Meet Wyze Bulb Color - 16 Million Colors + Tunable White

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18 days ago

Shop Wyze Bulb Color now:
Wyze Bulb Color is extra bright at 1100 lumens, has 16M colors including tunable white, has accurate colors with a 90+ CRI, and the ability to automate routines!
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Shoutouts to the very talented Keiyana Osmond!

David M
David M 4 days ago
Advertisement that would Apple do. But you got it first.
Kathy V
Kathy V 6 days ago
Beautiful song
Noam Gonen
Noam Gonen 6 days ago
I own many of their products (outdoor outlets, doorbell, headphone, vacuum) . I love the brand bc they're like Vizio of consumer electronics - they start at "reasonable quality" at a "great value" and from there they just keep raising the bar on build quality, product usability, feature set all while keeping the price - till one day you take a look and that "Vizio" is giving a fair fight to the "Samsung"s of the world - so I'm going all in on Wyze, at least till they prove me wrong ;-)
Dark Egress
Dark Egress 6 days ago
The Ad was annoying AF.
mangbeloy 7 days ago
I would like to see wyze to come out like the philips hue hdmi ( over price ) sync box. That would be great with the new awesome wyze color bulbs...
Geoff Lu
Geoff Lu 8 days ago
This could have better if Working Voltage also supports 220v. Too bad, I cant gift this to my gamer brother living in the Philippines. He's gonna love this i'm sure.
Ben 9 days ago
dcurri 11 days ago
Looks like someone hired from Apple marketing department
Linda Snyder
Linda Snyder 11 days ago
I still need to figure out the v cam3. Can anyone answer a few questions like where do you get the microchip? Do I pay for the service? How do I view the footage on my laptop? BUT, These color bulbs are great! I love the colors of these lightbulbs, can you just plug them in a lamp and turn it on?
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez 9 days ago
Hi Linda 👋, By microchip I'm assuming you're referring to the Micro SD Card that goes under the camera. You can buy these at any major retail store. Remember to get one no larger than 32 GB (shouldn't cost too much, perhaps under $15 depending on where you live) . You don't have to pay for any services to record on this Micro SD card or view the camera from the app. You would have to pay a fee to record to the cloud and/or revive notifications from your Mobile device (this is particularly useful when you're waiting for a package to arrive). You can't access the V3 camera from a laptop. Remember that the camera needs to be within range of 2.4 gigahertz wifi (standard wifi here in the states) in order to do these things.
Gary Romero
Gary Romero 11 days ago
Wyze didn’t start the fire....l
L. Hull
L. Hull 12 days ago
The ad got me! Dear Wyze marketing department, YASSSSS!
Logan Dunn
Logan Dunn 7 days ago
Awh... thank you! I’ll pass your comment onto the creators!
Ed Hudley
Ed Hudley 12 days ago
Can Wyze please explain to it’s customers why it’s app can not be used in landscape view on an iPad?
B, C, and the F K. Bob, Cyndi, and the Foster Kids
B, C, and the F K. Bob, Cyndi, and the Foster Kids 12 days ago
Love everything Wyze.
Laura Shadle
Laura Shadle 14 days ago
What do we plug them into...?
Randy Bretz
Randy Bretz 14 days ago
Ordered mine today (2/19/21) and learned it won't even ship until April. Comeon Wyze...I'm still waiting for my doorbell that I ordered in October.
ecodrove 14 days ago
Dude!!! Love the ads!!
cuse777 14 days ago
That song is perfectly suited for this product and ad. Job very well done Wyze.
James Grayson
James Grayson 15 days ago
I have been waiting on this. Now let me find out more about them I know the price is right. Need to know how compatible they are with Echo and Philips Hue.
