Wyze Band - Control your smart home from your wrist

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11 months ago

Wyze Band is a new type of wrist wearable. Not only does it track activity such as steps and sleep, but it also controls your smart home. By uniquely controlling Wyze devices and leveraging Alexa to control non-Wyze devices, Wyze Band makes you a smart home wizard in control of everything.
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bishnu tirkey
bishnu tirkey 3 months ago
Can you launch in India
Krispy Broccoli
Krispy Broccoli 4 months ago
Does it have music control for your phone? (If not that would be an amazing update that I would need for workouts.) Im looking to buying one of these today
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
No, unfortunately.
MashAllah Food Secrets
MashAllah Food Secrets 4 months ago
no speakers, no wifi, no audio calls!
MashAllah Food Secrets
MashAllah Food Secrets 4 months ago
wish it was availble in Pakistan
Hegel Canizales
Hegel Canizales 4 months ago
Please add GPS!
Sarah Minkel
Sarah Minkel 5 months ago
This band doesn't connect to bluetooth at all. It will sync, but continuously lose connectivity. Piece of crap device. Very upset.
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
You should contact support through the Wyze app, mine does not have that problem, maybe they can help you figure it out.
Knockout Artist
Knockout Artist 5 months ago
Have it control music and I'll pull the trigger.
Knockout Artist
Knockout Artist 2 months ago
@John Jr ;)
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Knockout Artist Oops.
Knockout Artist
Knockout Artist 2 months ago
@John Jr That wasn't a question, Jr.
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
Unfortunately no.
Smart Home Solutions Mocell
Smart Home Solutions Mocell 6 months ago
Can it turn on and off other devices ?not wyze smart devices?
Ryan Dickerson
Ryan Dickerson 5 months ago
Triskelos 6 months ago
Mine lasted just over a month, display quit. I can't seem to get a hold of Wyze about a remedy. I guess you get what you pay for, and Wyze is probably counting on that cheap price to help discourage follow-ups on Band not working.
Ruben Cevallos
Ruben Cevallos 6 months ago
Does it support commands in spanish when using alexa?
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime 7 months ago
Thing is you need to hold the home button to actually use Alexa and the water moves the screen plus the steps doesn’t actually only count you steps it just counts when ever you move your band a lot and the images don’t look like that when you actually get the band and if someone called you it just says the contact and incoming call sorry to expose you but in all not that bad just some stuff to fix
Alberto Grau Music
Alberto Grau Music 7 months ago
International or European version, when? Thanks!
Duwayne 8 months ago
Or.... make a Apple Watch app!
Molly LePage
Molly LePage 8 months ago
This is awesome! Wyze is great! Thanks for your awesomeness Wyze! ❤️
Michael philip
Michael philip 8 months ago
great band for the price i am still trying to figure out how to do my sensors
Houman RM1
Houman RM1 8 months ago
A version with an alert button for the elderly would sell too.
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 8 months ago
When will facial recognition be available again on the cams... Loved it and miss it.
Mauri TV
Mauri TV 8 months ago
This is an awesome ad! I loved the motion graphics, colors, music, theme, and especially the message! Great job Wyze!
Tom Gellert
Tom Gellert 8 months ago
It has a microphone on it. Why can't you reply to messages at least via voice? Pebble did that years ago....
G Schinzel
G Schinzel 8 months ago
They have Great products at really low prices. I have everything but this watch. Just ordered it.
Doug Zbikowski
Doug Zbikowski 8 months ago
Bad news- it doesn't support any of the top fitness apps or Google services. Good news- "We're working on support for other integrations in an upcoming release." I'm buying for everyone in the family at that point :)
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
It supports Google Fit now.
Randy singer
Randy singer 8 months ago
absolutely terrible video.....great product....but the producer of that video should be fired.......lol.....get a better main character to advertise your great products.
Calvin ki
Calvin ki 8 months ago
Great video for this band. I just need a reason to not wear my Apple Watch... Fuck it, I am ordering one.
Fonda B
Fonda B 8 months ago
I bike, will it track mileage? Also, will the heart rate monitor give an average of your BPM?
Wyze 8 months ago
It wouldn't be reliable if biking, as it generates a step count. It will calculate your BPM as well over short intervals. For more information on the different metrics the Band can track, you can take a look at this article: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/sections/360007789732-Wyze-Band-Features
faust ace
faust ace 8 months ago
Wyze plz use Fitness models in your commercials. Leave the geeks. You can still be funny with eye candy! LoL!
