How to set up Wyze Cam Outdoor

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9 months ago

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Micah Nightwolf
Micah Nightwolf 3 days ago
She put the ceiling camera on upside-down. In an actual setup, doing this will trigger a lot of false motion alerts and potentially ignore real ones, since the PIR sensor would be pointing towards the sky. When mounting on the ceiling, stick the magnet to the top of the camera.
Shaan Proms
Shaan Proms 18 days ago
Does it work only on 2.4 g?
Shaan Proms
Shaan Proms 18 days ago
How about the power?
Shelby Kirk
Shelby Kirk 20 days ago
Is WyzeCam Outdoor the same as Cam V3? Do you have to have a base station?
Coin a-DIG-tion
Coin a-DIG-tion 27 days ago
does the camera only have to be charged for initial syncing?
The oldest one are better, I purchased this one last December and I can’t record anything also comes with One sd card witch is in the outside camera but the base station don’t have sd card not sure if is that the reason why my camera is not recording
Julie Hickman
Julie Hickman Month ago
I like this but I’m in an apartment where I can’t put holes on the outside but can do double sided tape mounting, can this happen with the camera.
Ciarán Month ago
I hate how they vaguely glaze over adding base station. this seems like the hardest part
Bobby Beta
Bobby Beta Month ago
So this camera has to be hard wired in order to keep it charged and going?
Tim Sharp
Tim Sharp Month ago
Great job, Love watching this video, Great job marketing dept! Amazing!!
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 2 months ago
Wyze Cam Outdoor Come With Wyze Base Station?
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 2 months ago
Wyze Cam Outdoor Works With Alexa?
Shelby Kirk
Shelby Kirk 20 days ago
Kick Rocks
Kick Rocks 2 months ago
Can the power brick that comes with the Wyze Cam 2, (5V) 1000mA, be changed to a power brick (5V) 2.4 amp ?
mickey gary
mickey gary 2 months ago
Everything I have read says to attach the base to the top of the camera for cieling mount application. In this video it is set up that way before the base is mounted but when attaching to base at the end the camera is attached via the bottom. Is that an error in the video?
So Cold
So Cold 2 months ago
It seems if the wind is strong, these may be gone.
Betty Woodall
Betty Woodall 2 months ago
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 2 months ago
Wyze Cam Outdoor Works With Alexa And Works With Wasserstein’s Solar Panel And Wyze Cam Outdoor Come With Wyze Base Station?
Burpee 3 months ago
Piece of crap. Don't buy it, unless you want to get angry.
Duck Landes
Duck Landes 3 months ago
I absolutely HATE this camera. It's difficult to setup. The motion detect is so slow that usually whatever triggered the event is already out of frame or just going out of frame. The notification time is extremely slow, 30+ seconds. The video quality is so bad that someone would have to stop and "pose" right in front of the camera before you could recognize them. The camera picks up a radio station in the audio. The Base Station causes clicking Radio Frequency Interference in my computer speakers and police scanner. Even with no SD card in the camera or base station the videos are being saved "somewhere" but I have no idea where. On the internet? I didn't ask for that and don't want my videos on the internet. Often times the videos are inaccessible, tells me it's being "uploaded to the cloud, try again later", but even days later the video is never accessible. The Android Wyze app constantly crashes, and there is no PC program to access the camera. The app constantly NAGS you to pay money for a monthly subscription to get full use of all the camera's features. Worst camera I've ever bought. I just bought another Reolink wire free camera and this Wyze cam is going where it belongs, in the trash bin.
jimmybarr1966 3 months ago
This camera is a pos. Battery needs to charged everyday. After charging it to 100% it goes right down to 94% in seconds. Its not recording even with cam plus. And a sd card. I think i either got a shit one. Or they all just suck. Waste of money. Dont buy this. Also. I email them and they never answer me and theres no number to call to talk to someone. Total rip off company
E Martin
E Martin 4 months ago
Installing Micro SD Card is wonky process and there is no video from you to show how to do it? It seems like its an easy thing, but it doesnt click into the base station as easily as it should and seems to be easily moved without having to unclick it from the base station, it basically almost falls out with the slightest pull. Also the app does weird things like the first time I put it in, it may have been in upside down, but not sure as again there is no video, but the app at least showed a format button, albeit it was grayed out, and an eject button. Neither worked and when pressing the eject button, it simply said, no micro sd card is available, and then i power cycled the base station and tried it again, this time, with the card right side up in the unit, and the app still won't detect the micro sd card, and now the format button is completely gone.
