How to set up Wyze Video Doorbell

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5 months ago

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Anthony Ige
Anthony Ige 15 hours ago
I just got my today it look really good but I can’t use it because it’s not wireless. I stay where it doesn’t have one installed. Hope they come out with wireless one but if anyone want this I could sell it to you.
Juno 2 days ago
wyze video doorbell is garbage, I have bought just about every product they offer and all have been great until now. If I had known this was a wired product I NEVER would have bought it. You have to disconnect your existing door chime and wire the outside doorbell outside of the house. My inside chime is two stories up, meaning I have to bring a 20 foot extension ladder into my house just to disconnect the door chime. I bought two of these video doorbells and both are now worth as much as garbage to me, I will not be using these. Why are they not just re-charageable like my cameras. very disappointed in this item. I had cancelled both of these video doorbells stating it was taking to long to receive them, then suddenly two days later I get a shipping notification saying they are on the way. WTF!
RealGoose 3 days ago
ASP3CT 10 days ago
what should i do i have two chime boxes
BlindDude 11 days ago
I can't use my existing doorbell? Effin BS! Sending this crap back. Uhg. I bought 2
Carl Maltzman
Carl Maltzman 12 days ago
Once the camera is snapped into place, how can it ever be removed? The screws are covered, and the release for the camera from the frame is not accessible.
Jimmy Ly
Jimmy Ly 4 days ago
Just pull up hard. It'll come off
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy 14 days ago
Instruction manual should include on how to remove Wyze doorbell from wall bracket, I am sure many people are going to snap the tiny fragile tabs when needing to remove
Max 15 days ago
I prefer battery powered video doorbell 😏😁
Switcheroo 26 days ago
How do you remove it once it’s installed?
Switcheroo 4 days ago
@Jimmy Ly they have good customer service so I’m sure they will. Give them a call tomorrow. I have a lot of their products and they are always great at helping out
Jimmy Ly
Jimmy Ly 4 days ago
@Switcheroo that sucks. Can I get a replacement?
Switcheroo 4 days ago
@Jimmy Ly the pairing process was instant for me. You probably do have a defective unit
Jimmy Ly
Jimmy Ly 4 days ago
@Switcheroo just try it slowly. It worked for me. Any idea how to pair the chime? I can't seem to get it working. I think it's a defective one...
Switcheroo 4 days ago
@Jimmy Ly but it had that stupid thing in the back that clips and snaps in. So I can’t see how you can pull hard without ripping it off the wall.
Billy C69
Billy C69 28 days ago
I have 7 cams, 5 with cam Plus, only 3 of them show Plus in the notifications in the app! What gives Wyze ?
CurveTheRain 29 days ago
How does this do on wifi? My parents Ring ate up so much wifi it would kick our phones off the network.
Jon Kurz
Jon Kurz 29 days ago
There are some continuity issues in the steps. At 1:55 you have the angle plate, flat plate, and wires. At 2:18 you see only the angle plate and wires, but no flat plate. Then at 2:27 you have the angle plate and flat plate connected, with the wires connected to the doorbell. Not trying to be nitpicky, but I am preparing to install mine, and want to make sure I do this in the right order. Also, if for some reason I need to replace the doorbell once installed, how can I do that without damaging the doorbell itself? I understand that you don't want it to be too easy to remove, but when I assembled the parts offline, I found that the flat plate snaps into place onto the back of the doorbell. There is a small piece of plastic which can be lifted slightly with a screwdriver, and then I can slide the pieces apart, but once this is installed, I don't see any way to separate them without causing damage. Any suggestions?
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 29 days ago
Wyze Video Doorbell Works With Alexa!
Dustin Le
Dustin Le Month ago
How do you remove the doorbell once it's clipped in? The locking tab seems inaccessible...
Jimmy Ly
Jimmy Ly 4 days ago
It'll pop off. Just push up hard and steady
Baski S
Baski S 11 days ago
@Dustin Le Thanks!
Dustin Le
Dustin Le 11 days ago
@Baski S They figured it out here (small screwdriver through the top):
Baski S
Baski S 11 days ago
Same question here...can someone pls answer this?
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole Month ago
New Wyze Video Doorbell?
Grant Bowling
Grant Bowling Month ago
I wish I could find this to purchase!
bhaffar Month ago
So what do you do with the Wyze chime box after you disable the original chime box? Plug into any available outlet and connect via wifi or must it be wired directly to a router?
