Wyze Handheld Vacuum - Bowling Ball Power Demonstration

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Raahul Pooran
Raahul Pooran 10 days ago
Plot twist: the bowling balls are styrofoam cut outs with paint
Nos 17 days ago
You know it's bad when they try to sell you on power. I don't want to lift things I want to know what it's used for. Does it trap fine dust, thicker powder type substance, liquids, what? And how much of it can be stored(capacity) how is maintenance like, things that vacuums do. I don't care if this vacuum can lift a bus. Power = unreliable aka short life.
Henry P
Henry P 18 days ago
When are you guys going to start making cheap rocket ships? Since you're making every tech better and cheaper than anyone else?
Vinicius Onorato
Vinicius Onorato 21 day ago
Also, who the hell is out there vacuuming a bowling ball with a plunger. You might as well come out the Wyze plunger V2.0 but idk how this video proved anything
Vinicius Onorato
Vinicius Onorato 21 day ago
Love Wyze but this is honestly the toughest commercial to watch
Aaron M
Aaron M 22 days ago
I guess Wyze didn't spend a dime on R&D. The suction trick has been around for decades. As far as suction, if you want a real good vacuum for that, get a Dyson. And then put in Vinyl flooring after the Dyson destroys your carpet. Will this Wyze work for spot cleanup no matter what type of flooring? I would hope so, but they don't show it. I'm not coming back to find out.
Fotingo 27 days ago
Please fix the horrible static noise on your Wzye Cams v3.
Listening Point
Listening Point Month ago
Cool man. I can lift a bowling ball with a plunger too. What's the vacuum doing here exactly?
Baron Of Hell
Baron Of Hell Month ago
Can it unclog toilets?
encryptor Month ago
Does the plunger come as an attachment? I have a lot of bowling balls I need moved and this would be the product to do it. Also, how is this vacuum at cleaning dusty bowling balls?
Drip Dropp
Drip Dropp Month ago
Trash just like their cámaras. Cheap cámaras but only records seconds I rather not even have a cámara . I feel like wyze is playing very sneaky with all their products . I have all the cámaras and all of them are trash unless you pay maybe monthly it can record longer . Very disappointed
Sergeant Raven
Sergeant Raven Month ago
I am a ... Wyze guy. I despise the "late night infomercials" (Wyze doesn't do that; thanks!). Got their Gen1 camera. Then another one. Then ordered a door video ring bell. Then two thermostats. Gee, no BS (nor any freebies): what NOT to like about these ... "Wyze kids", growing up and creating jobs like crazy (in Seattle, mind you!). Yeah, I know "made in China". But then, where is your "famous brand" is being made? OK, I'll wait... My last one, "most famous" now brand vacuum (starting with "D" and designed in the "British Isles") SUCKED (and not the "vacuum-type" of "sucked") and was shutting down every 15 min of light, hardwood floor only duty. I paid "few" times over the Wyze one. Guess what I'm ordering as soon as I'm done with my whining?
Daniel J. De Jesús
Daniel J. De Jesús Month ago
Dang... where can I buy that plunger?
Roberto Mezquia Jr
Roberto Mezquia Jr Month ago
Would be nice if I was able to buy one the moment I got the email.
Josh Mahan
Josh Mahan Month ago
Anyone who's seen Mythbusters would know picking up a bowling ball with a vacuum isn't as difficult as it seems.
pranav Month ago
...this ain't it
peejhay26 Month ago
cool, now where is the wyze sense v2?
GunNtonic Month ago
Crazy! I just tried this with my plunger, and it really works!
Jason Month ago
🤦‍♂️ delete this video. How did this get by everyone in charge? We have no idea how well the vacuum works when there is a plunger/suction device involved. This video is embarrassing.
Zac E
Zac E Month ago
Wyze is running the game rn. I ordered mine... Love my cheap and effective cameras
Kevin Singh
Kevin Singh Month ago
C'mon Wyze!!! You don't even need suction from the vacuum to accomplish this. The plunger would've sufficed. Interesting product, poor marketing...
Alvaro Revilla
Alvaro Revilla Month ago
Im so bummed. I missed the preorder for this vacuum 😭
Rockaland2 Month ago
it was the suction cup not the vaccume
Tom T
Tom T Month ago
Fail. How does it do with dust and debris? Somebody in marketing needs to get fired over this.