Drew Bush
Drew Bush 4 months ago
I have 5 cameras! THEY WANT TO CHARGE ME 19.99 FOR EACH CAMERA ON THE CAN PLUS PROGRAM. .. camera will go in the trash in 14 days.
Superior Emerald
Superior Emerald 4 months ago
A year of 19.99 isn't that bad. Most companies charge you 10 dollars a month. Plus you don't even Cam Plus
Will Rao
Will Rao 4 months ago
You can screw it directly while you house is made out of wood
al tep
al tep 4 months ago
12 second motion videos are not long enough. Also how do I store motion videos to the Camera SD or Base station SD card?
Peter Stasiowski
Peter Stasiowski 4 months ago
Have an outdoor cam. Battery life is 3 weeks NOT 3 months as suggested. Have the infrared lights turned off. If you have this cam., be sure it can be easily removed for recharging.
Peter Stasiowski
Peter Stasiowski 3 months ago
@Superior Emerald Afraid not. It lives in the house 2 feet from the base & the router. Infrared is off. Temperature is stable .( In the house in Florida). Wasn’t just a one time thing. Has been running since Aug. and needs recharge every 3 weeks. No response from Wyze
Superior Emerald
Superior Emerald 4 months ago
Might just be where you placed it.
Shiba Logic
Shiba Logic 4 months ago
how long does it take to charge and how long does it take before you have to recharge it?
IrlixI Month ago
3-4 hours to charge. And the battery lasts 3-6 months on normal use
Lila Montoya
Lila Montoya 2 months ago
i would like to know the same
Will Rao
Will Rao 5 months ago
I have a Wyze outdoor cam
Will Rao
Will Rao 5 months ago
At the front yard
E. J.
E. J. 5 months ago
No way to return defective Wyze Cam products??! So I have the pan cam and a few of the V2 cams that have worked pretty consistently for about a year or more now. Since I didn't have any problems with those I went ahead and preordered the new outdoor cam sometime last summer. I just recently received it at the end of October and it worked fine for almost 2 weeks. Today it went offline and I tried everything (resetting, deleting device/new set-up etc) but nothing worked to get it back online. I bought it directly from Wyze and they're website says to submit a ticket for returns but there is nowhere on the site to do that. There is no way to contact them and no obvious way to initiate a return. I am very disappointed. I never had an issue with their products before so I had no idea that they're customer service was the worst of any company I've ever witnessed in my life. I really thought this was a great up and coming business and I referred them to a lot of people. Boy was I wrong. This company is not standing behind their product and I really wonder why. What's going on there? And how are they advertising so many "NEW' products on their website but not willing to back up the quality of the product. There is too much competition in this category for Wyze to succeed without quality merchandise and decent customer service. I just lost $65 and they just lost another customer... and my word of mouth referrals. Shame on them.
160 Club
160 Club 5 months ago
I can’t even get this fucking camera to work.. light won’t go blue, try connecting it manually and it doesn’t show in the WiFi network.. very disappointed.. no instructions on how to do anything besides in the app which is horrible.. I’m very disappointed
Sarah Medlin Petrey
Sarah Medlin Petrey 5 months ago
Completely thrilled with my Wyze cams. Great wide lens view without distortion. I had no problems installing what so ever, very simple instructions. Great job to the Wyze guys!!
Linda Snyder
Linda Snyder Month ago
Did your cam come with instructions and everything you needed for set up? I bought a V3 in Dec and cant use it yet. Thanks Sarah.
larry musgrove
larry musgrove 6 months ago
WYZE I have a question. On your video it shows her mounting the camera upside down. But you do not recommend it to be mounted upside down. Why the counter diction?