Chris Cable
Chris Cable 11 days ago
If you are using your Echo to control your lights, you will not need to worry about having a mix of different brands. I use a mix myself with Google Home.
magicovermatter 15 days ago
i bought a couple packs! I hope you release some form of wall switch as well! While I enjoy using google assistant to turn bulbs on and off its always nice to have a physical switch on the wall when I don't want to use voice command or open an app. Nonetheless I cant wait to get mine!
jeff zavatsky
jeff zavatsky 15 days ago
Voice Control? the Wyze lock was suppose to be over a year ago? And still isn't....I would stay away from Wyze until they honor their earlier promises with their earlier products..
Scorpor Supremacy
Scorpor Supremacy 15 days ago
My Wyze cam v3 still not giving me notifications for person and motion detection even though it’s recording the events 👎🏽
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez 10 days ago
I had the same issue and it happened to be an issue with my Android settings. Try calling WYZE they will walk you through the set up if it's a hardware defect they'll more than likely send you a new one since you're within the warranty period.
FindTheBigFoot 15 days ago
God I love this company.
edgotbait 15 days ago
Ordered mine as soon as the it popped up in the app
John O'Donovan
John O'Donovan 15 days ago
I had to keep skipping, not at all informative ,just wyny depressing music suited for newborns in a cradle. But that seems to be the norm nowadays.IU'll keep searching for a proper detailed description somewhere else other than the company that's selling it.
Ryan Kuebel
Ryan Kuebel 15 days ago
Weird we didnt start the fire remix/cover whatever, but fair enough.
Richard Brazdil - RCHRD Drum & Bass
Richard Brazdil - RCHRD Drum & Bass 15 days ago
This is probably the best product video I have ever seen. Beautiful. ❤️
Voyager Vyom
Voyager Vyom 16 days ago
Let me guess. NOT AVALIABLE IN CANADA 😥😂 Wish I would've gone to other brands instead of now waiting 2 years for Wyze to finally show up.
Marcus Certa
Marcus Certa 16 days ago
I need it compatible with Google Home
VR AND SOLAR TECK 16 days ago
their slipping
VR AND SOLAR TECK 16 days ago
Hmm they still don't have the door bell in stock or the watch . it's been like 7 mouths still not in
Brandon Viernes
Brandon Viernes 16 days ago
Awesome add!
Don Glass Jr
Don Glass Jr 16 days ago
Philips hue , this is a wake up call. Lower your prices on your bulbs.
Macc Cueto
Macc Cueto 16 days ago
Nice ad, very well done!! Wyze.
Virenss4 16 days ago
@Wyze make LED strip lights next! 😁
Adam L.
Adam L. 16 days ago
No HomeKit, no buy.
Alex Marz
Alex Marz 16 days ago
.... But does it ship to Canada.
James Rose
James Rose 16 days ago
Is there an api to control these via c# and other languages? Seems like a GREAT price. If you can ensure that connection issues aren't a thing (looking at you Lifx!) you will do well
John Davis
John Davis 16 days ago
Sorry but the ad sucked. Got tired of it half way thru and skipped to the end. But the product looks cool
Crystal Wolfz
Crystal Wolfz 16 days ago
those are cool, been waiting on these, either way the ad is very cool. somebody did good in marketing. lol.
Mauricio Faccin
Mauricio Faccin 16 days ago
Can be controlled via an API?
Jonathan Obenauer
Jonathan Obenauer 16 days ago
I wanted to hate it, but you got me.
kj3283w 16 days ago
Do they work with any kind of battery powered switch?
Oh So Very
Oh So Very 16 days ago
this is a nice alternative for me cuz i love colored lights but i was not about to get up on a ladder and get those tik tok led ropes and nail them to my ceiling
Jorge Aleman
Jorge Aleman 17 days ago
Great ad 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽!
Clint Sunday
Clint Sunday 17 days ago
Can we get the option to set our own temperature differential (swing) in the Wyze thermostat? Also maybe the ability to set a outdoor temperature threshold for aux heat to kick in? All of the hardware is there, you guys are just killing it with more automation and schedules than I need. Heat pumps do not run in -10 and emegency heat is manual toggle only on this tstat. I can't find any other forum to ask this question without it getting buried. I put my old VIVE stat on the wall until the next update is announced.