Jamesmichael Cabrera
Jamesmichael Cabrera 8 months ago
Did you guys have to get the creepiest looking guy
Dave M
Dave M 8 months ago
Would like to see bugs worked out of current products. New scale needs work, Looking through FAQ says your feet have to be damp to get % of body fat, etc. to work. So every morning I have to put water on my feet to get it to work? - STUPID! My Eatsmart scale which does the same thing except doesn't send data to an app has worked many years without having to wet my feet. So much for a good idea
Ana Z
Ana Z 9 months ago
Woahh. Need to order this asap
You Nes
You Nes 10 months ago
Just received wyze band , I set it the way it should , but anytime I ask it to turn off wyze bulb or to open wyze lock or any question it tells me sorry I don’t understand. Any solution for this issue ? Thank you 🙏
You Nes
You Nes 10 months ago
@Wyze the band , i fixed it by deleting it and reinstallng it , but most of the time it says no response please try again
Wyze 10 months ago
Is it the Band or Alexa giving that error message? We'd recommend contacting our customer support team so they can help investigate this at: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Miko Pacheco
Miko Pacheco 10 months ago
I absolutely love the marketing and advertising from Wyze. Aimed at the tech savvy hipster consumer with transparency on products and the appealing price! Hurry and get to the UK please! Cheers!
TBSS DETROIT 10 months ago
Got my watch yesterday works greats!!! Keep up the good work WYZE!!!
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith 10 months ago
Hey i love the watch but my notifications are not working. Anyone know how to fix this ?! Thanks
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
From within the Wyze app maybe sure that notifications are enabled, enable notifications for each app that you want notifications for, make sure that all your permissions are set where this is allowed, make sure that your band has the latest version of the firmware, and then give it a try.
Francis Lauland
Francis Lauland 10 months ago
I got mine in the mail today. But I don’t see any controls in the menus for my lights, camera etc. Am I missing something? Or has this feature not been added yet?
camaroman101 10 months ago
You need to manually add them in shortcuts
Kareem Youssef
Kareem Youssef 10 months ago
Just alexa? no google home compatibility?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
Yep, they were supposed to be working on that though, but so far it only supports Alexa.
Sarah Knosp
Sarah Knosp 10 months ago
Wyze, it would be awesome if you could one day integrate being able to look at cameras from the watch. Crossing my fingers and hope it happens.
Jonathan Guerra
Jonathan Guerra 10 months ago
Incoming call and incoming text does not work at this time. 😢
Warwagon 10 months ago
I would love to see a video regarding app notifications.
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera 10 months ago
Go to 5:23 in my video on setting up notifications usposts.info/vision/h6jTxpaqeZFsr6Y/video
Voyager Vyom
Voyager Vyom 10 months ago
Hoping to see shipping to Canada in my lifetime 😭
Jonathan Rose
Jonathan Rose 11 months ago
Does anyone know whether it can play or store music?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
No, maybe if you have another Alexa enabled device with speakers, maybe you could tell Alexa through the band to play music from that other device maybe; but I have not tried this because I do not have any other Alexa enabled devices with a speaker.
The Mute Channel 13
The Mute Channel 13 11 months ago
Ordered mines 😉
No One's Business
No One's Business 11 months ago
Does this have an always on display?🤔🤔🤔
camaroman101 10 months ago
All Real All Heart
All Real All Heart 11 months ago
disappointing commercial, really doesn't show any features. instead of trying so hard to make a hipster edgy commercial, why not state information with long close ups of an actual product??
camaroman101 10 months ago
Easy enough to find more info. Wyze.com
Robo Fried
Robo Fried 11 months ago
This was actually a well done commerical. I liked it
statera fukumoto
statera fukumoto 11 months ago
finally, something that will get the horrid android wear watch off my wrist! in some odd kind of way, it reminds me of the pebble watch... order's going in next time i get paid!
mikeys4u 11 months ago
Will an egg poacher be included on the band in the future. That would be very handy.
KAGE TM 11 months ago
Thank you so much for creating this. Noone else makes products like this. Ive ALWAYS wanted an affordable watch with these features.Thank you.
GO RED KNIGHT 11 months ago
Getting too excited every time WYZE send me an email as I can’t use 110v so waiting for the 240v so every email I think is an email informing me that WYZE is hitting Europe so I can’t wait to get my WYZE goodies and I’ve already figured out some cool things that’s going to be a game changer for my home.
K A 11 months ago
This Ad has a lot going on, to the guy who created this commercial, to the catchy tunes, to the ugly naked guy taking a shower, good job you have just got a preorder from me :)
briananddeanna Anderson
briananddeanna Anderson 11 months ago
Wyze, are the steps sync-able with Any Health Apps? I need those steps to be counted for my doctor's wellness program. can you add blood pressure and O2 levels self-checking on 30 minutes cycles? If yes, I'm in!
