Wyze Cam Outdoor. It's Finally Here.

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8 months ago

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It's finally here! After 2,500 prototypes and test units, 398 app version, 181 firmware versions, and 63 hardware changes, the Wyze Cam Outdoor is finally here.

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Yaslina 6 days ago
For my home I have Ring and I really don't see myself changing to Wyze for my home is the US or Mexico. But I think that they would make some great presents for friends in Mexico. I assume all it need is WiFi, right? How about developing a solar panel to charge the battery? Was that an option you considered? Just wondering. I also assume that you didn't have the home monitoring service yet when you taped this video, did you? Because if you did, it doesn't inspire too much confidence when the CEO of the company uses Xfinity Home Protection Services (11:00) to protect his home. Haha!
Peacze 13 days ago
do I need a cable router to connect this cam
Mark Read
Mark Read 14 days ago
Hi. I'm after a camera to record my new house construction build. Naturally I won't have power or wifi available or the ability to use a base station. Features I would want are ability for battery to be charged via solar panel permanently plugged in, long life battery to endure non-sunny days, for an image/photo to be captured every say 5 mins and placed on local SD storage or sent via 3G/4G SIM to Cloud or FTP or Email, and optionally human motion sensor photo snapshots (say 1 every 5 secs) or recording for say 20 secs and again either stored locally or sent via SIM. Local storage needs to accept say 256GB or 512GB card as I'd want to have images/recordings for 6 months as I'd be placing camera on roof of neighbours single storey home for the duration of the build. Do you have a Wyze Cam suitable? Do you ship to Australia?
Danny Danny
Danny Danny 20 days ago
please ship internationally soon. have to pay extra getting it on eBay. US territory here.
Chris Makinde
Chris Makinde 23 days ago
Although I Reside in the UK, I have ordered mine through Amazon, I tried the Official Website but found out that this item was not Supplied to the UK Officially, I will give it a Try when I receive it and if it's any better than the Heimvision cam which I have, I would be glad to Open a Retail Store for the Product ....
Idan Frumin, Ph.D.
Idan Frumin, Ph.D. Month ago
So awesomely inspiring! Kudos for the journey and for the amazing production quality (for both this video and of course the cam itself! 😋). #makeseattlefunstill_andvideo
Jenny Fisher
Jenny Fisher Month ago
Awesome!!! I love the Lake Sammamish shots!! Our favorite boating lake! Thanks for working hard to launch a great product!
Dauna D
Dauna D Month ago
Id like to be a Beta tester here in Northern Vermont
Our Life MEET THE SINGH'S 2 months ago
You guys SUCK..where is my order 2 months and nothing. Crooks!!!!! Where is your customer service ph number. Only email so you can ignore the customers. Wow...crooks
Delano Lopez
Delano Lopez 2 months ago
The only plug you need...💯 #wyze #power usposts.info/vision/h7fNu8a3sX5sd8g/video
Grant Herrema
Grant Herrema 2 months ago
To be honest, I kinda feel bad for these guys. They are talking about how much work they put in to this camera and then they came out with the v3 like a year later that is basically identical and half the price.
Robert Schleiger
Robert Schleiger 2 months ago
I am a old guy that buys WYZE products because they work
Kevin 2 months ago
They should have made an outdoor camera that tilts, pans and zooms.
Francine Fuqua
Francine Fuqua 2 months ago
Can this be installed in Bluebird House? Small enough? Can it be upside down
Cia Artin
Cia Artin 2 months ago
Hello Wyze Guys. I would like to mount as a stationary security cam around the house in Vt. Its freezing cold and lots of snow. Will the new outdoor cam hold up? Can I hard wire it? Thank you!📷
Squeek Hobby
Squeek Hobby 3 months ago
Thanks for the info. What about V3 indoor outdoor camera?
