I can monitor almost 2 weeks of continuous video playback, which is awesome! Closest I’ve seen is the Eufy which has 4GB. I don’t understand why they don’t throw more storage in there... also IPO! IPO!
Scott in Pollock
Scott in Pollock 9 months ago
PLEASE offer an adjustable Dead Band in your thermostat and I will be the first to order two of them.
Randall Riveraa
Randall Riveraa 9 months ago
Wow, amazing to look back at how you guys started. Great job!!
John Anderson
John Anderson 9 months ago
I’m ready to invest! You guys are awesome!
佟飞 9 months ago
outdoor 😎👍👍
George Foster
George Foster 9 months ago
This is the strangest "pitch to investors" I have ever seen -- in that I see no reference at all as to how to invest. How do you get the necessary paperwork or forms to make an investment?
George Foster
George Foster 9 months ago
Jordan S. So I’m seen as small potatoes?
Jordan S.
Jordan S. 9 months ago
This is for big investors. Not consumers. Wyze is just sharing this with users to see what their investors see.
Nate Williams
Nate Williams 9 months ago
Wyze makes amazing accessible products. I can't wait to see what they do next.
Bill Fong
Bill Fong 9 months ago
I was skeptical when I first bought the Wyze indoor cam but it works great and now I have two CAMs and one PAN CAM. They work and they last. Wishing you guys much success.
Outdoors with Dale
Outdoors with Dale 9 months ago
I like your cameras very much, but your alerts are pretty much useless. They go off constantly. I hope the motion update that your working on fixes that. Looking forward to an outdoor cam. Would love Homekit support.
John Boardman
John Boardman 9 months ago
Received my scale yesterday. Bravo! Another great product! My wife and I will be using it daily. The heart rate is pretty wonky, but otherwise all stats look great! Goes well with my four cameras!
Bobby Harper
Bobby Harper 9 months ago
Great company
p9948 9 months ago
We bought four of the pan cams. Very good product. And they are always on tilting all the way! I hope to get the scales and then four outdoor cams for exterior security while away from home. You folks are awesome! Robert P. (an old man from Texas)
Marisa Damiano
Marisa Damiano 9 months ago
You guys man 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 9 months ago
Planning to finally complete my first dozen Wyze Cams this year, just holding up for the outdoors one!
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes 9 months ago
I’m glad you remembered “the rest of the world”. 🤞.🇨🇦🇬🇧🇦🇺 soon?2020/2021🤞 ..............
Erik Elliott
Erik Elliott 9 months ago
I constantly share with people how great Wyze is. Thank you for making your products so accessible.
Kerry Shearer
Kerry Shearer 9 months ago
GREAT VIDEO! You guys are awesome! Can't wait for the new products to be released!
thovex 9 months ago
awesome vid and value prop. good luck guys!
applebetrippin 9 months ago
Are you guys doing a partnership with a certified monitoring company like Brinks Home Security?
Brent Weeks
Brent Weeks 9 months ago
1. Sell me a hub that doesn’t only have to run on the web. 2. Sell me outdoor cameras. 3. Sell me a doorbell cam. 4. Sell me a thermostat. 5. All 4 have to be fine if the web is down. 6. I have money ready now.
Jake Rudy
Jake Rudy 9 months ago
Price is the sole reason i bought one, and its worked beautifully!!
Vernonu9 9 months ago
I need that outdoor cam. Now
iRecruit Fish
iRecruit Fish 9 months ago
Hmm so how do I become an investor? Can't wait for all the products!
carlos martinez
carlos martinez 9 months ago
Wish I have an extra million bucks to invest in these guys. They are motivated to succeed.
Sergio Velazco
Sergio Velazco 9 months ago
I love your products but above them, the way you understand consumers is excellent. Congratulations!
Mcflurryness 9 months ago
Wyze for life! i need more wyze products.
Jonathan Lau
Jonathan Lau 9 months ago
Keep up the good work! Wyze. I am rooting for you
Loraine Lewis
Loraine Lewis 9 months ago
Just ordered 2 it works great. And for the price u can't go wrong.
SACBENT05 9 months ago
Awesome! I love your camera. Looking forward to your new products. Keep forging ahead!
Patrick W
Patrick W 9 months ago
Good for you guys!! I love how u stepped in being young and fresh and rattled the industry I love ur ethos and bringing safety and security to the average household. I’m a flight attendant and with these 3 cams I can make sure my neighbor did t kill my cats.
