Introducing Wyze Sense - Contact and Motion Sensors for your Home

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2 years ago

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Danny T
Danny T Month ago
My Wyze cam has a solid blue light, but my sensor bridge has a solid yellow. How can I fix this. Your input is greatly appreciated.
UNIX Month ago
Worldraven .Nevar
Worldraven .Nevar Month ago
Cookie jars? 🤪
Mariah Aura
Mariah Aura Month ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I couldn't pay attention after the dryer comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chris De Leon
Chris De Leon 2 months ago
I love this sensor, but when the battery died put the new battery, its only work 2 out of 6 that i have!🤔🤔🤔
F Schilder
F Schilder 3 months ago
A lot to like about this product but sadly zero customer support when a problem (defective item) arises. Love the pricing though.
G Michel, Jr.
G Michel, Jr. 3 months ago
Wyze, your products are genius ✊🏾 Question: Can multiple motion sensors be connected to one bulb?
PinkieLee123 3 months ago
My setup is almost complete and I get a block on it. what the? Contratulations Bx I eared a Wyxe cam badge it says and I can't finish or get rid of it.
Townsville Titan Security
Townsville Titan Security 4 months ago
Stick to well known brands like, Honeywell, DSC , Risco.
Ivan 4 months ago
Are these discontinued?
Soul Reaver
Soul Reaver 4 months ago
Ok tell me when can I buy this?
Pablo Chiabrera
Pablo Chiabrera 5 months ago
When are they available again?
Pablo Chiabrera
Pablo Chiabrera 5 months ago
What is the communication distance between the camera bridge and the sensors? Thanks
Royale High Gamer
Royale High Gamer 5 months ago
Hopefully they make a alarm system lol just kidding. But if they really do I’m getting it.
dry509 5 months ago
Does this have an alarm for when you are asleep
John Foster
John Foster 5 months ago
and you dont sell them any more?????????????? wtf
Gilberto M. Howard Jr
Gilberto M. Howard Jr 6 months ago
Is there a way to just buy the sensors, without having to buy that extra bridge?
Camille Brand
Camille Brand 6 months ago
Hey since you guys are open to suggestions... why not make an "alarm lightbulb". I want to use this as a mini safety alarm.
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez 7 months ago
Can I use the Wyze sensor with my camera V2 without using the contacts?
Royale High Gamer
Royale High Gamer 7 months ago
It’s Awesome..but I’m just waiting for the fast motion Notification on the Wyze cam
Jeff S
Jeff S 8 months ago
Wyze is full of sh!t. They do NOT listen to customer's feedback. Check how long issues remain in their community forum. All BS!
John Foster
John Foster 5 months ago
yep buggers
John Lunger
John Lunger 8 months ago
Google took my ability to use ITTT with my nest cam motion sensor with my HUE Lights (Blink When Motion is Detected). I just found that WYZE motion works with IFFF!!! I am going to purchase this starter pack, product looks like what I have been looking for!!!
Wyze 8 months ago
Integrations rock! We hope you enjoy them!!! :D
Manny Pineda
Manny Pineda 8 months ago
How to integrate wyze sensor to wyze bulb
Wyze 8 months ago
You can do this by creating a Device Trigger (a type of Rule). That way you can specify when the sensor opens/closes/detects motion (the "trigger") for the lights to turn on or off (the "action"). Hope this helps!
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 8 months ago
I wish the diction was good enough to understand. I missed so much.
Mike D
Mike D 8 months ago
Will WyzeCam plan to have professional monitoring in the future?
Glenn Genuino
Glenn Genuino 9 months ago
how about a wyze doorbell cam ?
Mark Dillon
Mark Dillon 9 months ago
One concern: everything is just stick-on. If I want to pry the sensors off in tandem they can still be connected without triggering motion. The stick-on is great for many applications but it would be nice to have an option to screw it in place. My first cam arrived yesterday. Loving it so far and look forward to discovering all your products.
김신권 9 months ago
I bought about 10 wyze contact sensors. And after like 6 months they start to goes offline. Then I replaced their batteries and they are still offline. Yes, all of them. I guess when it dies with flat battery it triggers some problem. Wyze contact sensor is a brilliant idea, however its durability is very weak.