Guitarguts63 3 months ago
Had a break in at my mother house into her car. The camera is mounted 10ft from the driveway (new Wyze Cam Outdoor) She already as a PanCam on the barn. No notification and upon inspecting the video could not see any footage recorded on the new outdoor cam bundle. I have 3 of your cameras and set this up and all functions, recording, notifications all active for over a month. The included SD card is in the base station where it is supposed to be. there was a locked detection zone mapped for the driveway, why is there no notifications when she's been getting them on her phone from the 1st camera and this one when I first put it up? This is unacceptable. Thankfully nothing of value was in the truck and her mistake on a 9arce property surrounded by wood leaving the truck unlocked. The scumbag had an easy offering, probably looking for money. Glovebox, center console things thrown onto the floor. He's a lucky SOB it didn't detect him, he would have been a dead scumbag, parents are armed, concealed holds and in their 70's. Mom shoots dead on targets with a 40cal. from 50yards out. The front porch is 10years away from the driveway. No excuse for this technology to not do it's job. I may have to reconsider going to a different brand if this continues after a reset.
iliketheodds 3 months ago
Thank you for choosing to provide quality at the least possible cost. I'm a believer in your company now.
Jessie Romero
Jessie Romero 3 months ago
Hey there, is it possible to lose the base station.. Thanks a bunch! You guys are awesome!!! Blessings!
Parag Sawant
Parag Sawant 3 months ago
I love the music man! i am going for this :)
Chacho Nator
Chacho Nator 3 months ago
BE FOREWARNED! They require $15 per camera, per year to use their CamPlus software or else camera is junk. As a security camera outdoors: without their CamPlus software, video recordings are 12 sec with a 5min cool down(you are not able to record for 5 minutes!) which cuts off useful footage! without their camplus subscription, person recognition is no more! this is a 1 or 2 megapixel camera, at best! They won’t respond when you ask them. Camera is ok but what bothered me plenty is that they are MISLEADING, MISLEADING, MISLEADING!
E. J.
E. J. 3 months ago
Horrible customer service... I mean NO customer service. I just received the Outdoor version a couple weeks ago and it already stopped working. There is no way to return on their website either. They do NOT back up their defective products. BUYER BEWARE!!!! I lost $65 dollars and they lost a loyal customer. Just for the record, I had no problems with the cheaper V2 cams I bought last year. It just sadly appears that if something doesn't work or is defective you are S.O.L.
Caroline Yoneda
Caroline Yoneda 3 months ago
Should send a few to my son near URI Rhode Island.
Nextus Gameing
Nextus Gameing 3 months ago
Motion detector center for outdoors
uTubeStalker DotCom
uTubeStalker DotCom 4 months ago
Did it go through a drop test? And if so what is it rated at?
Droner 4 months ago
Just getting mine. Thank you guys for all your work. God Bless you!
James Sebelien
James Sebelien 4 months ago
I want to buy some stock
Mahendra Deo
Mahendra Deo 4 months ago
Will you be introducing wired outdoor cameras anytime soon ?
Annie Ray
Annie Ray 4 months ago
@ 6:13..I would like to no what's the name & type of finger protectors/ coverings you are wearing? Is it silicone or gel?
36RSAP 4 months ago
i dont understand the point of this camera? 12 second recording, no playback through the app. seems like you guys made an outdoor camera just to do it.
Natalie Alaniz
Natalie Alaniz 4 months ago
Cam Plus Name Your Price was charged to my PayPal, but the Wyze order history does not show in my account and it’s showing as if I never signed up! 😡 😤
Jacob Hendrickson
Jacob Hendrickson 4 months ago
I need a clear answer here please, is the base station required for using this travel mode feature?? Or can you just take only the camera with you to use this travel mode feature.
mint hos
mint hos 4 months ago
Not sure if its something wrong with my units but the wifi reception is poor. So poor in fact its a major pain to play content off of SD card installed in the camera. Sold both of my Wyze camera yesterday out of frustration.