Micah Nightwolf
Micah Nightwolf 3 days ago
The lady in the demonstration might not have known and made a mistake. In reality you should stick the magnetic base to the top of the camera.
Miller’s Hobby Channel
Miller’s Hobby Channel 6 months ago
Can I connect a normal Wyze cam and a cam pan to the base station?
Micah Nightwolf
Micah Nightwolf 3 days ago
The base station is a wireless access point for Wyze outdoor cams only. You can use its USB output as a power source for the other cameras, but that's it.
nik maknojia
nik maknojia 6 months ago
Nice now release a camera that is wired and records 24/7 on micro sd
Brendan Crisp
Brendan Crisp 5 months ago
I use my v2 Wyze cam for this exactly and it works flawlessly.
Catherine Liu
Catherine Liu 6 months ago
set up is not working!
hector macias silva
hector macias silva 6 months ago
Hi, can I connect my camera to 2 cell phones?
A Roberge
A Roberge 4 months ago
iRonlMoNKleY 6 months ago
I wish the camera could be secured onto the base. Just having a magnet makes it much more of a risk for theft.
Nuttin Toseehere
Nuttin Toseehere 3 months ago
Exactly. They will steal the cameras first, then the rest.
Viktor Chernomor
Viktor Chernomor 7 months ago
Camera good but videos is not downloading, I can’t download video 600 mb few weeks, I bought two cameras but issue in both cameras same, I called support and they say you can return it, hm 👎👎👎 so fanny, so don’t buy it if you need videos
Schwartz12 7 months ago
I have all my wyze cams outside I have them covered with electrical tape. one of them got soaked in the rain.. you could hear the water in the unit sloshing around I got all the water out blew into it let it set for about 20 min and BOOM the sucker was back online! you guys have the BEST product out there ! I have tried many different models much more expensive and not near as good! THESE ARE THE BEST EVER! I have 5 cameras and just purchased 2 more and the new outdoor wireless ones I cannot wait !
Paula Roddy
Paula Roddy 7 months ago
Amazon sells the weather protective covers for the cameras. My cameras do not get wet at all. They are very affordable.
Alfonso Pagan
Alfonso Pagan 7 months ago
Can it work plugged in all the time?
mario dilorenzo
mario dilorenzo 7 months ago
SD goes in base or camera
KellyGB 3 months ago
Yes, in the base of the camera. Remove the magnet base for easier access, located on the bottom, right front edge. Opposite left front edge has the round re-set button. Look for a small rectangular, white soft rubber covering. Gentle lift it up, be careful of inserting the memory card, it will only seat in one direction!! Don't Force It!
Alan G
Alan G 7 months ago
Wyze, please listen to your users on Reddit. There's nothing but actual complaints that you don't bother solving. Instead, you start developing Headphones, scales, and who knows what else.
Jerrl Evans
Jerrl Evans 7 months ago
How much testing did you do on the installation ? In this video, the wood must be soft as butter. The screws supplied are not strong enough to go through real wood and when you finally get one in, the head of the screw is too small to hold the camera and the ill-conceived holder . This is a fail. Should have taken your time. This is a rushed to market piece of junk.
Sharazod 7 months ago
What if there is no plug in room on your router?
Sharazod 4 months ago
Thank you,🥰
A Roberge
A Roberge 4 months ago
buy a small hub. like a TL-SG105
Richie Rich
Richie Rich 7 months ago
Hi. How far can the camera be away from the base station?
Mariah Aura
Mariah Aura 10 days ago
@Mirza Munif 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
ipwnu92 13 days ago
It’s needs to be within 6 ft for setup to the base station
Mirza Munif
Mirza Munif 16 days ago
6 feet man it was said
billu barber 420
billu barber 420 7 months ago
So anyone can pull the camera and walk off?
Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton 5 months ago
If they do, you have a video record of who took it.
