Wyze Q&A Episode 1

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2 years ago

Here is the first in a series of Wyze Q&A that will be posted in the Discover section of the app. We received many great questions from our community and we're looking forward to Episode 2!
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Silvia Ayala
Silvia Ayala 8 days ago
How do I change my Wyze cámara back to color instead of black and white?
Jason Drapac
Jason Drapac 18 days ago
Why would a company release a product so amazing in limited quantities (wyze car) and then not have their servers able to handle to load? I'm not the only person who's "word of mouth advertising" isn't going to be good anymore. You shoulda made it for everyone and not just 5,000 people lucky enough to get through to your crappy servers. Do you realize how much those things woulda sold? They'd be one of your best sellers but you only made 5,000. Not a good business strategy. Everyone hates you now. Lmao
Ben Month ago
mommy 2 months ago
Gave my in-laws the wyze cam out in India, and they've been using it well for over a year! So international definitely works :)
Mateo J Buteler
Mateo J Buteler 4 months ago
Why dont we have AU 220v wyze plugs? :(
Yogie Gemini
Yogie Gemini 8 months ago
please create a video for replacing a camera. i deleted the previous device to add the new camera and i'm having an issue. waiting for customer support to pick up the phone. I tried your support chat room, which must be a 3rd party vendor. I'll call customer service.
Timothy Benjamin
Timothy Benjamin Year ago
Simple yes or no question: I have 2 cams I want to set up at home, and 2 on a job site in another town. I take it that each cam needs to be set up on the wifi in their respective locations rather than setting all 4 up on the wifi at home, and taking 2 to work, correct?
linda X
linda X Year ago
Love your products! Brought 2 and getting more. I love your company principal- User first! Bringing technology to users at the best price! Keep up with the good works there!
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much for your support, Linda! We hope you enjoy your Wyze Cams and we're looking forward to some exciting things on the horizon! If you'd like, feel free to keep an eye on our Roadmap: forums.wyzecam.com/c/roadmap
Steve Walker
Steve Walker Year ago
Waiting for my first Wyze camera in the post. Question if I get a burglar alert from my outhouse on my Iphone 6 whilst I am asleep how do I hear it? Is there an alarm function so my phone wakes and I can hear it?
Wyze Year ago
@Steve Walker, sorry to hear the notifications aren't able to meet your needs. If you'd like, you can vote for that automated phone call notification option using our Wishlist: forums.wyzecam.com/c/wishlist
Steve Walker
Steve Walker Year ago
@Wyze You need to make it so the wyze cam can make an automated phone call (as an option) . The notification may not be loud enough to wake you at night. I canclled my order for this reason
Wyze Year ago
Hey, Steve! We're excited for that Wyze Cam to arrive! Depending on your app and phone's settings, you will receive a notification when the camera detects an Event. Make sure you don't silence your notifications in the app or use Do Not Disturb mode and you should be good to go! :)
liz braga
liz braga Year ago
are these cameras viewable out of country using wifi?
Giovanni Turco
Giovanni Turco Year ago
Hi Wyze this video was published on 19/2/19 when are you going to sell Wyze Products in the United Kingdom Instant people like me have to order them from amazon.com because they do deliver to the UK I have ordered x2 Wyze Cam V2 And Starter Pack plus the wyze cam pan and they do work in the UK it would be nice you get back to me I have sent you loads of messages about Wyze had never got back to me
Greg Hall
Greg Hall Year ago
I live in Australia and I’ve just ordered 4 wyze cam v2’s and a cam pan. Really looking forward to getting them.
José Díaz
José Díaz Year ago
“North America” first company but no Mexico included? As a North American-Mexican owner of your products I feel disappointed. Keep up the great work tho‘, Wyze Cams are awesome 😁
Aubrey Bolen
Aubrey Bolen Year ago
I am holding out for your outdoor version!!! hurry hurry!!! :)
MRKTM690smc Year ago
Dave, did you perform the background music in the transitions?