Jacob Hendrickson
Jacob Hendrickson 4 months ago
Anyone know if you have live feed to phone in travel mode?
Cris Noel Dimpoy Centeno
Cris Noel Dimpoy Centeno 4 months ago
I'm considering this, but lots of negative comments form lifehackster review, hoping the complains are resolved now. usposts.info/vision/btiskdyZea6keJk/video
Mervyn Mendoza
Mervyn Mendoza 4 months ago
WiFi range suck and no solar power option charge last only for a month! Please Improve...wasted $$
BAGG HOLDA KOBE 4 months ago
The Asian guy did everything and we know who used them for their 🧠
Iberian Lion
Iberian Lion 5 months ago
POE option please and you’ll beat the competition.
Queen City Reefs & More
Queen City Reefs & More 5 months ago
👏 wow, this is the first time I actually enjoy a video that promotes a product. It feels so genuine. You will definitely have a customer in me!
Marc Schweiz
Marc Schweiz 5 months ago
You guys still don't sell it in Europe. Honestly how long does it take?
Jake J
Jake J 5 months ago
It's unfortunate the outdoor cam is complete garbage.
Stephen Hawkins
Stephen Hawkins 5 months ago
Now ship to Canada 🇨🇦 and we will be good. Open your market getting more revenue.
Bonnie Walker
Bonnie Walker 5 months ago
I just need one for night. Someone allows their dog to poop in my driveway and yard. I want to record and have a record of it. What do I need?
Colleen Smith
Colleen Smith 5 months ago
Can you get them at Home Depot in Canada?
Basam Yousif
Basam Yousif 5 months ago
I don't care about waterproof or outdoor cam. Just make it record to cloud AND motion-activated. The camera is also NOT wirefree. You need to charge the battery.
Luis Arnao
Luis Arnao 5 months ago
So far I am not happy with wyze,now they try to charge for something that was free before,dissappointed
rlta04 5 months ago
rlta04 I just got my wyze outdoors yesterday. Have 4 of the regular wyze cams and the wyze pan and liked them and had no issues. Immediatley having issues with the outdoor cam though. Battery life after one night drained from 100% to 51%. Isnt this battery supposed to last 3 months? Also cannot get the outdoor cam to record events. I think it did record one event but that was all and I am positive more should have been recorded. What could I possibly be doing wrong to get these results? Unles I am doing something incorrectly and can figure it out and somehow get it to work correctly, i may be returning this and labeling it a huge fail and let down
Mark Walters
Mark Walters 5 months ago
I am 70 years old. I'm just wondering if maybe Lee would be interested in older men?
shine suchan
shine suchan 5 months ago
I tried to set this up for awhile now I contacted wizen but until now still not working they send me a new base and here I am still not working the blue light on the base is keep on blinking. Tilt is so disappointing. I own the wired but I want I can put outside. This outdoor cam will be going back.
Scott Rule
Scott Rule 5 months ago
Would you consider a rechargeable battery pack that tethered to the unit? Make it look like another cube, yet functions like a rechargeable cordless tool battery. I work with Dewalt and Milwakee everyday and their batteries are amazing. I'm sure that would extend the use time considerably and there would be no interruption of security while charging.
Ramiro Cuenya
Ramiro Cuenya 5 months ago
I love it!! reusing components efficiently is one of the keys to technology! excellent work and can't wait to try it
Kevin Robinson
Kevin Robinson 5 months ago
So for several years I've received excellent customer support. Now I cant get a reply email. WHAT'S UP GUYS AND GALS??? MY OUTDOOR CAM DIED. The battery dropped from 72% to 20% overnight and now the thing won't power up or take a charge.
Gambit 5 months ago
zhen lan
zhen lan 5 months ago
josh3326 5 months ago
I wish you could directly connect it to your phone instead of relying on LAN. I would love to use these in my RV
Josh's Lawn Care
Josh's Lawn Care 5 months ago
Lol just bought it and so far I really like it however the starter pack was way over priced from where I bought it at (Home Depot) for $79. Felt like I got suckerd getting it from them after seeing online prices. They’re making a huge profit off you guys
Darius Yang
Darius Yang 6 months ago
no solar charging?