Clanford Johnson
Clanford Johnson 7 months ago
great point
John Kirk
John Kirk 7 months ago
A lot of people use alum/vinyl siding. How about some instructions for installing the camera on that?
ugetridofit 7 months ago
Outdoor Cam will be cool. Just don't screw up and skimp on the RTSP functionality. This is where you guys are REALLY weak in. RTSP is what many people want, and your current implementation of is it basically useless.
Frank M
Frank M 7 months ago
You cannot control the motion zones if it is mounted upside down and the rotated 180°.
Dark Egress
Dark Egress 8 months ago
Horrible decision to make this Pet Project. Make a REAL outdoor POe security camera that is cheap and does not require cloud storage.
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela 8 months ago
I do not get my type of camera in my app so I cannot install
Robert Sanchez
Robert Sanchez 8 months ago
The base and camera have slot for SD card, can you use one or it has to be both?
abcdefGee you stink
abcdefGee you stink 3 months ago
The cam has an card slot in the side Wich mounts the the magnet
Catherine Liu
Catherine Liu 8 months ago
Thank you so much for this video! I am wondering how to charge the battery?
Ruth Bennett
Ruth Bennett 7 months ago
Plug the camera into a usb charging cube with the cable they sent. Or plug into the base station, there’s a usb slot on the side.
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela 8 months ago
I cannot change it it’s like an iPhone
Channel Zero One
Channel Zero One 8 months ago
The SD card should be in the camera. 32 GB to share between cams is not enough. The hub should be able to connect to WiFi. This cam is not worth the price I paid.
Ariel Medina
Ariel Medina 8 months ago
I have a wyze camera and it stays with the yellow light on how can I fix it to work
Luis Arnao
Luis Arnao 8 months ago
I tried to order from your site but it does not allow it said your shipping indormation was not save,very strange because I ordered 2 before and this 2 were going to be a gift for my son,sent them an email NO RESPONSE what is going on ,Are you still in business?
steel beel
steel beel 8 months ago
Well, I just got mine last week and I'm not happy with it at all. Horrible latency no matter how close I put it near the base. (up to 50 seconds sometimes) The battery runs out after 24 hours. A little longer if I use the lowest video quality & no night vision.
Wade Powers
Wade Powers 8 months ago
I have several Wyze cameras and their scale. The thing I absolutely love is their overall quality and bang for the buck. I backed this product and just received this past week,added it to my app (ios). This is the first time I have been dissatisfied with a Wyze product. Battery life is rather short and the app seems to crash a lot. It seems to me that this particular product might have been rushed. I hope that this is a onetime deal and not a preview of more to come.
Dalia Garcia
Dalia Garcia 8 months ago
It didn’t show to when where or how put the SD card
Ruth Bennett
Ruth Bennett 7 months ago
Remove the camera from the base, it’s under there.
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela 8 months ago
SD card goes on the side of the base station
Toph Perry
Toph Perry 8 months ago
My outdoor cam was delivered today. It's a useless piece of crap when there is no option to connect to base station in the app.
Wyze 8 months ago
You may need to update your app to the most recent version if you're not seeing an option to add the base station!
Angie Warren
Angie Warren 8 months ago
You press the sync buttons on the base and the camera just like the video showed
Brooke Langley
Brooke Langley 8 months ago
Set up is not working!
Lori Esau
Lori Esau 8 months ago
When I watched this video from within the Wyze app on my phone, the right half of the video was cut off. It did not auto-rotate.
Wyze 8 months ago
Would you mind submitting an app log for our team to review? (App > Help & Feedback > Submit a Log) Once you submit the log you will receive a number, please contact our customer support team and reference that log number:
Lizz Caywood
Lizz Caywood 8 months ago
What is the fun accessory that you sent to early backers? It looks like a cowboy hat?
Ed Kelly
Ed Kelly 8 months ago
@Wyze never got one....after waiting months for the product.....
Wyze 8 months ago
It is, in fact, a tiny plastic cowboy hat! :D
Voyager Vyom
Voyager Vyom 8 months ago
So when is Wyze cam outdoor Canada happening :( I wish you guys would treat the Canadian customer more seriously....