4realTim Month ago
The video is supposed to be a joke. Calm down guys
Annon Amith
Annon Amith Month ago
They keep adding products that you can't buy because they are "Out of Stock". How about concentrating on the items you already have up for sale.
howya111 Month ago
Weird flex but okay...
KwavesProductions Month ago
Wyze's worst commercial ever -- a dumb concept and it's already been done before with a vacuum commercial on TV. usposts.info/vision/iJaumMTDhqGsl6Y/video But wait! Order before midnight tonight and they'll throw in the Ginsu Knives!
Art Garcia
Art Garcia Month ago
My plunger can lift 5.
Mark Dillon
Mark Dillon Month ago
I ❤️ all of the Wyze products I’ve purchased over the last year but I’m unclear how this handheld vacuum is a fit with their technology lineup.
encryptor Month ago
They do sell a roomba style vacuum too.
vizi0123 Month ago
Wow I like wyze but using a suction cup to demonstrate power is lying.... What a disappointment.
Terry Dubay
Terry Dubay Month ago
looks very fake!! If you had turned it off while holding it then it would valid.
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero Month ago
lol, this is such a weird way to show this. I was interested and then immediately not interested. It's just a plunger in this scenario and doesn't highlight the vacuum at all? odd.
Kxng 19 days ago
David Simmons
David Simmons Month ago
I was thinking the same. If I ever had the need to lift 3 bowling balls using vacuum I know the proper equipment to use.
JOE 3PO Month ago
Rebadged Cleanfly FV2
joshx413 Month ago
I mean cool..kind of. But this isn't even a smart products. Are you guys just re branding high profitable Chinese products now? And this video literally doesn't show a single example of it doing ANYTHING that a vacuum actually does.
Charles Cornett
Charles Cornett Month ago
Want to impress me? Show me a solution for ISP client limits (ala Verizon only allowing 10 devices to be connected to their LTE Home Internet) with Wyze products. I would have bought a lot more Wyze cams, and just about every other home automation toy if you had a solution to that. Maybe I would be more excited about the vacuum if it crowd sourced a volunteer to come run it for me.
Juan Gallardo
Juan Gallardo Month ago
Bowling balls? that's a useless example. show it cleaning dog hair from cars and couches.
Christopher Bolden
Christopher Bolden Month ago
Wish you’d address the audio problem with the Wyze cam version 3. So much static and your community forum is full of people with the same problem. Has to be a hardware problem and you guys aren’t addressing it at all. My 2 version 2 cams have better audio than the version 3.
Vincent Smith
Vincent Smith Month ago
I've been a fan, but you're close to jumping the shark with this. Re-focus please.
Vincent Smith
Vincent Smith Month ago
@Baron Of Hell lol, exactly
Baron Of Hell
Baron Of Hell Month ago
they jumped the shark vacuum?
Brittany Canter
Brittany Canter Month ago
I volunteer my dog hair covered couch as tribute for the reshoot of this launch video... seriously I need to know if it will get beagle hair out of a cotton couch and high pile rugs.
Steve Russ
Steve Russ Month ago
Finally these guys disappoint...c'mon I'm supposed to pre order in Jan for March delivery based on this lame video that shows us none of the usual engineering or beta trials? Love Wyze but not this product launch.
DDvlogs ray
DDvlogs ray Month ago
I love wyze products but that was an awful video. It's just a plunger not the vaccum doing anything. I guess it's got a good handle
Echo9 *
Echo9 * Month ago
Really, with a plunger? Is this a made for kids video?
N5UGE Month ago
WYZE can't provide enough of their current products, so why bring out a new product, that they won't be able to provide. They keep asking people to pre-order products that will not be delivered for months. I used to be a big fan of WYZE products, but that faded fast when they began failing to deliver orders in a timely manner. It doesn't matter how good a product is, or how many different products you make, if you can't get it into the hands of customers. I'm still waiting for them to ship 3 items I ordered in December. They still can't give me a date when they will ship. The last order I received from them was missing 2 of the 3 items that were supposed to be in the package. They fixed the problem quickly, but the error never should have happened. WYZE has very serious problems with fulfilling orders, and it's getting worse.