Mochi Freeman
Mochi Freeman Month ago
I wish you guys could show some love for condo owners and apartment folks.
it has even come out what's taking them so long . good Lord hurry up
sergio 2 months ago
MEL E 2 months ago
Please give us a wireless one . Thanks
Ken S.
Ken S. 2 months ago
Any plans for a version in black? I’m a little disappointed this is one of the uglier doorbells on the market.
Native2458 2 months ago
Wyze wants you to buy into there cloud subscription.
Bmwryder 2 months ago
Not interested... I don’t want some ugly other electric chime in the house. Why couldn’t you make with work with my existing chime?
Native2458 2 months ago
Checkout Armcrest
sammiie_boii 2 months ago
What if no existing door bell 😞
idmhead0 2 months ago
Looks like you can't record to an SD card like you can with the cameras. I guess I can understand that since someone could just pull it out of the wall. Too bad you couldn't put it in the base station, but, that would chew up wireless network bandwidth like crazy. Seems like it should still have an option to put an SD card in it.
Balázs Nyírő
Balázs Nyírő 3 months ago
Wyze Video Doorbell will be able to pre-roll recording? How far it could see in night vision mode? How fast it could start recording in that case if it sensing motion?
Charles Romney
Charles Romney 3 months ago
The regular chime is part of a traditional doorbell. You need to see this as a new start. You can put the chime everywhere in the house at any time depending on the situation, or have more around the house. You can set a chime as a dog , etc. Those things are not possible with the old regular chimes. Also, is cheaper than the competition. My 2 cents.
C G 3 months ago
I need this but wireless
S.I. T101
S.I. T101 3 months ago
Just the power is wired, right? Network is WiFi?
CarterPlays 3 months ago
Holy cow, it's way smaller than I thought!
Michael Benjamin
Michael Benjamin 3 months ago
I have a 16v 10MVA transformer. Will this work or do I need to upgrade to 24v 30MVA or similar?
Ostap Bender
Ostap Bender 4 months ago
Someone's Wyze Video Doorbell has already been stolen?
Paul C
Paul C 4 months ago
What concerns me is the doorbell just snaps on. It could easily be ripped off. Needs better secure mounting before I replace my Ring doorbell.
J Dub
J Dub 29 days ago
Good thing it’s only $30
CizFran Ainedres
CizFran Ainedres 4 months ago
Wonder if this will be better than ring pro.
Corey Byrnes
Corey Byrnes 4 months ago
FIX YOUR GOOGLE ASSISTANT ISSUES. If you don't resolve your ongoing Google assistant issues, this doorbell is useless to 90% of your potential customer base. But perhaps you're just hoping to launch products without properly disclosing such information. Not good.
Nefertiti 4 months ago
Why would you start with the assumption everybody interested in the Wyze Video Doorbell already has a wired doorbell? I was excited. I have quite a few of your products. Make a video of installing your product for the many people who do not have a wired video?
Ron Ross
Ron Ross 4 months ago
Two questions: #1. Does it alert you phone (IOS) when someone is at door? #2. Will the free cloud storage be free forever or is this just a promotion offer to be rescinded in the future?? FWIW: I have several Wyze cameras, door locks, and scale and LOVE them !!!!!
Kathy V
Kathy V 4 months ago
Was so excited about this until I discovered it was only hardwired. 👎 Huge disappointment. Will have to order another brand of battery operated doorbell instead.
Challenge the Wild
Challenge the Wild 4 months ago
Make a smart fire alarm with CO2 or radon detectors
idmhead0 19 days ago
I'm kind of surprised they haven't done this, but, maybe they don't have the expertise, as far as making sensors for fire/smoke detection. The cameras already function as that. They can detect the sound of a smoke alarm and send you an alert. I might actually trust an established company for the detectors anyway.
Scott Mason
Scott Mason 4 months ago
I don't have an existing doorbell. I'm disappointed this isn't battery operated.
Voyager Vyom
Voyager Vyom 4 months ago
And as usual; no availability in Canada? 😔
Chase Nachtigal
Chase Nachtigal 4 months ago
I personally dont have a doorbell at my house. If there was some way to make a unit that would install wirelessly to my house so that it would actually give me a doorbell that would be cool. It would also sale really well with apartment renters as well I am sure. I actually currently use wyze cameras as my peep hole to see who is at my door now as I do not have a peep whole either. I know, my house is very basic but its home lol.
David Cooper
David Cooper 4 months ago
U can fish down wall if you have an attic just 2 bell wires 22 gauge h.depot sells it ,I am an electrician this is an easy job..