Thomas Haws
Thomas Haws Year ago
Is there a Wyze app for the Apple TV 4K
Thomas Haws
Thomas Haws Year ago
I really do like the wzye cam three of them and the pen camera but we really need HomeKit support if we don’t get homeskit support soon I’m afraid I’m going to have to try other devices yes I know your guises cameras are really cheap and give you great picture quality for the money but you have to weigh the options of what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to spend there are some great options that are around the same price as your cameras that are for HomeKit support please help I’ve been a long-time customer for years I just ordered your lights and sensors please help us with HomeKit and it’s been three months since the video has been posted and they’re still no Google home support or multiview in the app I cannot see more than one camera view any app at one time please let me know what’s going on with that you guys have said to google support and Apple support over two years ago
Phuong Tran
Phuong Tran Year ago
Hello people recommended a lot of your products how com you don’t design the products using batteries or wireless. You will be successful company and make a lot and a lot of money. You are smart you can design that.
Rox Dad
Rox Dad 2 years ago
Received my Wyze Sense today! AWESOME! Wyze rocks!!!
Jeff Vader
Jeff Vader 2 years ago
you need to start shipping outside of the US. I'm in Australia and the knock offs are a better option given the price, if you snooze you lose
Wyze 2 years ago
Thanks for your feedback, Jeff. I will share it with the team. :)
Kevin Cerce
Kevin Cerce 2 years ago
So when are you guys going public?
Jason Lee
Jason Lee 2 years ago
Did I just hear Wyze cam that comes after Dec 2018 won’t get RTSP firmware support? I'm just about to get one or two of these cams...
EllisNYCT 2 years ago
At 3:00 a guy in the background realizes he has a "kick me" sign on his back!
C3 Studios
C3 Studios 2 years ago
Great company. I don't know any other company who provides this level of transparency. Thank you.
tal polano
tal polano 2 years ago
Make a spotlight or flood light wyzecam
TheTruth 2 years ago
Do they have stock
GW QN 2 years ago
Write your RTSP in Assembler and save loads of resources.
All Real All Heart
All Real All Heart 2 years ago
How can you view this on a desktop? Not everyone can view from cell??
BLASKO283 2 years ago
I LOVE WYZE PRODUCTS. BOUGHT ONE, ended up with five cameras.
PepsiManX360 Year ago
I bought one... now I have 11, LOL. OH, and in under a month.
Tom 2 years ago
Excellent company excellent price excellent product, and by the way guys your packaging is awesome, my cameras came 100% intact will be buying more. Also I only buy direct from your warehouse. Happy customer!
John Chan
John Chan 2 years ago
Wow, that was a gr8 Wyze Q & A by Dave. Gr8 idea 2 askd these ?s from the ppl that R involved w/ that special area. Thx 2 Dave 4 keeping short & sweet. Keep on t Q&A. Thx 4 sharing on the internet & in the news letter. Keep on Wyze-ing. WYZE, a company thats wise.
Frank N
Frank N 2 years ago
Why was I charged sales tax on my purchase? You don't have a physical location in my state.
Jeff Imbo
Jeff Imbo 2 years ago
Just ordered my first camera in Canada can't wait to get it set up.
D J 2 years ago
Thanks Wyze for excellerating the buffer speed when viewing the alert videos. You are getting better and better.
Ashley 2 years ago
I cannot tell you how much I love Wyze and how many people I have told wyze about and have bought products. I don't use it for security, but just for watching my baby. I have 3 cams. One for each grandma so I can watch my baby while at work. It has changed my life and made me feel involved while at work. LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️ P. S. Claire needs to be the official mascot. 😉 Maybe you can come up with a jingle for her to sing.
Frost JC
Frost JC 2 years ago
Google Assistant Support Q1 2019, nice, what about Alexa/Echo?
Audrey Hight
Audrey Hight 2 years ago
This is a great way to answer questions, but let your customers experience a more personal connection to Wyze personnel.
Loveoldies50 2 years ago
I LOVE my Wyze cams! Keep up the good work, guys! Quality products at prices I can afford! Got any females working there?
ptooti 2 years ago
please include Canada when your talking North America we support your products too!
Hector Taylor
Hector Taylor 2 years ago
Solar panel with battery for the outdoor cam? That would be excellent.
Mohammad ALMEKHLED 2 years ago
If i buy a waze cam pan, when it's broadcast to the google hub can i move the camera stream?