S. Christopher Burford
S. Christopher Burford 6 months ago
How do I become a beta tester? You guys make awesome products. I own a scale, 6 PTZ Cams and a 4 pack of bulbs.
Brian Shabani
Brian Shabani 6 months ago
Wyze cam offered 15GB video streaming free, I purchased many cameras and wyze products, but by today's firmware update, they disabled the free service. The cameras are worthless now 😌
spasev 6 months ago
The base station for the camera is the dumbest thing i have ever seen on a camera. In order for my camera to work i have to have a base station. Why? The whole idea behind wireless is that devices can communicate wireless with one router in every home as a gateway to the internet. Why do i need to buy another base station(or router) and connect that to the router that i already have?
Loveoldies50 6 months ago
I'm VERY happy it's here! I love ALL my WYZE products! Great company. Great products!
Paul Antonio Vega Salas
Paul Antonio Vega Salas 6 months ago
Great work guys, do a wired outdoor cam too!
Jerrl Evans
Jerrl Evans 6 months ago
I bought 3 and they are right where they were on Aug 14th. Sitting on the kitchen table. If I hadn’t paid for them, I would have run over them with my car. The hardware really has no place supporting a device exposed to the elements. In the videos I only see them sitting on bricks, on the ground etc. But not hung up supported by the supplied hardware. A disappointing product.
Jerrl Evans
Jerrl Evans 6 months ago
How many installation tests?
Jerrl Evans
Jerrl Evans 6 months ago
But you rushed it and sent and outdoor camera with weak screws. Pay attention to the little things.
Sonny 6 months ago
Honest review here. Wyze makes shitty ass cameras, period. I got three of them and ended up not even opening up the third and returned them all. People complain about other brands’ services costing too much. If you don’t care about good quality, it’s a cheep camera to get. For people shopping for their first camera and just need a basic cam and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, this is an ok entry cam. As a long-term cam, it’s awful. 1. It lacks the technology to send notifications properly and instead send you an insane amount of notifications on any movement. Good cameras can decipher faces, movement, etc without sending you a notification every other min. I literally received a notification every minute for an hour straight when I first set the camera up . 2. The video isn’t as smooth and kinda reminds me of the old early 2000s logitech cams you would put on top of your desktop. Main reason is because it is 15fps instead of 30fps. The difference is very noticeable. 3. The bright colors and things like sunlight are extremely saturated, turning lighted areas into a virtual blur, which if you need this for security, is a major flaw if you need to capture faces in any setting 4. Lacks the ability to scrub video, which is an important feature if you are looking to quickly scroll and find events thru the day. This is a normal feature in Nest cams that has always been extremely valuable since the Dropcam days. 5. The Wyze app is super buggy, especially when you have continuous recording (had problems with both event recording ands continuous recording not going to the marker I wanted to watch, and kept restarting). 6. The camera has issues recognizing the SD card. I pulled the card out one time and when I reinserted it into the same cam, it could not find it. Over the course of 2 days, and some patience, somehow it recognized the cam even if I did the same process over and over again exactly as Wyze instructed. In a nutshell, you pay for 19.99 camera, you get a cheep camera. My suggestion is get on eBay, find pre-owned Nest cams, and spend the money on something that is much easier to use and has more valuable features and quality. Most people don’t want to subscribe to anything, but I feel like the return you get on Nest Aware far supersedes buying a Wyze cam with an SD card because you simply can’t scrub video, identify events if you use continuous recording, or access video in the speed you would want in a camera being used as part of your home security. I can see what they are trying to do, by over doing the customization of settings, but they lack those few things that happen to be super important when you want to access video in many ways without worrying about the app getting stuck, video not responding, or simply just taking too long to load. Nest’s biggest drawback