A Roberge
A Roberge 4 months ago
it is happening now
INVESTING 8 months ago
I bought 2 cam pan's and 3 indoor v2's. You should create a video about how the notification options and setup of notifications work. I have been spending a lot of time searching youtube, and your help area; and I am unsure why I am not getting any notifications even though I have it turned on. Do I have to have an SD card on all these cameras? I have the trial live streaming cloud feature running, but all this is more confusing that I expected. I set up the ring doorbell for my daughter and it worked awesome. Started sending image alerts to her phone automatically. But I like the price of your system better. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Wyze 8 months ago
Hey there! There are a lot of parts to address here, so I'll break them down to make sure I'm answering as many as possible! Make sure that your phone settings are allowing the Wyze app to send notifications -- if the other settings are proper (e.g. you are able to see Events populating in the app and the notification settings are enabled for the devices) this tends to be a source of trouble overlooked by some! You don't need to have microSD cards in any of the cameras -- although it does allow you to reference features like Playback or record Time-lapse footage. If you have any questions or would like more assistance with troubleshooting, please reach out to our customer support team at:
FleyeGuy 8 months ago
Just got mine.....Disappointing that you can’t record motion events to the Sd card and also to the sd card in the base station.....
John Wheeler
John Wheeler 8 months ago
Does anyone know what brand the small round router is that's used in this video at the1:05 time?
M. 5 months ago
That’s a Google router. I believe the call it the Mesh WiFi Router.
Gilbert Lugo
Gilbert Lugo 8 months ago
I just got my outside cam, Do you have to charged it and for how long?? And how long will it last outside (Battery)???
Frankie killgore
Frankie killgore 7 months ago
@Wyze also in the app it shows how much battery and space left on sd card left
Wyze 8 months ago
It should arrive with a partially charged battery -- we'd recommend plugging it in to charge to 100%! If you turn the camera off and plug it in, it should take around 4 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. the battery life will vary depending on your environment and how frequently Events/recordings are triggered. In general, roughly 1 hour of recorded footage will consume 10% of the battery life.
Rodney McVey
Rodney McVey 8 months ago
Yes, plug it in until the light on the back stops flashing. Battery life depends on use/times "tripped". I know our RING batteries were rated for 6 months use but, when people are always coming & going, it didn't last a month. Extreme heat & cold can affect the duration too so, don't put it in an unhandy location, or keep your ladder handy.
fernando berlanga
fernando berlanga 8 months ago
Start making and shipping. Right now you’re losing sales
Frank Matowitz
Frank Matowitz 8 months ago
I got mine!
Michael Baxes
Michael Baxes 8 months ago
Just saw life hackster's review on this camera. How can you sell a camera with such lousy audio, crappy notification times and only 32 gb sd card support? I expected much better from you guys after a couple years of camera development.
Jasmine Nelson
Jasmine Nelson 8 months ago
fix your APP!!!!
Tim Fischer
Tim Fischer 8 months ago
Can't record 24/7 and view like the v2 and pan cam, that's an absolute deal breaker. I wish this was made clear when we preordered. I don't even know what I'm going to do with this thing.....
nick winspear
nick winspear Month ago
Same Pretty useless if it doesn’t record 24/7
Vernonu9 8 months ago
yeah me too. I bought it to cover the front of my house, but I'll probably just have it in the backyard. I would not have bought it if I knew it couldn't record like the v2.
Glen Yancha
Glen Yancha 8 months ago
Seems any criminal can easily remove or damage this camera, does Wyze have free replacements? After charging, how long will these last especially in cold weather? Also, sounds like we would have to get on ladders in the middle of winter to remove cameras, bring inside to charge then go back out to reinstall... is this correct?
Wyze 8 months ago
Howdy, Glen. We don't have a free replacement plan if someone snags the camera, so placement is something to consider so it can't be easily plucked. The battery life will be impacted by the cold temperature and the frequency of recorded events. As a general rule, it will break down to roughly 10% of battery life consumed per 1 hour of footage recorded. If you're placing your camera in a location where it can only be accessed by ladder, then you're correct that you would need to scale a ladder to get the device down to charge.