Honest M
Honest M 4 months ago
I love this idea but can we get a wireless version next ?
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill 5 months ago
I'll just wait until they have them instock. I'm not waiting 60+ days for my items
idmhead0 2 months ago
@Ryan Lewis Yeah, another product that is better from someone else could pop up.
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis 5 months ago
So... You're still waiting 60+ days either option... Am I missing something?
GO RED KNIGHT 5 months ago
Finally went with a wireless door bell three months ago and stripped out the wires, transformer & the horrid bell. Lucky for me I kept it all for a future project. Will have to refit but at the WYZE price’s and future proof technology it’s going to be worth it
Darryl Myles
Darryl Myles 5 months ago
Its not battery powered 🤦🤦
Tomaz 5 months ago
What does connecting the red and white wires together at the chime do? Don’t these wires power the doorbell?
Ray G
Ray G 5 months ago
So people in apartments are just SOL because I don't have any of the hardware in my place.
Fotingo 5 months ago
what is the cool down period for this Wyze doorbell?
Giggly Beast
Giggly Beast 5 months ago
How the hell do you hear it if you’ve disconnected your chime?
Shawn K
Shawn K 5 months ago
Can't wait for Canada to have official access to Wyze products!!
Melissa G
Melissa G 5 months ago
Is it just me or does it look like it fits the same screw setup as a traditional doorbell? I rather not drill new holes to accommodate. This is a bonus for me, can't wait to add this and the thermostat to my Wyze smart home setup.
BoN CoScu
BoN CoScu 5 months ago
Battery Options...? Rechargable or Regular Ones....? Need For Apartment
matt R
matt R 5 months ago
My dumbass bought one not having a door bell because I thought it was wireless
nik maknojia
nik maknojia 5 months ago
I just returns my nest doorbell for this one. I freaking love nest products but this doorbell price tag is too hard to avoid. I just got a house and I am ready to wait couple of months to get a new doorbell.
Native2458 5 months ago
How secure is it to the wall to prevent theft? Obviously there is no theft protection program at $30.
Kat Mac
Kat Mac 5 months ago
I know with Wyze's Outdoor Cam has a security feature for if they steal it then they will be useless. As they are unable to activate them on another account. I'm assuming they will have this same security software with the doorbells. Which doesn't do much for victim except give them the satisfaction of knowing the theif won't be able to use it. And maybe if the word gets out they might be less likely to be stolen but I honestly doubt that since most theifs are idiots.🤷🏼‍♀️But I guess, like u said, at least they are only $30 tho.🤷🏼‍♀️💕😺
Billy C69
Billy C69 5 months ago
Don’t have a wired doorbell so I must wait for a wireless Wyze one.
SuperLowdrag 8 hours ago
You would think they would include instructions for setting up from scratch and a maybe even include a transformer. :( #NotWyze
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 13 days ago
@Kxng Okay Thank You?
Kxng 14 days ago
@Jadamion Cole you don’t need to you can use the chime that it comes with but if you have a echo then you can make it so every time some presses it the echo will put out a chime
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy 14 days ago
Add a 16-24 volt transformer
John Keane
John Keane 21 day ago
for some reason it will not allow me to add the link.. but in amazon search for wired video doorbell power adapter
Willow Moon Wolf
Willow Moon Wolf 5 months ago
I hope a wireless one comes out soon !!! I’m sure it’ll be more though.
A H 5 months ago
What happens if the wifi goes down? The old chime should stay for that reason.
CesarD Velez
CesarD Velez 5 months ago
the product's FAQs addresses this. The Wyze doorbell chime will still ring (so long it's got power), since the doorbell uses uses a radio signal not WIFI to command the chime to activate. However, if no WIFI you won't get notifications on your Wyze mobile app.
nik maknojia
nik maknojia 5 months ago
You need to make sure your wifi stays.
Charlene Wilson
Charlene Wilson 5 months ago
tried to preorder and it says it doesnt ship to canada! why!!!
Ex miuwu
Ex miuwu 5 months ago
Nobody use their fingers to ring the doorbell anymore.
Puellos _
Puellos _ 5 months ago
Wish your stuffed released before I decided to switch full nest... 🙄
Ronald Chan
Ronald Chan 5 months ago
Can I use my existing chime, because your digital chime is going to take up my outlet.
Lucas Thompson
Lucas Thompson 2 months ago
@idmhead0 it won’t.
idmhead0 2 months ago
@Lucas Thompson I did. I think the change in wiring disables the exiting chime.