is the price, but you can offset that by finding pre-owned cameras. I will say Wyze has pretty good night vision, but that wasn’t enough to want to keep it, even if it was only 19.99. So for beginners, go for it. As a longterm camera though, I would never recommend it. Lastly, they have the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with in years. Never replied to my return request. Site said 3-4 business days. I waited 9-10 until I finally used the chat. Even then they said they’d get a return label, and they never sent it. So I had to reach out a second time, and I got lucky with a better Customer Service representative. Wyze also received my return, and again did not process it. I again reached out to chat, and they had me wait 45 minutes before they gave me the status. I finally got my return, and finally got pieace of mind knowing I will never buy from this company again. Imagine waiting 45 min because you had a camera issue. This company likely still does not have the resources to serve a high volume of customers resulting in long wait times, poor service, and a waste of 19.99. I used these cameras side by side next to my Nest cams, and was prepared to ditch Nest. Instead, it just made the Nest cameras look even better. Someday, I will post the comparisons in a review video. For those serious about a security cam for the long term, avoid all Wyze products
keith glynn
keith glynn 6 months ago
I love all of my wyze cameras, I have the original versions with waterproof housings for outside use. My only complaint is that it takes more than a minute for the camera to alert me I love any motion detected. Can you guys speed this up a bit so I can see things closer to real time? That would be perfect, especially since these are the plug-in cameras. And by the way, you asked my opinion and I asked you to think about making a plug-in solar panel for these long time ago and have not heard back from you.
Ryan Fenyves
Ryan Fenyves 6 months ago
Will you have the option to plug it up for continuous recording?
WA-hornet 6 months ago
CEO is such a quiet guy.
Joe Hullaby
Joe Hullaby 6 months ago
I'm getting 4!!!!
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez 6 months ago
congratulations guys, I was actually getting teary eyed. You just sold me. I'm think about purchasing the outdoor camera, i have been waiting for an outdoor wire free with micro sd slot camera. do you need a subscription or is that if you want it on the cloud? And are you going to make a wyze security doorbell too?
tjk100 6 months ago
I have two Outdoor cameras. Neither have reliable motion detection. Spoke with techs and the problem was not solved. Maybe fixes are coming.
Jody Cassin
Jody Cassin 6 months ago
I want your cameras
Jody Cassin
Jody Cassin 6 months ago
Excellent came here to find out about your company from the family channel
Rashad Ujaimi
Rashad Ujaimi 6 months ago
Congratulations for the hard work !! cant wait to get one !!!!! thank you
J. Mark Lane
J. Mark Lane 6 months ago
The outdoor camera is a piece of junk. Doesn't work 9 times out of 10. Tells me to reboot my router (yeah, from 100 miles away... if I was that close to my router I wouldn't need a security camera). And apparently they won't take it back if you don't have the original packaging (per their website). And I don't see any other options. The indoor camera works great, but given the failure of the outdoor one, this company will never see another dime of my money. Now... let's see how long before they delete this comment....
ugetridofit 6 months ago
Outdoor Cam will be cool. Just dont screw up and skimp on the RTSP functionality. This is where you guys are really weak in. Battery is just silly.
Simple Frankie
Simple Frankie 6 months ago
The video quality reminds me of iPhone 4 recording just bad
Schwartz12 6 months ago
How can I become a beta tester I'd love to help I live in North Dakota gets cold af here and always windy.
Schwartz12 6 months ago
Hell ya I ordered mine! I love em! I have 4 already my son's pickup was broke into last week his rifle stolen gave the detective a flash drive of all my recordings! If only it was more well lit outside could have seen their face more I've tried many different cameras.. These are the best working.. Best options.. Best price I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM I CAN'T WAIT for the wireless outdoor cam! Congrats to you guys. I just didn't have faith in a product with good price and quality bout time!