K Weir
K Weir 9 months ago
I will continue to support and push this company to others. I can't count the number of people I have switched because of the price and quality.
Jony Brumas
Jony Brumas 9 months ago
Let's see if you are not bought from one of the big sharks, for a few billions....
bob marley
bob marley 9 months ago
Peace, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Wyze Cams. I have them in the windows of my home and monitor the outside (Front and Back). The video quality is great. I am looking forward to the doorbell and outside versions of the Cams (Very exciting). How do I get on the waiting list for those products?
PinchnerHouse 9 months ago
Wyze can’t even make there app display in landscape orientation, not very wise.
Michael Maymi
Michael Maymi 9 months ago
go public. I would be in line to buy a few thousands of stocks.
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips 9 months ago
How would a normal chap go about becoming an investor?
pdizzle710 9 months ago
I love you, Wyze! If I had a huge amount of cash, I would TOTALLY invest it with you.
nzkiwibri 9 months ago
PLEASE ship to Canada!!!
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 9 months ago
Awesome! This gets me excited! If I was wealthy, I'd invest in you all in a heartbeat. I do already have several of your products and plan to buy more in the future! I'm looking forward to seeing that thermostat and more great products I know you all have coming up. You all have my full support and I wish the Wyze family all the very best!!!
Pat Lindner
Pat Lindner 9 months ago
I bought both Wyze and Ring cameras. The Wyze camera far outshines the Ring camera. We just returned our Ring cameras. My only concern is if the Wyze camera will work when we have to update our router. Looking forward to more products from a USA based company.
Joe Alvarado
Joe Alvarado 9 months ago
Love Wyze!!
rosscoman 9 months ago
I'm an early adopter, but over shine has worn off. Instead of rushing to market with more "me to" products, spend some time fixing long-standing bugs in your existing ones. Please!
Joel 9 months ago
Please add water detection and temperature sensors to your line up.
C Worden
C Worden 9 months ago
As an early adopter of their products I can only say this company gets better and better! Hats off to all of you. I’m looking forward to what the future brings!
JT Britton
JT Britton 9 months ago
i bought 10 wyze cams for $20 each, 2 weeks ago and turned them into web cams by flashing the bios... because Yallmart, Burst Buy, and even GARGANTUAN didnt have 1 camera you could purchase for under $200! sure sound and mic arent that great, but they work... and Wyze figured it out for $0...
yiggie 9 months ago
I'm a fan and Wyze product advocate/user... Price is amazing but the product/software could be so much better. I would pay MORE money for a better product experience. 1. Audio is dismal... mostly inaudible even with the v2 compared to my Nest cams (i have several v2's and they all sound the same even with the audio sensitivity turned down and still sounds like a cheap tin can.) 2. No multi live view unless you change firmware to a dead end path. 3. Playback audio is usually off by a few seconds. 4. Playback video search is a huge chore. (Nest design is so much easier to search and find an event when you don't know exactly what you are looking for or the time of the event.) Fix those items especially the audio quality and you have an AMAZING comparable product.
jaustin1928 9 months ago
New hardware tease at 3:24
Paul S
Paul S 9 months ago
I have the Wyze cam and Pan cam which both work great. It's May 19, 2020, 3.17 pm est, and 31 knuckleheads have downvoted this video. Must be competitors !! PS - excellent promo video, short and to the point.
Richard Arikian
Richard Arikian 9 months ago
Great products. I have several of them and look forward to more. The only thing that would make them better is to manufacture them locally.
AARON ARCHAMBO 9 months ago
Bravo on the USposts video. Tells a great story that I didn't fully understand. Looking forward to more great products from Wyze. We have three Cam Pans, one Wyze cam, and the iHealth thermometer. The person detection technology from the cams is progressing nicely. Keep it up!
Rick Gray
Rick Gray 9 months ago
I have Wyze cameras, bulbs, plugs, sensors, and recently bought the new scales. Love them all, just need a more accurate set of measurements in the scales to be top of its class. I hope to see a good wall switch with a remote soon.
Dave M
Dave M 9 months ago
Great products! Only downfall, MADE IN CHINA!
Jon Dubin
Jon Dubin 9 months ago
I originally purchased a wyzecam to keep an eye on my 3d printer. As my mother continued her downward slope with dementia, I purchased the pan and scan....your products helped me keep my mother safe and my home in one piece. I can't thank you enough....I will continue to purchase your products, signed a very loyal customer!