Kevin Robinson
Kevin Robinson 8 months ago
How long to charge the camera out of the box? Mine just arrived!!
Wyze 8 months ago
It will take up to 5 hours to charge your Wyze Cam Outdoor, but it should have some charge out of the box so it would be less time in this case. If the camera is not recording videos while charging, it will charge faster. We're excited to hear how you like it! :D
Eric Dartt
Eric Dartt 8 months ago
Anyone else unable to install due to no option for "Wyze Base Station" in the app? See video at 1:35. I've updated the app and uninstalled/reinstalled the app.
Wyze 8 months ago
@Brooke Langley if you're having trouble installing the app, confirm that you're using a device with a compatible operating system (the Wyze app supports iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 or later). If you still are running into trouble, please contact our customer support team for troubleshooting assistance at:
Brooke Langley
Brooke Langley 8 months ago
@Wyze can u contact me I also don't have a way to install
Eric Dartt
Eric Dartt 8 months ago
@Wyze Thank you for the response! The app updated today, and that resolved my issue. I'm very happy with the new camera.
Wyze 8 months ago
That's unexpected, Eric! Would you mind reaching out to our customer support team so they can help investigate why that product isn't showing up in your Add Device options?
4K Pinoy WALKER 8 months ago
Is this work on lenovo smart display?
Moreille Alaton
Moreille Alaton 8 months ago
Nice review! just checked its latest price here if you're thinking of getting it
Brandon Carraway
Brandon Carraway 8 months ago
Don’t even own one and I just watched the whole video. 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
FS R 8 months ago
Buy you one. Wyze will become a major player in video cams very soon. They rival the other well known brands. Especially for quality, ease of use and price. You have the option of 24/7 cloud recording at a cost of only 1.50 per camera or you can place in an SD card at zero cost to store recordings. Why is Wyze selling their cameras at 19.99 and others at $150 - $300 per camera. Consumers have no idea of the enormous markup on products.
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela 8 months ago
They are very good cheap, grate quality and easy to use
Jacque PF
Jacque PF 8 months ago
I have been a Wyze user for years. Now I just have to wait for more inventory.
MrZACATECANO100 8 months ago
Mark Light
Mark Light 8 months ago
Are there anti theft features ?
Alan G
Alan G 7 months ago
Nope, anyone can walk to it and grab it.
Stephen Mabry
Stephen Mabry 8 months ago
Beat Eufy to fully private+secure video surveillance - give Wyze products ability to work w/o internet as a feature. There may be a hack in which the Wyze cams connect to WiFi router, then internet is disabled for router yet Wyze cams still allow phone app to get live feed ( good ). But this needs to be a promoted feature - L O C A L PRIVACY! Hackers will have NO access to the cams! Cloud access/storage still needed as option, but not required ( existing? ). My situation: mobile phone is sole source of internet/WiFi hotspot. When I take the phone to the store, there is no internet for the cams back home. Make that scenario a feature ( local mode ).
Carlos Arroyo
Carlos Arroyo 9 months ago
How about we fix the google assistant integration & finding a better solution to the current person detection debacle Of your Wyze cam v2?
Carlos Arroyo
Carlos Arroyo 8 months ago
@Frank Matowitz thats true but they promised free person detection even after that happend.
Frank Matowitz
Frank Matowitz 8 months ago
It wasn't their fault a company screwed them.
I Am Canabian
I Am Canabian 9 months ago
Cant wait till WYZE gets involved in robotic telepresence...where I can ups/ship the unit any where there is data .. Turn it on drive it around virtually and see sites, museums, attractions, or family members homes.