Joe Papa
Joe Papa 10 months ago
Love wyze big fan just wondering if I can install not than 2 door contacts sensor
Cristiano Marinelli
Cristiano Marinelli 10 months ago
I wonder how they can sell it for so cheap.
Steel Stunners
Steel Stunners Year ago
⚠️ WARNING! Cams stopped recording because of a software bug. No update from Wyze. No reply to support ticket after multiple days. You can’t rely on this company or their products, stuck with a suite of cameras that don’t record. Watch out! You get what you pay for!!!
Haxor Computer Services
Haxor Computer Services Year ago
Why do i need a camera to use the sensors? I dont want cameras but i do want sensors and alerts. So...can i use the sensors without the camera?
Wyze Year ago
@Haxor Computer Services, you're most welcome and I'll share your suggestion with the team.
Haxor Computer Services
Haxor Computer Services Year ago
@Wyze Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes i get that but i think if you could use them without the camera they would appeal to more people.
Wyze Year ago
The sensors connect to a Wyze Sense Bridge (this needs to be mounted on the back of a Wyze Cam). This is how the sensors connect to your network. Sensors will not work without a Wyze Cam mounted with the Sense Bridge.
HairExperience Year ago
Got your product today and LOVE IT!! Super easy and so happy to find a REASONABLE sensor pack and cam for the money. Thanks you !!
KB4 Zod
KB4 Zod Year ago
HomeKit Support/Integration?
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for your interest! We ran into a hardware limitation trying to integrate with HomeKit earlier but we aren't giving up and are looking into options for integrating later.
Harol PE
Harol PE Year ago
I love your products but I need an outdoor camera too.😁
Wyze Year ago
It's in beta testing! :D
Matt H
Matt H Year ago
Can I beta test new products?
Wyze Year ago
You can find steps for becoming a beta tester here:
Eduardo Pallo
Eduardo Pallo Year ago
I just got an Wyze can v2 on Home Depot I saw the price and I was let me gave it tried and I love this cam. I’m going to get another cam and probably the sense after watching this video.. keep the good job 👍🏼 great product...
Johnathan Murphy
Johnathan Murphy Year ago
"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best motion detector ** hope it helps you out too!"
elecron200 Year ago
My GIRLFRIEND’s legs would be a good spot to put it...... Came to mind in a split second after hearing 1:09 “anything that opens and closes” Thank you Steve Jobs somehow you initiated all of this I know it
ACE Year ago
I bought a pair of these and they are awesome. Just bought 2 more actually. I have one watching the doggy door and the other in the shop. We already have camera system around the outside of the house but these little cameras kick @ss compared to the ones out there now. $20 for a camera that has fantastic video quality, night and day vision and 2 way audio!? How can you NOT buy these? Very easy to set up and you can share the camera with anyone. So many options on setting it up and recognizes people apart from other objects. Very smart camera and I can't believe how cool they are and affordable.
Jerald B
Jerald B Year ago
Great stuff.
fritz balzun
fritz balzun Year ago
now we need voltage free contact wifi switches to be added to system
Brian Sh
Brian Sh Year ago
So Disappointed with wyze cams, the option of micro SD card doesn't mean camers record to micro SD card whenever motion is detected, micro SD card is only for manual recording, I could use my mobile phone to record on my mobile whenever I see Intruders are braking in to my house , I would say what is the advantage for SD card on this cameras ????
Wyze Year ago
Hey Brian, Please contact our customer support team -- this is not the expected microSD card behavior. We're sorry to hear about this and hope you're safe.
Tara Mier
Tara Mier Year ago
Can i turn the system off? I really only want it for if i go on vacation. I do not like my privacy invaded, hence the reason I have never had cameras in the house.
Tara Mier
Tara Mier Year ago
@Wyze Great. I am getting the system on Saturday. I love supporting start ups like yours.
Wyze Year ago
You absolutely can! The cameras can be turned off through the app or physically unplugged.
Jim Wynn
Jim Wynn Year ago
Hi Wyze. We like your Wyze cams. Is there a POE version or adapter for the cameras?
D S Year ago
You should think to market to special needs parents and independent living, that's what im looking for and I'm liking you guys a lot more than others.
Check out the new WYZE plug unboxing!!