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
It can sync with Google Fit.
Shay VS The WORLD 11 months ago
About damn time😍
Phocasing OnYou
Phocasing OnYou 11 months ago
Looks great! Does it have a built-in speaker for Alexa and/or to answer calls?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
There is no speaker but there are two microphones, Alexa responds by text since there are no speakers.
Quinton Corwin
Quinton Corwin 11 months ago
When can we expect the band to be released in the US?
Anthony M
Anthony M 11 months ago
I love my ceramic edition Apple watch but looks like now ima be sporting double watches on my wrist!
Abdul Matin
Abdul Matin 11 months ago
Will these be sold in india
CC DB 11 months ago
If and when wyze has google assistant will it be an update to this device or an additional device?
A N 11 months ago
CANADA PLEASE!!! Another home-run guys, great work. Let us give you our money.
Matthew Schoepf
Matthew Schoepf 11 months ago
Jake Berryman
Jake Berryman 11 months ago
Scott 11 months ago
Is there plans for a smart switch/dimmer?
Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith 11 months ago
If I preorder the band when would I get it
Edward Barrientos
Edward Barrientos 11 months ago
Stop favoring Alexa. Get with the Google's! 😭
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards 11 months ago
Agreed. Much better system and not owned by a complete sociopath who just appealed for public donations to his workers who've been affected by Covid-19 despite being the world's richest man ever who rakes in $250k every SECOND. Google are far from perfect, but against Amazon and Bezos, there's no contest.
Jeffrey Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen 11 months ago
Does it have a GPS locator of any sort? Could be an inexpensive tracker for kids....
camaroman101 10 months ago
battierpeeler 11 months ago
will the sleep tracker record at all hours? i have a miband that only records during normal sleep hours so it almost never records for me when i sleep at 5 or 6 am. or i guess a follow-up, if it only records during certain hours, can you adjust the hours to match your sleep schedule?
Nico Montoya
Nico Montoya 11 months ago
Will you be able to quick reply to texts like the Fitbit Charge 3 does?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
No, unfortunately.
Kay A
Kay A 11 months ago
Would this be a little big for female's wrist?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
No, in my opinion, I even had a female coworker comment that she liked the size of my Wyze Band compared to the size of the average smart watch like an Apple Watch.
Rudy Douglas
Rudy Douglas 11 months ago
I mean... You just can't beat this. Can't wait to try it out.
MICHAEL SAMUEL 11 months ago
Can you control music from the band
Anshuman Tripathi
Anshuman Tripathi 11 months ago
Will it come to India
Brad Justinen
Brad Justinen 11 months ago
Make Wyze apps for iwatch and galaxy watch. I have a I have a Galaxy Watch and currently get Wyze Cam visual notifications. Although cool, this is useless to me.
Al D
Al D 11 months ago
Waiting for the outdoor camera.
sliderALT 11 months ago
I was watching this and thinking, "Wow, the filmmaker in me likes the music and editing. This is very professional. I could see this as a commercial on a major network. As cool as it seems, though, I don't know if I want to always be looking at my watch seeing my heartbeat. Something about that sorta freaks me out. I do like the smart home features it offers, but I just don't think I'll be buying this. The amount of money these things usually cost is ridiculous." Then the words "Only $24.99" popped onto the screen and I was like, "Well, I guess I could get used to seeing my heartbeat all the time, being constantly reminded of my mortality."
sliderALT 11 months ago
Wyze Btw, couldn’t get that new band out of my mind and pre-ordered one tonight.
sliderALT 11 months ago
Wyze lol Thanks!
Wyze 11 months ago
I totally can imagine the internal debate based on the writing!
Rickerd Licks
Rickerd Licks 11 months ago
I love WYZE.
Sujit D'souza
Sujit D'souza 11 months ago
Wyze must be having an incredible set of talented engineers to make such products .... waiting on outdoor cam and doorbell :)
Wyze 11 months ago
I'll pass this along!
Stevens Tech
Stevens Tech 11 months ago
This is a great price as all WYZE products are. I love my WYZE products but I do need a outdoor cam...... HURRY, LOL!
Alvaro Revilla
Alvaro Revilla 11 months ago
Will there be a leather strap for the watch? Future thoughts maybe yes!!? Please
Alvaro Revilla
Alvaro Revilla 11 months ago
@Wyze i bought a pre order. Eagerly waiting for it to drop and be mailed😁
Alvaro Revilla
Alvaro Revilla 11 months ago
@Wyze yes please. I know alot of people will appreciate a classy black leather /light brown leather bottom strap. With the wyze logo on the buckle 🥰🔥🔥👌
Wyze 11 months ago
Ayo, Alvaro! There's not one being planned, but I can totally bring it up to the team :)
HN 11 months ago
My Fitbit just broke. 😁
MrZACATECANO100 11 months ago
Any parts coming from China ?