Keith Ledford
Keith Ledford 9 months ago
This was my last purchase from Wyze, I have had it with the whole system. I have 2 V2, 3 pan, bridge, sensors , bulbs, smart switches and now outdoor, but there will be no more. If you want security for your home please buy something else not Wyze toys. I keep having to reset everything way to much because it all goes off line. I started with Wyze when it was still a puppy and unfortunately their growth has taken them in the wrong direction. Wyze is not dependable for protecting your home or family at any time, I have done the early access on almost all their new products but no more, and now they want to start charging for motion detection? No more for me, Wyze went from great with high expectations to another money hungry company. Buy these toys at your own risk. Hope you see this Wyze🤬
Wyze 8 months ago
@Keith Ledford sounds like you're missing a field! Can you make sure you've selected a device, written a brief description, and checked the log option?
Wyze 8 months ago
@Keith Ledford can you make sure you've filled out the required fields and selected the WCO? If you still have trouble submitting the logs, please reach out to our customer support team so they can help sort out what's going on:
Keith Ledford
Keith Ledford 8 months ago
@Wyze Your app will not let me send a log, the submit button never lites up
Keith Ledford
Keith Ledford 8 months ago
Tried to send log several times after everything disconnected again but I can' t keep getting failed, pretty damed sorry when you can't even send a log, my opinion of Wyze just got worse!
Wyze 8 months ago
Hey Keith, We're really sorry to hear that your devices are running into a connectivity issue regularly. If you haven't yet, we'd recommend submitting a log after the disconnection so our team can examine the cause of the connection drop. You can also reach out to our customer support team so they can provide more detailed troubleshooting steps to identify why that connectivity issue persists. Again, we are very sorry that this has been your experience and we're happy to help investigate this for you. If you would like us to look into this further, please submit a log for any of those devices (Account --> Help & Feedback --> Submit a Log). You'll receive a log number after the log is submitted and can reach out to our customer support team at:
Jess L
Jess L 9 months ago
I have my regular Wyze cams outside and they connect to the WiFi no problem. They are covered from rain and I just use a really long power wire and run it inside. My outdoor power outlets don’t work or I’d just use those. I’ve had one at my front door for years anyone could take it but nobody has because I have 3 others inside facing the front of the house so they can see they would be caught on the other indoor cameras. On a side note about my indoor cams I am not happy with the sound recording quality. It is very hard to hear what people are saying most of the time. I also notice that the time I want to see the footage the most is always glitching and distorted. It skips frames and I can’t hear what they said. I have nurses in my house for my non-verbal disabled child and want to be able to see and hear them whenever so I can make sure he’s not being abused.
Felix 6 months ago
your intenet speed/ wifi conection is probably just weak get some wifi extendors or a mesh system
Fuad Javadov
Fuad Javadov 9 months ago
How this unit is getting charge from?
Combatical Radical
Combatical Radical 3 months ago
@Fuad Javadov Depends on your settings, if you record in HD/SD how long you set the camera to record for, how sensitive you set it, how often its activated. I've had mine unplugged for 3 days and its at 90%. The app tells you the battery %, when its close just simply remove it and charge it.
Superior Emerald
Superior Emerald 4 months ago
@Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela it's going to charge 6 moths? How does that work?
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela 8 months ago
It is wireless recharge , once fully charge it will last up to 6 moths depending on your notifications and recording
Fuad Javadov
Fuad Javadov 8 months ago
@Frank Matowitz how long?
Frank Matowitz
Frank Matowitz 8 months ago
Plug the USB connector in and charge it. Then it will last a long time once fully charged.
Lizhang Xie
Lizhang Xie 9 months ago
No one was wondering why the same video has been out for the third time at least?
Linda Snyder
Linda Snyder Month ago
Team BEER 9 months ago
Its been sold out pls manufacture more outdoor cams and include some solar panel and i will throw away my ring and arlo cams into the trash.
Jerrl Evans
Jerrl Evans 7 months ago
You’re not missing anything
Frank M
Frank M 7 months ago
@Jerrl Evans I agree and don't mount it upside down because you will lose your zone adjustment.
Jerrl Evans
Jerrl Evans 7 months ago
@Frank M I have Ring, Wyze and Momentum. Got hooked on the original Wyze indoor so I bought 3 Wyze Outdoor cams and you’re right. Ring is better. The installation of the Wyze outdoor cam is a lesson in frustration with those tiny, weak screws.