I am waiting crossed legged waiting for the Wyze to bring out a 240v system for UK users. First Wyze sense will be used on my mail box. Basically I live in a block of flats and the mail box is a little distance away and the post and small parcels come at different times of the day. So I will use one motion detector inside the mail box telling me that a letter or parcel has been posted in to my box and a magnetic contractors to tell me if the mail box is being opened or broken into. WYZE door bell camera system with two way audio is a great next step. Good luck
cheerplz Year ago
Look forward to more gadgets in the near future!
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen Year ago
them green eyes, makes it like he will be the last person I see, straight Dexter
aaronhardin1983 Year ago
Just got my first kit in today and had it up and going in under 10 minutes. Completely happy so far and definitely going to expand our usage of the sensors!! Thanks for a great product!!
Wyze Year ago
We're glad to hear it, Aaron! We're glad to got your kit set up and we appreciate your support! If you have any questions about your Wyze products, please let us know so we can help out. :)
Ivan Hantov
Ivan Hantov Year ago
This is amazing, thank you for existing! And it’s all from Seattle, WA!
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for reaching out to us, Ivan! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying your cameras and we appreciate your support!
Keribi Year ago
I like the android app but I find the text on the small side and hard to see. I have a Note 8 too.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for the feedback, Keribi. We'll let our team know so we can see about optimizing the app. If you have any more feedback or any questions, please let us know. :)
iKingRPG Year ago
Wyze garage door controller?
Wyze Year ago
We'll think about it, King. ;)
iKingRPG Year ago
Why is this so inspiring lol
Scotia Jinker
Scotia Jinker Year ago
When we get the motion sensor in the uk?
Wyze Year ago
We don't currently have them available yet, Scotia but we're working on expanding our shipping options so we can help reach our friends and family over seas. :)
Jose Sandoval
Jose Sandoval Year ago
I was browsing the web and was wondering what was out there that I can benefit and use for my home. I didn't realize Wyze was not only doing just cameras but also contacts and sensors. You have my attention. I love that you have included in your camera the SD Card slot and be able to interact with your camera with your smart phone is awesome. Sensors are another feature which every home needs. Great job on producing these products....
Joe Papa
Joe Papa Year ago
Yes very happy ..with my wyze..I'm canceling my ring cam thank you..are u hiring I'm in California
Douglas Kinman
Douglas Kinman Year ago
I would like to receive motion sensors in my new rented apartment. Now I choose between these and kangaroo. Can someone already have experience?
Kami Kami
Kami Kami Year ago
I have an article related to this click here:
opqrst7 Year ago
I wish we could have more control on when the video will start: Like 10 seconds after having triggered by the motion sensor; and the video records longer than 12 seconds (like we can choose 12 sec or 30 sec or 1 minute). And 5 minutes refreshing time is a little long, especially when the triggered recording time is as short as 12 seconds. 🤔 (I hope you read these comments ) Thank you anyway : )
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for the feedback, Opqrst7! We'll let our team know so we can see about adding in some different recording lengths. We appreciate your support and if you have any more feedback or any questions, please feel free to let us know. :)
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for reaching out and for the feedback! We don't currently have a way to modify the recordings like that but we will send your request over to our team so we can see about adding those features in. We appreciate your support and if you have any more feedback or any other ideas, please feel free to let us know so we can see about adding those features to the Camera. :)
Bluebonnet Jasmine
Bluebonnet Jasmine Year ago
I just bought this kit and it does not work. The camera works fine. It shows to be paired just fine but your sensors do not sense anything.
Wyze Year ago
Oh no! We're sorry to hear that you're having an issue with your sensors, Bluebonnet. Have you already reached out to our support team about this? If you have, may we get the ticket number so we can help look into this as soon as possible?
John Polito
John Polito Year ago
I can’t get my bridge to change to blue light stays yellow need help
Wyze Year ago
We're so sorry that you're having some trouble with your bridge, John. We'd recommend reaching out to our support team so we can help figure out what's going on and help get you connected. If you've already reached out to our team, may we get the ticket number so we can help out?
JerryMDean Year ago
I hooked my first cam up today and love it. Simple and works great. Lots of great features and totally affordable. Now I see these sensors you can add and I'm blown away by the possibilities. Sounds like a great, caring hands on company that's in tune with their customers.