MrZACATECANO100 11 months ago
HN nothing against , just a simple question 🤷🏽‍♂️
HN 11 months ago
What have you got against China? Everything you own comes from China.
Tech & Lifestyle
Tech & Lifestyle 11 months ago
Love the Wyze Band! Strongly Dislike this dude 😠😤.
Tech & Lifestyle
Tech & Lifestyle 10 months ago
@camaroman101 Nothing to be Jelly off Shevvy! And I have received all 3 of mine for my family and am sporting one now as I posted this reply. It is sweet!
camaroman101 10 months ago
Sounds like someone is jealous of his sweet stache
MsRed45 11 months ago
I was fixing to preorder when I realized that this doesn’t calculate calories burn. I need to know my calories burn. 😫😩 Also a sleep tracker wouldn’t hurt as well. Am I asking for too much? I feel like I’m asking for a lot.
camaroman101 10 months ago
It actually does track calories burned through steps and has a sleep tracker.
Wyze 11 months ago
The Wyze Band doesn't track calories, but you could be able to achieve similar results by integrating the Band with a fitness tracker app :)
emanandchill 11 months ago
Wow this company makes everything and at a good price too. With great features. Exciting company. It's easy to be a fan.
tellicogolfer 11 months ago
My problem is the new alexa on alexa problem. I saw "alexa" and five devices respond to me.
Richard Edwards
Richard Edwards 11 months ago
Go with Google, it selects the closest / most appropriate device and tells all the others it's responding. Great system.
New Life Alliance Church Waterville
New Life Alliance Church Waterville 11 months ago
What about if you have an iPhone and no Alexa?
camaroman101 10 months ago
Will work fine
Felix Aviles
Felix Aviles 11 months ago
Stay focused guys...
Sandy Mingia
Sandy Mingia 11 months ago
Can I order a prettier band that will fit the watch?
camaroman101 10 months ago
More colored bands are coming soon
Ryan Cohen
Ryan Cohen 11 months ago
Yall the team that is making the outdoor camera is different from the teams making these products. You guys need to relax its obvious they know we want an outdoor cam.
Simon Gie
Simon Gie 11 months ago
Is this also a rebadged Xiaomi product? If so, which one is it based on? Looks like a squarish Mi Band 4
Nhan Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen 11 months ago
Wyze, are the steps sync-able with Google Fit and/or Apple Health? I need those steps to be counted by my company's wellness program. If yes, I'm in!
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
You can sync it with Google Fit.
Lachesis Ember
Lachesis Ember 11 months ago
will there be an app that lets you see the data: steps, sleep? I'm assuming it doesn't do heart rate tracking? still very excited about this product. :)
Wyze 11 months ago
That will be available in the Wyze app or can be paired to work with popular fitness apps as well (we'll add more as we move forward)!
Tabby Tube
Tabby Tube 11 months ago
Not better than MIBAND
Tony and NICK
Tony and NICK 11 months ago
Cant wait to review it on my channel
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson 11 months ago
WTF You guys ask what we want and the items that most people have stated we are interested in don't include a smartwatch or a scale. How about the outdoor cam you all have been promising is being worked on.
Wyze 11 months ago
It's on deck! :)
Christopher Whitson
Christopher Whitson 11 months ago
If I do not own any other Wyze products what features/reasons should I buy this smartwatch? With Alexa can you also connect to Ring or Nest and other smartphone products?
Chris d
Chris d 11 months ago
So you dont get up and do it yourself, great fitness model
pascalgaup 11 months ago
Two years later.
the eabster
the eabster 11 months ago
Can you track your sleep with the heart rate monitor part of this? Thanks
Wyze 11 months ago
Yup on both counts!
Red_AM 11 months ago
Why do you guys hate us canadians? We want to throw money at you too :(
John Cardin
John Cardin 11 months ago
Almost kid appropriate. Maybe exclude ass in the next advertisement
Tarandeep Singh
Tarandeep Singh 11 months ago
Does is sync steps to S Health or Google Fit?
Wyze 11 months ago
Not yet, but we're working to bring that compatibility in the future!
Danf 313
Danf 313 11 months ago
Just add NFC payment and you can take my money.
William Thomson
William Thomson 11 months ago
That was legit a great ad
Wyze 11 months ago
Much appreciated, William!
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