Gil gomez
Gil gomez 2 years ago
You guys rock! Waiting for the launch of outdoor cams!
David Groves
David Groves 2 years ago
I upgraded my Internet from AT&T Uverse (2.4 GHz speed) to AT&T 5.0 GHz, I am not tech savy, (i use Drop cam/Nest with my NEW Nest Smart Pro Camera), and it is a little expensive), but i wish I could make Wyze camera work, and after making contact with Wyze, I was told the Wyze camera works on 2.4 GHz.
Eternal Tech
Eternal Tech 2 years ago
It appears that you have weak or non-existent WiFi in certain portions of your house. There are a few things that you can do such as relocate your wireless router closer to the cameras, purchase a new router, or use a wireless mesh system. I recommend the latter and the system that I use is Netgear Orbi - www.netgear.com/orbi/default.aspx .
Rick DiFilippi
Rick DiFilippi 2 years ago
3 min mark background "kick me" sign on co workers back. Goof balls I love it.
Mike Jennifer Simerly
Mike Jennifer Simerly 2 years ago
I seen that too. Had a good laugh and had to rewind to see it again. Great to see their staff enjoy their work and are comfortable enough to a little fun with each other.
Domineque Taylor
Domineque Taylor 2 years ago
Google assistant coming soon? Thats all i needed to hear. Buying one right now
Reuben Loewen
Reuben Loewen 2 years ago
Are you building a camera with 60fps?
Speeding in progress
Speeding in progress 2 years ago
View from web browser soon?
Erik Ankrom
Erik Ankrom 2 years ago
Awesome transparency, great format, genuine people giving realistic responses, not a prepared statement. Love it. Keep up the great work!
TheLifetraveler1 2 years ago
I really like my Wyze system. However, when the family is home is 'dings' everytime someone passes a camera or system. How to I deactivate the monitoring while we are home, then activate it either manually or via timer, once we have left?
Toshiyuki Takamatsu
Toshiyuki Takamatsu 2 years ago
Outdoor cam will have PIR for motion sensor?
Marilyn M
Marilyn M 2 years ago
Can't wait for the outdoor camera!
Bob M
Bob M 2 years ago
Nice. Can't wait for the real time streaming stuff! it sounds awesome. Good job guys! Still mind boggling that you can fit all these goodies into such a affordable product! keep it up!
Brian Morris
Brian Morris 2 years ago
What about a Wyze Doorbell? I don't want Ring!
Chris N
Chris N 2 years ago
Can't wait to put a camera or two up on the Google Home Hub and off of my phone which is usually low on battery when I need to monitor the camera!
Michael Writhe
Michael Writhe 2 years ago
RTSP WITH functionality as of December 2018 is the best news I've heard this week! Originally it was thought it would be rtsp OR wyze functionality. To have any on top is amazing! Thank you for the efforts and listening to your customers. You guys are great! Thank you!
Paul Kelley
Paul Kelley 2 years ago
The firmware is available for the camera but the app hasn't been updated to 2.3 yet which allows you to turn it on. support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026245231-Wyze-Cam-RTSP
Jdog Racher
Jdog Racher 2 years ago
These cameras are so easy to set up that I showed my 5 year old how to set one up and he did the remaining 5. I can't wait when I can see them stream simultaneously on my computer screen.
Freddie the Fly
Freddie the Fly 2 years ago
I have two questions: 1. Where are the women employees? 2. Please make an outdoor weather station with camera. I have the Bloomsky and I love the concept but it keeps going offline and died after one year. To be able to monitor the weather when I am away and see a view of the sky with time-lapse playback is just fantastic.
Augie Arocena
Augie Arocena 2 years ago
Thanks! Great video
Robert Neyman
Robert Neyman 2 years ago
Is there any way at this point to buy stock or an interest in your company?
Robert Neyman
Robert Neyman 2 years ago
Is there any way to adjust the motion detection sensitivity feature on the original wyzecam, as when a bird flies past so as to reduce irrelevant recordings?
David Needham
David Needham 2 years ago
"Kick me" sign at 2:59 😛
David Needham
David Needham 2 years ago
"I've got my eyes on you!" at 3:11
David Needham
David Needham 2 years ago
What is that little white cube with black dome on the top near the Wyze Lightbulb box at 2:15? Could that be the sensor?