Lucas Thompson
Lucas Thompson 3 months ago
Did you even watch the video?
Rick James Bitch
Rick James Bitch 5 months ago
You should REALLY make screwable cams/doorbell/sensors etc. These are so easy to steal! Just clipped in, anybody can take it, Ok it was filmed so what? You still lost your cam lol AT LEAST aftermarket cam mounts know this and are screwable, come on Wyze!
Peach Paree
Peach Paree 5 months ago
Can the old chime box function with the Wyze doorbell? I'd love to get this if I could use both mine and Wyze's chime boxes.
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 18 days ago
@idmhead0 Ok
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 18 days ago
@Peach Paree Okay?
Peach Paree
Peach Paree 19 days ago
@Jadamion Cole No I didn't bother to get it. I already have a v2 cam for the door and it works great. Sucks for night time though. There's a Wyze v3 cam in the making, I'll prob get that next.
idmhead0 19 days ago
@Jadamion Cole No, I have some of the v2 cameras and they work well. Definitely worth $20.
Jadamion Cole
Jadamion Cole 19 days ago
@Shailendra Kumar Okay 👌🏾 😂
Pietri Guitars
Pietri Guitars 5 months ago
I love it, Capitalism and FREE market at its best! Knock Ring down out of their pedestal!
Poppie 5 months ago
UH - If I disable my indoor chime box, how will I hear anyone at the door? That's dumb. Someone needs to re-think how this works. I have a dozen questions before I even consider this doorbell. Sorry.
Greg G
Greg G 5 months ago
It’s even better actually! You get chime boxes and you can put them wherever you want with a variety of sounds. This will help me a lot as my wired chime cannot be heard in the further away parts of house. Now that won’t be an issue.
Peach Paree
Peach Paree 5 months ago
It's an oversight because there is no physical install for Wyze's chime box (which comes with the doorbell), so they don't explain it in the video. Their chime box literally just plugs into an outlet and done.
Greg Krynen
Greg Krynen 5 months ago
Interesting note, this video explains about removing the chime and shorting with a fuse. What it fails to mention is that the doorbell cam comes with a base unit that also has several door bell sounds to choose from! It plugs into an A/C outlet.
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis 5 months ago
So, another one that doesn't just use the existing chime?
Peter Martinez-B
Peter Martinez-B 5 months ago
I was about to order it but if I can't use the existing door chime to me this is a waste of money. I'll wait for version 2. Hopefully they can make some improvements.
Frank L
Frank L 5 months ago
Do I miss something here, how is the new chime connect to the doorbell? Or it connects wireless?
Frank L
Frank L 5 months ago
@Greg Krynen Does make sense this way. Thanks!
Greg Krynen
Greg Krynen 5 months ago
Appears to be wireless and actually the base station for the cam.
dekyno 5 months ago
Does the doorbell have a proximity sensor? I live in a busy street and a simple camera motion detection will trigger on pedestrians/cars/trucks.
TikiShootah 5 months ago
Ahh I see, it's not a battery doorbell. Shame. That's a huge market.
JonO387 5 months ago
I would get this if it were wireless. I don't have a doorbell to wire this.
Sergeant Raven
Sergeant Raven 5 months ago
Pre-ordered! Tried few "other brands", from wired to wireless and send them all back. Having few Wyze products already (and adding more, targeting complete home security and automation package with Wyze alone) I have very high degree of confidence with Wyze quality, simplicity, straight-forward design, systematic updates, relentless support, and GREAT Customer Service. Frankly, some comments below puzzled me. I would recommend to shop around and try "other" brands that sells for much, much more, just to finish the circle and get back to Wyze. Some of the "biggies" had horrible support and customer service. Just horrible! Not Wyze. Chose WYZE-ly ;)
Leslie Kwan
Leslie Kwan 5 months ago
I'm curious to know what made you return those "other brands". What problems did you encounter with them?
factual Rivera
factual Rivera 5 months ago
I'm in an apartment building no chime box plz make one for apartment renters theft proof maybe use a bracket that goes between the door
bsfatboy 5 months ago
2:40 the Asian dad in me would keep the plastic on the lens exactly like that.
Hans Oak
Hans Oak 5 months ago
My son, almost 30 years old now, does that on everything and it drives me crazy. lol
Willow Moon Wolf
Willow Moon Wolf 5 months ago
The Mexican mom in me would too. 😂
Vicki Cheney
Vicki Cheney 5 months ago
Where does the Wyze chime box go? There is nothing showing connecting or mounting it. Edit: I mean, maybe it just plugs into the wall or something but a more complete video might be important before buying.