Ronny Julian
Ronny Julian Month ago
Yea... No.
texasjmd Month ago
Less than half the suction in air watts of the Dyson D7, but also less than half the cost. Could be interesting.
aeronasca Month ago
Give me a 👍if you think is fake.
Beau Guthery
Beau Guthery Month ago
Not going to lie.... I love your products but I could take a plunger cup and slap it on a bowling ball and lift it.
Bryan Fishkind
Bryan Fishkind Month ago
Can I add a security camera to it?
Brian Kuehn
Brian Kuehn Month ago
I never heard it running; how do I know that the plunger wasn't glued to the bowling ball?????
Darwin Kingman
Darwin Kingman Month ago
It makes no difference, the the vacuum still has to lift the whole thing!
Corey O'Bey
Corey O'Bey Month ago
Yea... that's nice... but when can I get a simple RGB light bulb?
Simply Ruben
Simply Ruben 15 days ago
You got your wish
tubothe3 Month ago
And one that doesn't get reset every week
chrluc Month ago
I was a huge fan and early adopter of the wyze cam. I though they were a really innovative home automation brand. Then they came out with the bulbs and the lock and I thought they were going to be a huge competitor in this area. These other random products really cheapen the overall brand image. They seem to now be company that will rebrand any cheap Chinese product and throw it against the wall and see if they can make a buck or two off of it. They don’t seem to have any direction or focus. It really is a shame, I thought for sure they were going to be huge player in the home automation arena.
Joseph Schwartz
Joseph Schwartz Month ago
I would agree, stay with the home automation market.
Chris Month ago
@A N Bwhahaha! Who would buy a Wyze CAR?!
Will Levine
Will Levine Month ago
@camaroman101 the vacuum is a rebranded xiaomi mi vac though maybe slightly upgraded and cheaper - www.amazon.com/Xiaomi-Distance-Powerful-Planning-Hard-Floor/dp/B01MU4WAUI That being said I own one and love it.
camaroman101 Month ago
@Nate Benis give me links what other products besides the v2 are rebranded?
Nate Benis
Nate Benis Month ago
@camaroman101 they literally are the American xiamo they rebrand all of their products
Scot Sabo
Scot Sabo Month ago
Wyze, I have many of your products in use and on preorder but this ad is shamelessly deceptive, even the used car salesmen are crying foul! the plunger is doing the lifting. It's a little embarrassing to own Wyze products after seing this.
marilou williams
marilou williams Month ago
LOL.. I like the cameras, plugs and bulbs...but this is not going to be on my to get list!!
someguy604 Month ago
So when exactly will the Canadian shop open? All I know is sometime in Spring this year...
Aye Run
Aye Run Month ago
I really wish they didn't use a plunger as part of the vacuum marketing. A plunger itself can do this, everyone who is in the market of a vacuum knows what a plunger can do. A simple demonstration of it actually sucking up debris would have sufficed.
ColdIn Wisconsin
ColdIn Wisconsin Month ago
I love Wyze! But this crap is a miss. This video literally shows NOTHING about the quality of the product, and worse, misleads those who don’t understand that a plunger would do that on its own.
Darwin Kingman
Darwin Kingman Month ago
You said "plunger would do that on it's own", you are not very bright!!!
Bus Daddy
Bus Daddy Month ago
Alexander Rensch
Alexander Rensch Month ago
I agree with you Paulus Maximus ...
Kxng Month ago
I think I might just get an Eufy vaccum just to mock wyze because they are just the definition of quantity over quality plus like instead of making more products just simply your products for right now and make your current product better like the less you have to focus on making more products the more you can focus on making the products better and as a wyze user my self I’m kind of pissed like your saying you can make a stick vaccum but not add smart things to your products come on wyze
Azam Khan
Azam Khan Month ago
When will start to ship your products to Canada?
Richey Rock
Richey Rock Month ago
You've got a lotta balls showing this video!
Kxng Month ago
I’m not buying an wyze vacuum
Konrad Stollsteiner
Konrad Stollsteiner Month ago
Those are some big blue balls
Darnell Hamilton
Darnell Hamilton Month ago
I like wyze products, but I call shenanigans on this one.