Frank M
Frank M 7 months ago
@Team Beer Not sure what kind of Ring Cam you have but it works much better than the Outdoor Wyze cam & I have several cameras from both companies. I have the Ring Floodlights/Doorbell and it SMOKES all of my wyze cameras, (regular & outdoor) although much more expensive. If you toss yours out, send it to me.👍🏼
Mike S.
Mike S. 8 months ago
@D Smith How did they disable it if they're telling you in the video to charge it before you mount it?
hod01 9 months ago
What sized (capacity wise) SD card will it support?
Linda Snyder
Linda Snyder Month ago
@Wyze is this for a v3 as well? Do you sell them? Do I need a base station? No instructions were included and I thought it was a complete kit.
Wyze 8 months ago
Up to 32GB -- the same size range as our v2 and Pan devices!
Molly LePage
Molly LePage 9 months ago
Can’t wait til they arrive
Jordan S.
Jordan S. 9 months ago
I bought one anyway cuz I still love Wyze but originally I was gonna buy 12(not a joke) to put around my house. Now I’ll probably just have 4. Wyze needs the option to leave the cam plugged in while keeping it weather proof. The base station needs to be able to be connected to WiFi. The cam needs to support continuous recording. We need support for bigger micro SD cards. Better Frame Rate. Higher resolution. I feel Wyze could have done a lot better! When are you releasing Wyze Cam Outdoor V2? When you do please have these features! Thanks
nik maknojia
nik maknojia 6 months ago
Steve stop explaining dumbs things. Original comment clearly says there should be a wired version so yeah we know in wireless it’s not possible so just make wired version and have all those features.
Jerrl Evans
Jerrl Evans 7 months ago
When V2 comes out I won’t be anywhere near it.
Bill Latibay
Bill Latibay 9 months ago
How powerful is the base station? I need camera in front and back of the house. Already have wyze indoors.
A Roberge
A Roberge 4 months ago
It is surprisingly efficient (60 FT range aprox).
Kenneth Pang
Kenneth Pang 9 months ago
So anyone can just remove the entire camera easily?
Mitchell B
Mitchell B 8 months ago
I've heard once paired with the base station, if stolen the camera won't work on another base station. So...they stole a paper weight, I guess?
iori 8 months ago
Same thought here. Is there a way to lock the camera to the base so that no one else can steal it?
Louis Y
Louis Y 9 months ago
Cant wait!!
Artist Jennette Brown
Artist Jennette Brown 9 months ago
I'm so excited!! Been waiting for an outdoor cam for so long!!
Blue Salamander
Blue Salamander 9 months ago
Artist Jennette Brown hi
Alan Gillette
Alan Gillette 9 months ago
Why do we need a base station if literally all of the other wyze cameras never needed it?
sliderALT 9 months ago
The outdoor cameras don’t connect to wifi the same way the other cameras do. To save battery power on the camera, the base station is how the cameras connect to wifi.
Reon John
Reon John 9 months ago
In case someone steals your camera the footage would be stored on the base
Edward Here
Edward Here 9 months ago
Great, I have free wifi where I am just no ethernet cable!
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela
Fatima Mendoza Valenzuela 8 months ago
Than u can use the other cameras first generation, this one requires the internet wire
thirsten55 9 months ago
Really hope that you guys start shipping to Canada soon.
A Roberge
A Roberge 4 months ago has them.
Cesar Morgan
Cesar Morgan 8 months ago
You can find wyze products on your local Petstore
Dustysa4 9 months ago
Looks you could run the base station through a UPS and still record footage from the outdoor cams during a power outage. Hopefully they went with a common 12v DC power supply.
Dustysa4 9 months ago
Looks like it's 12V DC, 1.0A. That'll run for quite some time on most of 12V DC UPS's. Awesome.
J. No
J. No 9 months ago
When is my shit coming? I ordered two of them. Pre-order
Wyze 8 months ago
Pre-orders should be on their way! If you have questions or have not heard any updates on that order's shipment information, please contact our customer support team at:
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