Danny Ho
Danny Ho 9 months ago
Can't wait to for the new products!!! Makes me want to buy the Wyze Pan cam now!
SOfilmable 9 months ago
I was already a client of yours. Watching your video make me feel like an investor of your future. I feel more connected to your products ans company as I heard your story and saw your face, not like other company we can't relate. We are happy for your success and wish you much more. Thanks Wyze, i will buy your future products and will promote you even more.
Jeff Shockley
Jeff Shockley 9 months ago
Have your products in my home, I've purchased them for gifts. But really from the video, it doesn't look like you need investors. Hopefully, you get a rock-solid legal team if you pursue this as I've seen great companies topple due to "investors".
John Kinsella
John Kinsella 9 months ago
At the beginning of this I was thinking "OMG I'd never make investors sit through a four minute video" at the end - very well done!
Rich March
Rich March 9 months ago
A Fan from day one, please do not put out a garage door unit or a window AC unit like Quirky® did.
Kevin David Swagler
Kevin David Swagler 9 months ago
You should be very proud of yourselves.
Patrick Gbur
Patrick Gbur 9 months ago
Very happy with all the products that have come out so far. Can't wait to try more! Keep up the good job!
Isaac 9 months ago
I am a fan, multi light bulbs and Camera, I wish your company the best...lets just get to 2.7k and 24fps AT LEAST! Lol
Amanda 9 months ago
That's awesome!! Can't wait for your new products!
Jeff Spurlock
Jeff Spurlock 9 months ago
In October 2017, when the WyzeCam launched, my wife and I had our second child. In November, our Video baby monitor bit the dust, and it was a $300 unit that could only be viewed with the screen that came with it. My wife wanted to buy another one, but I had heard of this brand new WiFi Camera that was dirt cheap. We decided to try it, because the worst case scenario it didn't work for us but we'd only be out $20... Now, in 2020, we have multiple WyzeCams, Motion Sensors, Bulbs, and plugs... We have one camera I jokingly refer to as our third set of eyes; I glued it onto an old USB battery pack and I can set it anywhere within our wifi range and have eyes on our kids. Wyze is hands down my favorite tech company; the attitude toward consumers, the customer service, and the desire to keep developing new cheap IOT tech is inspiring. Thanks Wyze team.
D Fordham
D Fordham 9 months ago
I had a Wyze cam early on and thought it was great but, what I really needed was an exterior camera system. I waited and waited but couldn't wait anymore. I now have a 6 camera system that operates efficiently and effectively and am in the process of adding some interior cameras of the same brand. I hate it. I loved the simplicity, cost and quality of the Wyzecam and have several other products but, I certainly can't throw out a perfectly good exterior system if/when Wyze comes out with a system of their own. Good to see they may actually be coming out with one, I hope it does well.
Cynthia Millentree
Cynthia Millentree 9 months ago
This is absolutely amazing Wyze! I love how you told the story of how you "made it", and how you will in the future "make it" and keep it affordable to everyone who wants one. I can say that I truly love my camera(s) for everything it does. Love the concept of it not being bulky so you can get it in places you thought you would never put them. Yes, I am truly looking forward to the outdoors one even though the one I have now has been outside last winter and is still functioning. AMAZING! The line up of products you have to offer is very much in line and and compettion with others. You just came out with the Wyze Band and the Scale and I love, love, love them both. Everytime I look down at my watch it is hard to imagine that I can put a picuture on it and change the face setting without having to spend a hefty price! Another AMAZING! I tell my family and friends about this product all the time. I feel like I can go place and still be able to monitior my home . One more thing, let your Wyze family invest with you! Keep on rolling out new affordable products!
Bigyan R Acharya
Bigyan R Acharya 9 months ago
I have been holding off buying a doorbell for couple of years now, was waiting very anxiously for WYZE doorbell, but after watching this video I have to say WYZE team severely lacks a product designer to make sleek product. Please don’t get me wrong, I am sure it works great, but please take positively, that doorbell looks bulky and ugly. Look at doorbell like Skybell Slim, it is so appealing and slim. We would be happy to pay another 15/20 dollars extra for a better sleek design. Oh well, I will wait for the second generation 😀
Dawn Howeth
Dawn Howeth 9 months ago
I''ve been a HUGE Wyze fan since 2017! I have given many cameras as gifts and started my family and friends on the WYZE obsession as well. Can't wait for the doorbell, OUTDOOR Camera and the Thermostat!!
jearrbearrify 9 months ago
Awesome video!
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