Fred Wardropper
Fred Wardropper Year ago
I feel you should inform the public that Wyze products are only warranted to addresses in the USA, I bought a camera that with very little use lasted three months and was told there was nothing they could do as I lived outside of the USA
Chris T.
Chris T. Year ago
Very impressive!
Wyze Year ago
Thanks, Chris! :D
Beto Year ago
Love how active you guys are with your videos explaining how your products work. Ps. Just bought 2 Wyze pan cameras
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for the feedback, Beto. We appreciate your support and if you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. :)
Nick Pharand
Nick Pharand Year ago
Hey just curious when your going to bring wyze motion and bulbs to the Canadian market. As I am a wyze cam owner.
E P Year ago
UI/UX & Agile Iterative Dev is King!
E P Year ago
you guys have to get google home integration... I would be buying twice the amount of stuff.
Jeff Green
Jeff Green Year ago
Hey, the new sense products are great. Cameras have been pretty much flawless. Keep the products coming.
Frank Gallego
Frank Gallego Year ago
I received the Wyze Sense kit today and discovered a flaw. The bridge will not connect to a cam that is in series (daisy-chained) with another cam. If you connect the bridge to a cam that has its power cable connected to the back of another cam, the bridge will not be recognized. I removed that cam and connected it directly and the bridge worked. However, when I put the cam back in series, the bridge didn't work. I flipped them back and forth and restarted the cam over and over and even replaced the power adaptor with a 2.1 amp and still nothing. Conclusion: The bridge will not be recognized by a cam that's powered off another cam. Too bad, the cam I want to connect the bridge to is at the top of my driveway, the closest point to the mailbox, where I want to see if a sensor will reach. UPDATE: It took 11 days for a Wyze Rep to return my email and sure enough, he acknowledged that the Wyze Sense bridge will not work on a daisyed Wyze Cam and there is no way around it.
ida chen
ida chen Year ago
正在用cameras 佷好的。还是不明白sense 可以connect to. the cameras ?
Abdel Year ago
Hi does the sensor send RF signals ? Is it a 2 way door sensor ?
Gregory Gauntlett
Gregory Gauntlett Year ago
I use Wyze PIR and IFTT to switch on and off the lights in the guest powder room via a WiFi switch using ewelink app. I’m so happy with this product.
kermitBERRY7 Year ago
What is the release date on these?
Mike Sobaski
Mike Sobaski Year ago
VERY soon ;)
JC Year ago
Wow. Gives us a better understanding of why you're able to offer such high quality products at such competitive prices. Bravo! 👌👍
Mike Sobaski
Mike Sobaski Year ago
It's largely thanks to our amazing community! We wouldn't be able to do any of this without tons of testers, supporters, and those Early Backers that help us continue developing new features, services, and products.
Corey Mayfield
Corey Mayfield Year ago
Support for HOMEKIT
Nite Explorer
Nite Explorer Year ago
I had my wifi disabled and a inturter in the house.... because the wyze cam does not record to a SD card with the wifi stopped, i had no record of the event, a big hole in security with Wyze system, all it would take is a software fix i believe, Please record to a SD card without the Wifi on
kermitBERRY7 Year ago
I put a Wyze camera outside in the garage disconnected from wifi and it has no problem recording to the SD card.
Dominic Year ago
I love my 5 Wyze Cams v2/Pan man... probably the most satisfying purchase I've made in years. Looking for purchasing more in a near future
Xavier Rigau
Xavier Rigau Year ago
How do you delete previous motion history? I can't find how :(
Mike Sobaski
Mike Sobaski Year ago
We don't currently support deleting the history of the sensor (e.g. motion/clear or open/close), but you can delete the Sensor Videos. If you feel it's important to delete the history as well please go to the forum on and add it!
Danny McNeal
Danny McNeal Year ago
I received my Wyze Sense package yesterday. Wow! Those little things are tiny...awesome!! Question: I have WeMo light switches that are controlled by an Amazon Echo Plus. I would like to put the tiny sensor on the dash of my car when it’s parked in the driveway at night, and when the sensor detects motion, turn on my MeMo Switch-connected lamps in my bedroom. Is this possible with my current setup? If not, would be nice to include that feature. Thanks for your help! Awesome, awesome, awesome products!