J Wade Purdy
J Wade Purdy 2 years ago
Love you all and recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks for all the great work.
Matthew Dudek
Matthew Dudek 2 years ago
Mike stated that you aren't a security-centered company- that sounds utterly dangerous. It makes me think that I shouldn't trust putting your devices on my network if you don't care about security...
Eternal Tech
Eternal Tech 2 years ago
@Matthew Dudek Agreed. It would be reassuring to know what level of encryption is being used between the Wyze app and Wyze's servers, if Wyze is studious about keeping their servers up-to-date, and if a breach were to occur, how quickly they would communicate this with their customers.
Matthew Dudek
Matthew Dudek 2 years ago
@Eternal Tech I would like them to address what they are doing to keep their devices safe, or at least show that they are concerned about it. IoT in general is getting the reputation of being as secure as a screen door on a submarine and it would really improve their market standing if they were up-front about taking it seriously rather than brushing it off...
Eternal Tech
Eternal Tech 2 years ago
I do not believe he was referring to the security of their products, but to the notion that Wyze will also sell products that are not security-related, such as smart bulbs.
Nick Newhart
Nick Newhart 2 years ago
Awesome Q&A! I love the transparency! I am so excited for the google assistant integration!
Diane Lewis
Diane Lewis 2 years ago
Love mine , thanks guys keep it up.
Welcome to Hanxplace
Welcome to Hanxplace 2 years ago
Awesome! I can be an alpha/beta tester if you need more. 4 pan tilt wyze cams inside and outside my home and they work great! Thanks!
Diane Lewis
Diane Lewis 2 years ago
Pa R
Pa R 2 years ago
What about an app to use on Mac computer!!!!!
Eric Gingras
Eric Gingras 2 years ago
any plan to get camera list from web site when we log in? we could see all our wyze cameras live in one window?
Anthony Porcarello Sr
Anthony Porcarello Sr 2 years ago
I've been using my wyze cam for about 3 months OUTSIDE under an eve on my garage, using a little device that looks like a birdhouse over the camera and I'm telling you it's been great no issues (because of being outside) or any problems what so ever, wyze is great!!!
Armatis Reviews
Armatis Reviews 2 years ago
When are we getting a Windows/Mac desktop app or a browser-based UI?
mugenbb6 2 years ago
How about a private only mode for wyzecam? Meaning no outbound traffic. This is for people who don't care about streaming videos to public, and only want to use it privately. It'll also reduce traffic on your end.
vacadoug 2 years ago
Do you have any plans for an IPO eg: how can your customers invest in Wyze?
Jon 2 years ago
Plans for official SmartThings integration with the full line of Wyze products? Sensors and things? IFTTT integration for future products and sensors?
Jackie Ellis
Jackie Ellis 2 years ago
So many exciting things!
Things You Might Like
Things You Might Like 2 years ago
Please offer Browser streaming!! Would love to be able to keep an eye on my kids on a monitor when I'm working in the basement. Then I can also hear stuff through my headphones instead of having to keep one eye on a propped up iPad.
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White 2 years ago
Yes! That would be fantastic.
Aaron Weinbaum
Aaron Weinbaum 2 years ago
Yes to this!!!! Or an app for the desktop OS
RossAndRossIntl 2 years ago
great suggestion for a product! I vote yes to this!
SteveV 2 years ago
Be nice to have HomeKit compatibility and AppleTV app.
wphb66 2 years ago
I would like to see tools to enhance the audio. Sometimes, a recording is barely audible - would like to enable compression so that lower volume sound can be made audible.
Chris Sinclair
Chris Sinclair 2 years ago
how about an app for android tv and apple tv
William Terry
William Terry 2 years ago
Good Job! Quick and to the point!
wphb66 2 years ago
2-8 months was funny. One software project manager I know was fond of answering "Maytober" when asked "when's it due?"
Things You Might Like
Things You Might Like 2 years ago
How do we become and alpha tester?
ts6141 2 years ago
Why are notifications not working for a lot of people and why hasn't my ticket been updated in weeks!