Dark Egress
Dark Egress 6 months ago
A HUGE fan of Wyze until the OUTDOOR camera. What a ClusterFoxtrot! Years to deliver exactly what we DONT NEED. Most of us want a great POe Security Camera that does NOT require cloud storage and is CHEAP. Who had the Brain Fart that determined the requirements?
Jacob Hendrickson
Jacob Hendrickson 6 months ago
Awesome I absolutely love this travel mode idea.
Jacob Hendrickson
Jacob Hendrickson 6 months ago
I just wish the batteries were replaceable so we can install 2 higher capacity batteries and so we can have them pre charged. Going to suck taking them down to charge. Do they show battery life on the screen??
Jacob Hendrickson
Jacob Hendrickson 6 months ago
Now all we need is a solar panel that can be plugged into the camera. Just enough to keep the batteries going a extra month or 2.
TheLifetraveler1 6 months ago
I had personal detection activated on all of my cameras to stop the notifications. I just switched the cameras to a new wifi network, now my person detection is not working. Why would just changing to a new router networks cause this. The cameras are pinging all of the time now, even if it is just light coming through the windows. help!
Wyze 6 months ago
We'd recommend checking your settings just in case the new network reset the device's settings. If you want, you can reach out to our customer support team for more detailed troubleshooting at: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
CHICAGOSMAN23 6 months ago
Like all your other products especially the wyze indoor camera, however, poor job was done on the outdoor. It does a very poor job recording events.
Steve Phipps
Steve Phipps 6 months ago
Just starting to use Wyze. Would like to see single & 3 way wall switches plus a hard wired unit like X10 has.
jeepkid92 6 months ago
Wyze!!! Open a canadian warehouse for distribution I’m brand loyal now I’m tired of giving my money to Jeff bezos! PS I’ll work for you make sure all the customers get their wyze products haha. Keep up the great work guys!
Alessio Medda
Alessio Medda 6 months ago
you guys are awesome! mine is arriving today!
Sebastian 6 months ago
I have the outdoor cam on pre-order, i REALLY hope i get good battery life, I really really dont want another chore.
Anjilou20 Flores18
Anjilou20 Flores18 6 months ago
I’m just saying I got my outdoor camera and am disappointed. The sound is horrible, you’re not able to hear the sound from the outside. I bought this outdoor camera cause it was advertised that you were able to talk from your phone. Well let me tell you now, it’s not!!!
Tony 6 months ago
Wyze cam outdoor... why does it have to be wired to the router? This thing will simply not connect and with no WiFi connection, I am stuck. Right now, there is zero support it would seem to get this thing to work wired.
Ali Man
Ali Man 6 months ago
Travel mode is what I'm talking about, is that available? I was one of the 50k backers and I want to use this today
Wyze 6 months ago
Yes, Travel Mode is currently available for all WCO units! To access this, go into the WCO's settings and scroll down to "Travel Mode" and follow the steps there!
Ali Man
Ali Man 6 months ago
Question, I don't see this great feature listed on your website where you can take the cam with you and use the phone app like to a camping ground. Is this official? And what do I need to do this? A hotpot feature on my phone?
jedics 6 months ago
Being for outdoors its often a much larger area so the pan/Tilt version will be needed in a water proof version as well which is what I need.
Toph Perry
Toph Perry 6 months ago
My outdoor cam was delivered today. It's a useless piece of crap when there is no option to connect the base station in the app.
Erik Castillo
Erik Castillo 6 months ago
So... When it will move around like the rotation version?
Gowaz Ar
Gowaz Ar 6 months ago
This is such a transparent policy of showing us all the manufacturing process that I love this product even more. Congratulation!
Alan Dang
Alan Dang 6 months ago
solar power?
INVESTING 6 months ago
I wish the cameras were rechargeable. I bought 5 of them, but all seem to need constant power attached. Plus I thought they would be storing a certain number of image captures without the SD and sending them to my phone. But nothing is appearing.
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