MaxxPainII 17 days ago
Great job on the song Keiyana
VintageSlots 17 days ago
How would these lights look in canned ceiling fixtures?
Count Montecristo
Count Montecristo 17 days ago
just put in my preorder. have the plugs also. so far not much of an issue w/ installation of products and cameras
Shervyse Smiles
Shervyse Smiles 17 days ago
So are we gonna talk about how they made a hit for a 💡 though 😳🙌🏽👏🏽 Need this album ❤️
Alex Cervantes
Alex Cervantes 17 days ago
What is the actual wattage of this bulb?
Jonathan Marcinko
Jonathan Marcinko 17 days ago
I don’t know if I’m going buy them because of the color or because of the song and voice.
Dex Lab
Dex Lab 17 days ago
Will it work with a wall dimmer?
garbanzobeans 14 days ago
If you go to their website it will tell you.
Yumaro Hernández P.
Yumaro Hernández P. 17 days ago
The song!... I'm in love with that song! who's the singer?
Yumaro Hernández P.
Yumaro Hernández P. 16 days ago
Thank you@Teddy Reynolds. Lauren is really good too... But I just realized that trere's a link in the description pointing to Keiyana's channel.
Teddy Reynolds
Teddy Reynolds 16 days ago
Sounds more like Lauren Daigle to me
Yun Zhang
Yun Zhang 17 days ago
Keiyana Osmond
Violet Thompson
Violet Thompson 17 days ago
wow 1110 lumens!? That's awesome.
Matthew Urso
Matthew Urso 17 days ago
Well now I want to go listen to billy joel
Mark Smith
Mark Smith 17 days ago
Lookin' good at 1100 lumens and the color accuracy rating. I look forward to reading some reviews
Dan Sanders
Dan Sanders 17 days ago
Fantastic ad! Nice job Wize people
Nathaniel Ramirez
Nathaniel Ramirez 17 days ago
Need something to work with ceiling fans. Lots of those in my house
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones 17 days ago
And we thought Apple made the best ads???!!!
Major Khan
Major Khan 17 days ago
Wyze is punishing all the smart devices. Best price and premium products.
MaxK DIY M 17 days ago
My Ac unit on the sprinkler system started smoking while I was testing the stations. I’ve emailed and reached out on social media; It’s been 2 weeks and no answer. Not sure how much longer I’ll wait, but if i don’t get support I will just process a return.
K S 17 days ago
costco has 4 pack wifi connected coloring changing feit brand for 20 (every once in a while with coupon). What advantages do these have over theirs?
krookeddreamz09 17 days ago
I have my whole house/Work hooked up with there cameras.
Kyle Brock
Kyle Brock 17 days ago
Apple's commerical template gets overused.
zPittsburger 17 days ago
Can this be used as a sleep wake for kids? Setting an alarm to change colors
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez 10 days ago
Yes, I'm pretty sure it can. Most smart lights have the ability to preset the lighting. In most cases you can create a light scene that can go off.
Is Bh
Is Bh 17 days ago
Love ya products, I have money to give you. You just need to deliver to Canada since I can’t drive over like I used to
otskot 17 days ago
Woo hoo! Ordered. Can’t wait! But what’ll I do with the now-boring Wyze 1-color bulbs I already have? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
Random Bogey
Random Bogey 17 days ago
I don’t know if I’ll be buying these bulbs, but y’all killed the ad...
Kenneth Pang
Kenneth Pang 17 days ago
Maybe when they release a motion sensor that actually works.
David Bower
David Bower 17 days ago
Take my money, Please !
William Kennard
William Kennard 17 days ago
We didn't start the fire?