Paulus Maximus
Paulus Maximus Month ago
You can make the same video with just a plunger... and that doesn't make the plunger a vacuum.
redstang5150 8 days ago
Very first thought I had as soon as the video started. Not a good demo.
john walsh
john walsh Month ago
Actually it does make plunger a vacuum because it is creating suction, it just not a battery powered vacuum
Ryk McDorman
Ryk McDorman Month ago
I totally agree. I have several Wyze products and love 'em, but this marketing bit is a flop since I have literally no idea how well the thing sucks up dirt & debris. If it was just a cone, not a suction cup, it would have made sense.
BWiillllyiam Month ago
Idiots ^
Osvaldo Gutierrez
Osvaldo Gutierrez Month ago
Unless there’s a hole where the vacuum connects to the plunger which is what to expect since they are trying to show the strengths it.
alanrk Month ago
Dyson can do the same thing for 6 times the price but it will break in a month.
JDMish Month ago
This is great for when I spill a cup of bowling balls in my car.
GunNtonic Month ago
Thanks for the laugh 😅
pdxwildchild Roberts
pdxwildchild Roberts Month ago
...or when ur GF is outta town👍🤣🤣🤣
Just Jessy
Just Jessy Month ago
KINGinaNORTH Month ago
As long as you have a plunger handy...
L G Month ago
Cliff Law
Cliff Law Month ago
U could put anything on the end of that plunger and it would still lift!!! What a load of balls!!!!
Luke Missirian-Parise
Luke Missirian-Parise Month ago
Oh, that’s to bad. You guys were close, but that’s not good enough. The gunk and junk in my carpets weight 25 lbs. Only a few of you will understand this correctly. 😁
Randy Month ago
Still can't buy a lot of Wyze products in Canada. Shame because I've wanted to buy the lightbulbs and bought another companies product.
Rob R
Rob R Month ago
Yeah! I want their lidar roomba!
Bozkurt Bozok
Bozkurt Bozok Month ago
This video proves absolutely nothing about suction capabilities of the vacuum cleaner, what you show us here is simple physics, I have a toilet plunge does that with 9 balls, stop messing around and show us the real suction, this proves nothing about suction power with real dust and debris and dirt.
John Sokol
John Sokol Month ago
it shows you that you can vacuum up your bowling ball, yeesh 😂
nutcracker Month ago
Yawn... yet something else from Wyze that you can’t buy in the UK! 🥱
Cristian O. Balan
Cristian O. Balan Month ago
Yeah, strange company vision...
yufasa's RC stuff
yufasa's RC stuff Month ago
This video shows nothing than some ball that could be glued to a plunger of all I can tell - Marketing at its worst
thedemosdude Month ago
The fact that y'all covered the ball weight with tape makes me feel less convinced on how powerful the vacuum actually is. Would prefer a genuine demonstration over this poor marketing technique.
imtylerb Month ago
It says 8 lbs in the video in the lower right; I was thinking the same thing.
Franco Solis
Franco Solis Month ago
Didn't realize that
Fuzz Goldberg
Fuzz Goldberg Month ago
I like Wyze product but this video is very misleading any thing can pick up a bowling ball with a plunger suction head.
Summerwind Month ago
The most stupid marketing thing I’ve ever seen, you could pick a bowling ball up with just a regular plunger with no vacuum!
Sharon Hargett
Sharon Hargett Month ago
I agree.
Domineque Taylor
Domineque Taylor Month ago
I find myself buying everything wyze comes out with even though I don't need it lol but these guys are pushing the envelope all the time! Good products with cheap prices.
Meghan Cahill
Meghan Cahill Month ago
So... you think its worth the purchase and performs well?
Scott Crowe
Scott Crowe Month ago
ditto! :)
Yaser Alshaikhli
Yaser Alshaikhli Month ago
Same here 😅
My Self
My Self Month ago
i'm a fan of Wyze innovations, and I'm looking for a small Vac, but that plunger could've been plugged & sealed, and this demonstration still could've worked...
John sh
John sh Month ago
Are you trying to fool people? Do it without the PLUNGER!!!!!
fibrebird20 Month ago
Lol right?
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Month ago
Exactly - what a joke
novocaine223 Month ago
Now I have waiting for my Dyson to break.
R. SCOTT Month ago
I absolutely WILL NOT insert a ‘cup the balls” joke here, so grow up!
bradley shefmire
bradley shefmire Month ago
que the ball-cleaning Dad jokes in ...3....2...1
LessThanHandy Month ago
That thing SUCKS!!! 😁
Richard Peebles
Richard Peebles Month ago
This vacuum is a rebranded Xiaomi vacuum.