Danny McNeal
Danny McNeal Year ago
Mike Sobaski - I had to re-connect my Wyze account with IFTTT, and then the Contacts and Sensor appeared. Seems all is well now. Thanks!
Mike Sobaski
Mike Sobaski Year ago
As long as the Sensor is within range of the Bridge you should be able to use IFTTT to achieve that.
Joe Diril
Joe Diril Year ago
Best company ever!
Chef Alex
Chef Alex 2 years ago
I just got mine today thank you so much guys can we please have some info on matzinger options though as in a video
Chef Alex
Chef Alex 2 years ago
Also can use units be used Outdoors or not
Chef Alex
Chef Alex 2 years ago
I mean mounting and options
Vgp 1982
Vgp 1982 2 years ago
I love the sense kit. The sensors work great and are very small. Idk what I was expecting but the motion is maybe a little over an inch square and the contact sensors are about half that size so very discreet. The motion in the corner you can't even see. Will definitely be buying more of these
r howard
r howard 2 years ago
I just received my Wyze sense in the mail yesterday and I can say very easy to set up and the motion sensor works incredibly well. The motion sensor picks up motion 25 feet away in my house pretty incredible. One of my contact sensors is acting a little crazy lost connection once but just opened the window and it connected. I looked at the connection from that sensor to the hub which is only 15 feet away and it's weak. The motion sensor is 35 feet away and the connection to the hub is pinned, I think I have a bad contact sensor.
Joel Monterrey
Joel Monterrey 2 years ago
I got mine today! It's awesome! So easy to install. I hope that I can unite it with Amazon Alexa to turn lights on when something triggers but that doesn't work. It works fine now so I'll just wait for features to be added. Great product and exceptional price.
E P 2 years ago
My sense kit came in the mail yesterday, I haven’t set it up yet but I’m looking forward to playing around with it. Are the contact sensors available separately?
Georgia Cinq-Mars
Georgia Cinq-Mars 2 years ago
I just ordered my first Wyze products. I had my finger over the order button for a Arlo Pro 2 pack when an advertisement for Wyze crossed my path. I binge watched You Tube Videos on the Wyze products and fell in love with the product. The cost, the user friendly set up and use, eliminating monthly fees and compatibility with Alexa. You’re the Saturn of the security cam industry ( that’s a compliment) I will be recording the unpacking, set up and use over several weeks of the products for our local Town Watch. Can’t wait till it gets here!
JimPott2 2 years ago
Just ordered my first Wyze cam. Gonna see how I like it and may invest in more. Really want the motion sensor though. I would like to install it into the bathroom so when you walk in the lights under the cabinets turn on.
Oscar Yanez
Oscar Yanez 2 years ago
When are you releasing the bulb??
Mike Sobaski
Mike Sobaski Year ago
Summer 2019!
HGST 2 years ago
What protocol is it using to communicate with the bridge? Is it zigbee?
Wyze 2 years ago
We have our own protocol for it. Thanks for asking! :)
Loveoldies50 2 years ago
Love my Wyze cams! I can’t wait to see all the new things you're bringing out! I'm a disabled senior, now, and, as a teacher, I told my students that I had made up my mind not to die! There are just too many wonderful new things coming to us, and I want to live to see them all! What I REALLY need NOW is a robot maid, and an android body! LOL
Tyler Poppe
Tyler Poppe 2 years ago
Amazing. The second Wyze goes Homekit, these and the cams will be in my house.
Joel Chavarria
Joel Chavarria 2 years ago
Really looking forward for those smart light bulbs whoever maybe another protocol other than wifi would be better for future cameras and sensors, maybe Z-Wave, way too many devices already on my wifi.
Bob Downs
Bob Downs 2 years ago
Ooooooooohhh!!! The tester who came up with the laundry washer sensor placement deserves ALL THE THINGS!! I have long wanted a way to be notified by the washer in my home that it finished its wash cycle. The dryer buzzes; why not the washer?! 😊
Dr. House
Dr. House 2 years ago
My children may have a drinking problem. Better get Wyze. Kidding. Love you guys. Great video and appreciate the honesty.
MellMaryland 2 years ago
Uhm, I'm still waiting on the outside Wyze camera everyone wants. You would sell 1 million of those.
Fatal 2 years ago
PC Interface would be super nice as would an outdoor camera but I love the new stuff!
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