Chase Dahlen
Chase Dahlen 17 days ago
that’s my sis singing😘
Jason Landry
Jason Landry 17 days ago
@Dwight Barrett it's linked at the bottom of the description
Ruthshan Peiris
Ruthshan Peiris 17 days ago
She has a great voice!! I watched this 5 times!
Dwight Barrett
Dwight Barrett 17 days ago
What's her youtube channel?
Jason Landry
Jason Landry 17 days ago
beautiful voice. She should upload more covers or originals on her youtube page. I would have binge listened if there was more.
Christopher Bolden
Christopher Bolden 17 days ago
Wish you’d fixe the ver3 cam sound problems first.
Erick Wright
Erick Wright 17 days ago
Just bought three version threes two weeks ago haven't even turned them on yet is there an audio problem?
pdxwildchild Roberts
pdxwildchild Roberts 17 days ago
OREGON USA here💙WHEN is WYZE adding a "SMART Switch" to the arsenal❓❓❓Its Easy peasy...look at ALL ur competitors...C'mon ur draggin ur feet..are ya really gonna make us go somewhere else❓ ...sad😥😥😥
tewilk 17 days ago
Beyond the cool factor... why are color-changing bulbs needed?
Chris H
Chris H 17 days ago
You asked, so I will answer... I have two porch lights framing my garage. These are perfect for making them red and green at Christmas, Orange at Halloween, Red and blue for July fourth, etc. You can do the same thing indoors if you are into that kind of thing. But they are not 'needed", just light remote lighting is not "needed". They are just luxuries to enjoy in this great world of tech! :-)
Edmund Aniñon
Edmund Aniñon 17 days ago
Finally! Well done, WYZE!
Jessie Caddy
Jessie Caddy 17 days ago
I don’t have Alexa! Do I need that or can I go through my Samsung phone?
Erick Wright
Erick Wright 17 days ago
Yes you can they will also work with Google Assistant
Roy Beckham
Roy Beckham 17 days ago
Need a manual control interface. A simple switch like the Hue dimmer. Just a way to turn it on/off and then dim and cycle through preset mixes would be a bonus, but you must have something else in mind since motion sensors and contacts are out of stock and new v3 cameras don't even have the hub. Can't reach for the phone everytime I enter a room and need to turn the light on and can't always use voice automation in the wee hours of the night. Tech is nice, but how it interfaces with humans is when thoughtful design happens.
Macvynls 17 days ago
Will these be available in a BR30 style?
MUSICWORLD 17 days ago
the best brand!! i love it!!
Eric In SF
Eric In SF 17 days ago
Only 25,000 hour rating? That’s only 2 1/2 years
Wyze 17 days ago
That's right, Wyze Bulb Color is rated for about 25,000 hours of total time powered on (about 2.8 years), which is in line with most of our competition. Most folks turn their bulbs off though, so they should hit this limit much later under normal conditions. :)
Ryan LaBarre
Ryan LaBarre 17 days ago
If you guys can come out with outdoor path lighting like the Hue calla for even 50$ a light I will pee my pants with excitement
Eric In SF
Eric In SF 17 days ago
Seems like a missed opportunity if this is just a single colors. Hopefully there are some animated features to cycle through colors. Or even flash colors. How nice would it be outside if people detection sees somebody approaching your door at 3am and your light starts flashing red and blue!
Eric In SF
Eric In SF 17 days ago
That’s singer makes me not wanna buy this product. I’m so sick of that generic indi hipster chick moody talk singing. And it makes it worse that it’s like three notes in the entire song like a nursery rhyme. :-) Quarantine makes me grumpy.
Chase Dahlen
Chase Dahlen 17 days ago
thanks i’ll tell my sis you said that
Michael Janda
Michael Janda 17 days ago
I think people need to give Wyze a break on the out-of-stock items. Look at car factories closing down, PS5 and Xbox game consoles that launched months ago are nowhere to be seen.