JOE 3PO Month ago
@camaroman101 Cleanfly FV2
camaroman101 Month ago
What is the model number of the xiaomi one? Link?
Jean-Michel Landry
Jean-Michel Landry Month ago
mrkc1201 Month ago
Thanks wyze Keep it Coming 💥⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
G O D Month ago
nice I tried with my Walmart $50 vacuum and a plumber and achieved the same results. It would be an achievement if I can suck up balls without any other tool.
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia Month ago
Please send one of these units to the Vacuum Wars Channel... It's the gospel for what you should and should not buy!
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia Month ago
@Chris .... you said it, not me ;).
Chris Month ago
Vacuum wars would expose its rebranding.
Gordon S
Gordon S Month ago
a bowling ball proves nothing. Anything with a little suction and rubber seal can lift that up. We need a real test here.
John Month ago
@Jonathan Rodriguez it does not prove suction power of the vacuum. You can do this with a regular plunger. Does that prove that the stick of a plunger is a good vacuum with a lot of air suction?
Gordon S
Gordon S Month ago
@Khile Klock Ok, yes of course, common sense is that air flow is what moves the dirt and trash into the canister I never questioned that though, I only mentioned that picking up bowling balls is not a real test.
Khile Klock
Khile Klock Month ago
@Gordon S It's actually AIRFLOW that matters most.... if a filter gets clogged, and AIRFLOW is reduced... you'll pick up nothing.... Greatest misconception regarding vacuums!
Gordon S
Gordon S Month ago
@Jonathan Rodriguez No, it proves suction, not suction power. 2 different things. A water lift test is used to measure suction power. All vacuums, even the cheapest of the cheap can lift a bowling ball with that setup.
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez Month ago
It proves the suction power, which is arguably one of the most important aspects of a vacuum.
Seth Taylor
Seth Taylor Month ago
This isn't impressive at all because many low powered vacuums can do this. The main impressive part here is the seal from the plunger to the ball. I hope Wyze stays focused on their core strength instead of starting to build not-so-great appliances.
Rick Stewart
Rick Stewart Month ago
@Seth Taylor Well done. Not sure I need all your suggestions, but garden one would rock. I love to water my plants, hate to check to see if they need watering.
Seth Taylor
Seth Taylor Month ago
​@Luke Missirian-Parise Thanks for your pushback. You rock Luke! I appreciate your perspective to help this comment have more context. To answer your question, yes, I've seen various vacuum demonstrations from low and high power vacuums that show this bowling ball example. You can also google a similar text string and see numerous bowling ball examples. Interestingly, it doesn't take much airflow to get a good seal on a perfectly round surface like a bowling ball and a plunger-like shape. You can use a very small, low-powered pump to get a good seal. I've done this with a thumb-sized pump. A good vacuum for a car application needs a lot of airflow. Even better is when there is some way to shake the substrate to launch the crumbs or debris into that airflow. I don't see this vacuum doing either of these things very well (from this video). I love the Wyze cameras. They are amazing! However, this vacuum product looks super weak and doesn't seem to solve the problem it proclaims! This dilutes the Wyze brand and reduces the likelihood that I can recommend their hardware to friends. If I could meet with them, I'd sincerely request they use their incredible tech to solve problems not currently solved by other manufacturers. I think cameras are probably highly underrated in their usage right now. Too many things use probes or other sensors where cameras can accomplish a lot more at a distance (less invasively). Random food based camera ideas: Cameras that can monitor ripeness of my fruit and remind me to get new bananas when I'm at the store Food tracking system for my food storage where I can scan barcodes whenever I grab a can of beans and auto order new inventory. Cameras to detect hydration levels of plants in my garden and can water them when they need it instead of a dumb clock based watering system. Cameras to help me know when to drink to maintain an ideal personalized hydration level and timing so I don't drink too much late at night and end up needing to hit the restroom in the middle of the night. Non food: Cameras to detect micro changes of a breathing of an infant and alert me if breathing rate drops too low. Cameras that can do an extremely good job at detecting tooth plaque at home so I can improve my specific areas of hygiene if a concerning area arises. Sheesh, thanks for your patience for such a long response.
phtofl Month ago
Agreed. Lots of stick vac options on Amazon with smililar pricing and 17 kpa and higher suction with a powered floor head.