Jacqueline Dains
Jacqueline Dains 5 months ago
I want a WYZE door bell cam but I have never had a door bell. Are you going to make a wireless version?
Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez 5 months ago
Edit: So it comes with a chime that replaces your old one. Don’t see why that is necessary but ok. Would have been better to just include a rectifier that allowed you to use old chime.
Bob Kirkpatrick
Bob Kirkpatrick Month ago
@Aaron Martinez Zan was exactly correct. a doorbell is a simple circuit and when you push the door button a complete circuit is closed and it rings. The OTHER ones you mention as well as many other folks are often 50 to 150 dollars , not 29. AND they are BATTERY operated vs direct ac powered like the Wyze. The power wires charge the battery and not the video itself. That added charger and setup is why they cost more or need battery changed often.
Aaron Martinez
Aaron Martinez 4 months ago
@Zan Hecht if you say so. It seems to me literally every other manufacturer of these devices reuses the old chimes.
Zan Hecht
Zan Hecht 5 months ago
It would need to be battery powered to prevent the chime from ringing every time the camera turned on. Most chimes are designed to accept either AC or DC power, so a rectifier wouldn't help.
ozatwar 5 months ago
Wyze should have converted their Wyze Cam V2 into an outdoor version. Keep the internal gadgetry and put it in an outdoor water proof case. Battery powered security cameras are useless. Batteries only last a month if you are lucky. A powered outdoor waterproof version of the Cam V2 would be a winner.
LTZ 863
LTZ 863 5 months ago
@ozatwar Those cases from Mrount on Amazon are legit! I'm running 5 V2 cameras with those mounts and a dab of white silicone in a few places. They survive the harsh Florida weather with ease.
ozatwar 5 months ago
Zan Hecht Yes I'm familiar with them. Semi waterproof. Wyze have lost their way.
Zan Hecht
Zan Hecht 5 months ago
You can get waterproof housings for the V2 on Amazon.
binlee68 5 months ago
The video only shows making small adjustment to the existing chime box which I don't think many wants to do. The video didn't take about the chime box that comes along with it???
David Rutkin
David Rutkin 5 months ago
Yeah and it is just gonna disable the old one why can't it be removed for a cleaner install?
Vicki Cheney
Vicki Cheney 5 months ago
Exactly my question. It just seems to disable the existing one. Which seems dumb.
warham 5 months ago
i was into this until i saw it disables your regular chime.
Native2458 5 months ago
Don't they all do that?
All-out action
All-out action 5 months ago
That’s so stupid if I can’t use my chime that’s already in my house I’m buying nest video doorbell..
Brian Pham
Brian Pham 5 months ago
Or you can get the Ring Peephole Doorbell Cam, it's wifi and took less than 15 mins to install/setup.
Giovanni Torre
Giovanni Torre 5 months ago
I have to wait until you can come up with the ability to use my existing chime. That seems like a major issue to me. Something Ring can accommodate.
Poppie 5 months ago
@Zan Hecht Uh no - I have 2 rings, one is hard-wired and the other is battery powered. Both ring my chime indoors when the button is pressed. I don't like my ring doorbells either as I don't want to pay a monthly fee to see who came to my door. I have security cameras that do that, and Blueiris captures 1440p video to my PC or the cloud with no monthly fee. The Ring is useless IMO.
Greg Krynen
Greg Krynen 5 months ago
It has a plug in chime box
Zan Hecht
Zan Hecht 5 months ago
That only works if the Ring doorbell is running on battery power. A low discharge rechargable battery like the Ring uses probably wasn't feasible at this price point, and would make it much larger.
0’s & 1's Feat. YaZa_
0’s & 1's Feat. YaZa_ 5 months ago
wow this was the only thing left! Thanks wyze!!
Cory & Jenn
Cory & Jenn 5 months ago
Hello, Are these available in Australia?
Cory & Jenn
Cory & Jenn 5 months ago
@Maxwellmark I know, I was just wondering if they are sold in Australia
Maxwellmark 5 months ago
They aren’t available yet...still in pre-order phase. Availability planned for January 2021 (according to the web site)
Ariel 5 months ago
Hopefully there will be a wire free one soon!
VinnyCam 5 months ago
can't wait to get ours !