Dan Jakubczak
Dan Jakubczak 17 days ago
Hubitat support?
tmuka 17 days ago
nice singing! i'd buy these if they had google home support
Wyze 17 days ago
They do!
Geno G
Geno G 17 days ago
So far all the Wyze devices I've gotten are immediately Google Home supported. Enroll them in Wyze and Google knows about them!!
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 17 days ago
Cant wait for another horrible pre-order.
Kyle Nordyke
Kyle Nordyke 17 days ago
Does it sync to the music though???
Andre Outlaw
Andre Outlaw 17 days ago
Sigh, I was wishing you would have released a color bulb option when the plain bulb was released. I was in the market for color bulbs back then. I've since purchased all that I need and I've moved on to other projects. BTW, when are you going to restock some of your other items...
Andre Outlaw
Andre Outlaw 17 days ago
Sigh, I was wishing you would have released a color bulb option when the plain bulb was released. I was in the market for color bulbs back then. I've since purchased all that I need and I've moved on to other projects. BTW, when are you going to restock some of your other items...
Serafin Silva
Serafin Silva 17 days ago
What artis is sing this? Wonderful voice.
Christian Wick
Christian Wick 12 days ago
It's not Osmond
Chase Dahlen
Chase Dahlen 17 days ago
pdxwildchild Roberts
pdxwildchild Roberts 17 days ago
John Boot
John Boot 17 days ago
Will it be available in Canada?
Spencer Sanderson
Spencer Sanderson 17 days ago
So I'm a little confused.... Wyze introduces yet another new product coming soon with 90% of their current stock " OUT OF STOCK".
Wyze 17 days ago
As you may have heard, there are unfortunately some supply shortages that are affecting our inventory of certain products, and we've got our partners and our internal supply chain team working towards restocks tirelessly. However, research and product development are done by an entirely different group of Wyze employees, so rest assured that rolling out awesome new stuff doesn't take away from our dedication to our current lineup in any way. We hope to have everything you're waiting on make a return as soon as possible!
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 17 days ago
Yeah exactly - another horrible pre-order situation just like with the V3 Cams
Michael Janda
Michael Janda 17 days ago
Yes, this way they can have something in stock.
Raymond Fox
Raymond Fox 17 days ago
I'm excited to see how these perform. I'm a big fan of Wyze products because they're well made and affordable. My house is chock full of Hue bulbs but they are just so ridiculously priced. I hope Wyze will shake up the market and bring the prices down so everyone can enjoy customized lighting in their home. If/when Wyze starts making additional lighting products like light strips and light bars, I'll be the first in line to try them out.
Tim McCoy
Tim McCoy 17 days ago
How about even brighter? I use 100w equivalents right now.. hard to drop to 75w.
MrYoung11 17 days ago
Yeah I like day light lighting in my home with 100w. I don’t wanna drop my “brightness” or day light color
Joshua Lloyd
Joshua Lloyd 17 days ago
I'm curious because I thought I saw something that said 75w too. Maybe that's just what 1100 lumens equal. However looking at the specs on their website, it states that the bulb is a 12w LED. Whereas usually a 10w LED is the equivalent of 100w. I am just guessing but maybe the white setting is equal to around 100w where the color settings are 75w?
Mr. Nizzo
Mr. Nizzo 17 days ago
XJD 17 days ago
Victoria Blanchette
Victoria Blanchette 17 days ago
No 'skipping' this ad. Marvelous.
Alfredo Brito
Alfredo Brito 15 days ago
It is. 👍😍
Wyze 17 days ago
Thanks, Victoria! ❤️
Digital Werebear
Digital Werebear 17 days ago
House looks too expensive to be relatable.
Rob&Sam Tedesco
Rob&Sam Tedesco 17 days ago
Excellent product video -- song! Kudos! Does it work interchangeably with 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz networks? Most hubs nowadays unfortunately auto-switch without user control making the initial setup near impossible. Thanks!
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