Luke Missirian-Parise
Luke Missirian-Parise Month ago
I don’t believe you’re getting the point. First of all, have you tested many low powered vacuums to prove your claim? Either way, the point is how strong the suction that the vacuum produces is. If it can lift 24 lbs of solid bowling ball, it can lift the dirt out of your messy car.
John sh
John sh Month ago
Vacuum wars!
j j
j j Month ago
Video could have been so much better if you indicated in your vacuum video what type of batteries, run time at normal use, if batteries could be removed and replaced while charging, if it was a quality hepa filter or just recirculated fine particles, link to a sales site - yikes, what were you thinking?
Chris Month ago
Wyze’s latest products suck. They should stick to ones that don’t.
vanksism Month ago
What did you get that was subpar to their original products? I've been a fan give the quality/price point but that's not to say their products are top of the line. It's just good for the price point compared to others manufacturers... but I'm starting to think they need to pump the brakes and improve on products before moving on to new items. Also thinking they have to be rebranding also. The super influx of new products when they can stand to improve old ones has me suspect.
Maxwellmark Month ago
jeepfreak81 Month ago
I'm still chuckling, because those bowling balls look blue on my screen. #Inevergrewup
jeepfreak81 Month ago
@R. SCOTT I mean it even sucks!
R. SCOTT Month ago
John Jones
John Jones Month ago
I've seen this sort of chaotic branching out into random directions before - from companies that soon folded.
bradley shefmire
bradley shefmire Month ago
Safety First - :) (great profile pic)
BigDave1490 Month ago
Can’t say I disagree. I worry about them going under or getting bought out.
Tom H.
Tom H. Month ago
Show us the vacuum cleaning furniture and picking things up other than bowling balls with a strong suction cup. I like your products and have many but want to make sure this handheld is high quality.
N5UGE Month ago
It doesn't matter how strong the suction is, if you have to empty it every two minutes. This thing can't possibly hold very much of whatever you vacuum up. This must have been designed by someone who has never used a vacuum.
bradley shefmire
bradley shefmire Month ago
@Joseph E. T. Peach ....spot on....wyze band is junk drawer item!
Joseph E. T. Peach
Joseph E. T. Peach Month ago
@Luke Missirian-Parise I've loved most of their products, have tons including numerous cameras, robot vacuum, plugs, bulbs... But the wyze band was a flop, in my opinion. Software was really bad and felt 'not ready'. They seem to have already pivoted away from it now, maybe with realization they tried to do too much
Luke Missirian-Parise
Luke Missirian-Parise Month ago
It wasn’t a demo of the device’s weight bearing ability; it was a demonstration of how strong the suction is. Why wouldn’t it be high quality? Has Wyze shipped something that isn’t or would give you reason to worry?
scruffytech Month ago
I like their cameras but try doing the same thing with a pumber's helper by itself, works the same and no batteries!😏 Fake demo!
Leighton Bittinger
Leighton Bittinger Month ago
@Luke Missirian-Parise It only proves that the suction cup has a great seal. Take away the vac and replace it with your hand - as long as the suction cup has a good seal, you'll get the same results.
skol vikings
skol vikings Month ago
@Luke Missirian-Parise You're clueless
DeV Month ago
@Luke Missirian-Parise I think you missed his point
Luke Missirian-Parise
Luke Missirian-Parise Month ago
It wasn’t a demo of the device’s weight bearing ability; it was a demonstration of how strong the suction is. Stronger the suction more diet gets pulled. That’s just how life works. If a plumber would handpick every bit of dust of your floors for cheep people would’ve been hiring plumbers since the beginning of time.
Nunya Business
Nunya Business Month ago
All vacuums can do that - oldest test in the book lol
Seth Taylor
Seth Taylor Month ago
that's true. I've seen this with a dust vacuum. Not impressive.
Abdullah Naeem
Abdullah Naeem Month ago
Uhh no
Neekster Man
Neekster Man Month ago
This product sucks, I'm buying it.
pdxwildchild Roberts
pdxwildchild Roberts Month ago
Crazy...why is it they make a Smart Bulb, a Smart Plug...BUT no SMART SWITCH❓❓❓C'mon ..but now a vacuum cleaner..keep your focus. ..sheesh 🤷‍♀️
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