MikeHired 2 years ago
I watched the video. 3 questions: what is simultaneous streaming? You talk about it but don't tell those who might not be familiar with the term what it is. Second, same thing: what is RTSB? You talk as if we all know. I don't. Third: what about an app for desktop and laptop computers? I really want that since I work at home. Thanks for making a great product.
MikeHired 2 years ago
Thanks. Now what about RTSB?
nc51heel 2 years ago
simultaneous streaming-being able to watch multiple cams at once
DAVID TATLITUG 2 years ago
Love your company. You have given us a good product that will be a great product and being able soon to use as home protection with sensors is fantastic. I plan on adding five new cameras this May.
Jynx 2 years ago
Hacked firmware already allows RTSP to work, so I don't know why its so complicated from your end. I have one of your camera's that we used for testing purposes and decided that we wanted to use A LOT of your cameras but until they work with my Synology Surveillance Station I've had to use competitors. Really want ONVIF compliance here.
Trent Russell
Trent Russell 2 years ago
Cool of you guys to do this. Love my Wyze cams, they've been flawless and the app is excellent. Looking forward to your future products.
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips 2 years ago
Love you guys! Really looking forward to what you're bringing to the table. Please bring back the black cam. :)
AGStros 2 years ago
What about WYZE APP DARK MODE so it doesn't blind me when using it at night?!
VenomSnakes 2 years ago
That will be helpful.
David Witsen
David Witsen 2 years ago
Thanks for the update on the Number 1 question...... Oh Wait. Outdoor cam was the number 1 question.... Come On Really... I'll bet the house that watching more than 1 cam at a time (Simultaneous streaming) was the NUMBER ONE QUESTION... If not, Its only because those wanting it read the bulletins and didnt ask. Nonetheless.... AWESOME JOB GUYS and GALS - Cant wait for the release of the improvements KUDOS
blautens 2 years ago
Tinycam Pro - serves up a nice browser page that can control the cameras nicely, display 1-4 live streams on a single screen, even record if you want. If you have an Amazon Fire Stick, the Amazon app store has Tiny Cam Pro - no side loading required, and since your Fire Stick is always on, designed for smooth streaming, always at home, doesn't have flaky WiFi like a lot of phones that are perpetually tuned to always try to suspend every process in the name of battery life - it's the ultimate $20 WyzeCam/TinyCam Pro server (okay, it's $20 because I responded to a Lightning Deal, but I'm pretty sure you can score these sorts of deals, or close to it, fairly often). And it's not like you're going to use the Fire Stick for anything else...because Roku.
Glenn Martin
Glenn Martin 2 years ago
I have 4 wyze cams. I love them. Will you be coming out with mac software. I want to be able to view my cameras on my computers.
fishycomics 2 years ago
So as I am researching I should wait till April 1st 2019 for the Outdoor cam to Review from you love to review one
Pete V
Pete V 2 years ago
Just bought one today, for the price can't beat it. Sometimes reading bad reviews in Amazon doesn't do it justice. Very easy to setup plus the YT posts helps a lot. Will buy another to monitor my front door and one more for my backyard.
J James
J James 2 years ago
Jason Dessenberg
Jason Dessenberg 2 years ago
Buy a shit load of their products!
The Tango
The Tango 2 years ago
A true native Windows app & a wyze video doorbell
chrluc 2 years ago
I’m a Lowe’s Iris refugee. I wish some of these products were being released sooner!
Khaled Haridi
Khaled Haridi 2 years ago
I just wanted to say holy moly... You have an amazing product and an out of this world community... I've been following now for a while and have been having to pull myself back from pulling the trigger because of the outdoor camera update! I can't wait to order 2 when it comes out! PS Congrats on the funding! Please continue to stay true to your loyal customers! PSS Is that a Wyze Light Bulb at 2:14? :000
Gregg North
Gregg North 2 years ago
I'm looking forward to the outdoor cam. I'm so tired of looking out the window every 15 minutes waiting for a UPS/Fedex delivery. :) Curious if it will integrate with my doorbell for power.
Michele M
Michele M 2 years ago
Dave, Minnesota looks to be heading towards passing a "granny" bill that lets cameras be used by families in nursing home situations. You may want to watch this bill and market accordingly.
Wyze 2 years ago
Thanks for the advice! We appreciate the heads up. :)
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