Roy 5 months ago
It sucks they push put new shit instead of fixing everything they have already. Not buying. Getting weed instead. Happier time
Mario Svalina
Mario Svalina 5 months ago
Is this available for Canadians?
Blivhes 5 months ago
Mario Svalina I don’t think so..but it will soon
Michael Hearn
Michael Hearn 5 months ago
I am concerned with it being snatched off and stolen.
Amelia Hreha
Amelia Hreha 7 days ago
Good thing it will record a video of it up until it’s stolen!
Chris Gates
Chris Gates 5 months ago
My Nest at my old house was installed nearly the same way. I guess if they want it that bad, it’s theirs!
Jordan S.
Jordan S. 5 months ago
Very cool! So excited about this!! Only $29!? I pre-ordered one :). Way to go Wyze!
Muny_Man 3 months ago
What kind of house doesn’t have a doorbell? Or are you in an apartment?
Ryan Kuebel
Ryan Kuebel 5 months ago
so, if you have 2 doorbells what do you do differently during the setup to deal with 3 wires in the chimebox?
clownkiller510 2 months ago
You could leave it hooked up or add another camera to the back door.
Tayo Thanni
Tayo Thanni 5 months ago
Does this have onboard storage (SD card)?
Greg Krynen
Greg Krynen 5 months ago
So far I have not seen a description of the base station/chime that plugs into the wall. SD may be on there.
Maxwellmark 5 months ago
Jake J Where did you get that info? Web site states “no subscription required” but there is an optional cloud upgrade for $2 a month
Tayo Thanni
Tayo Thanni 5 months ago
@Jake J that's a bummer, but I still gotta buy it lol, I love wyze
Jake J
Jake J 5 months ago
No, they want to force you to pay for the subscription service.
jon27d 5 months ago
Unfortunately this isn't an option for me since my house doesn't have wiring (that I've been able to find anyways) for a doorbell. The previous owner had a wireless ring doorbell and I haven't figured out if that was for necessity or incompetence (incompetence meaning they just cut off the wires for the previous doorbell and tucked them in a wall somewhere)
Web Unlocked
Web Unlocked 5 months ago
Not wireless? Disapointed
Jason Jordan
Jason Jordan 5 months ago
So buy something else.
Wesley Bridges
Wesley Bridges 5 months ago
Is there another video coming that talks about features and why we should buy it?
Kxng 5 months ago
Chris Gates it better not be as bad as the wyze outdoor cam
Chris Gates
Chris Gates 5 months ago
It’s $30 and doesn’t require a cloud subscription. What more do you need? Even if it doesn’t work, it’s still worth a shot right?
Mat Helm
Mat Helm 5 months ago
Why would you (need to?) take the chime box out of the loop? You still get 24vac at the button wires while leaving it in place, and with my current video doorbell, it still sounds the chime as usual. Which is kind of an important thing in the doorbell world, with or without a smart phone.
Greg Krynen
Greg Krynen 5 months ago
Looking at the cam on the website, it has a base station that is the chime box. Appears to plug into an A/C outlet. That covers the chime issue.
eggmanwi 5 months ago
I do structured cabling and already figured this out. I can see junior birdhouse builders shorting their wiring out though. Some things you just can't stupid proof.
Mat Helm
Mat Helm 5 months ago
@Zan Hecht My point exactly. It's bad design, which is how wyze (a PR company) could buy it so cheaply. My Maximus dualcam wired straight in to the 24vac series system (which I installed with a doorbell kit from Lowes) just for the video doorbell setup. Semi Pro Tip: I wired it into the HVAC system's big dog 24vac power supply. Save a little on the power bill because HVAC power supply transformers are always are always way oversized.
Zan Hecht
Zan Hecht 5 months ago
Most home doorbells have the button wired in series with the chime, and the chime sounds when the circuit is closed by the button. Since the Wyze doorbell is always drawing power it needs the circuit to be closed, so the chime would always be energized. Best case, if you have a mechanical chime, is that it would sound once and then you'd be leaving the solenoid powered all the time (which it isn't designed for). If you have an electronic chime, it would be sounding constantly. Other doorbell cameras get around this by using a rechargable battery that you have to remove every six months or so (depending on usage), but that would make the device larger and more expensive.
eggmanwi 5 months ago
Right? So if you've got two or more doorbell buttons I guess you're screwed? Lol.
Hard Times
Hard Times 5 months ago
I would do the difference video between wyze and nest hello. But I am not going to buy 2nd doorbell. Great job guys keep going.
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