Wyze Band & Scale AMA

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11 months ago

Ask us anything about Wyze Band and Wyze Scale. We will have Jonathan from the Wyze Scale team, Arthur the Wyze Band PM, and Logan the PMM here to answer questions.
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Nefertiti 3 months ago
Brandon doesn't appear to be experienced on video chat ;). Kind of amazed he is sitting there with his chin out of view and is not bothered by it. I Skype daily so I'm acutely aware of how I appear to the other person.
Ray Regal
Ray Regal 7 months ago
i added pictures for the main menu on the band and after rebooting the band, pictures still there on my phone, the band was intended to be a gift but my curiosity on change the main menu images lead me to download personal pictures, what should i do???
Ray Regal
Ray Regal 7 months ago
how do you reset the band to a factory settings
Wyze 7 months ago
Tap on the Wyze Band screen to wake it up, then scroll and tap Setting > Reset. Confirm that you want to reset the band by tapping OK.
Little Red
Little Red 9 months ago
I work in cybersecurity, so I really appreciate how much Wyze cares about security, even when it's not the most convenient. I would never buy a smart lock, though, so I figured "I'm not the intended customer anyway, who cares about my opinion" but it's still SO nice to see them looking out here, because it makes me feel a bit better wrt their other tech.
Monroe Bryant
Monroe Bryant 9 months ago
Arthur needs to either move from in front of the windows or close the blinds, his face is darkening out.
Marvin Avilla
Marvin Avilla 10 months ago
when can we expect google to authorize the text &phone notifications?
Jim G
Jim G 10 months ago
Band will not work with Google assistant, as of yet. I bought the band to use for controlling my Wyse products but sadly cannot use that function because I do not have Alexa. Hopefully Google will be updated into a future upgrade. Otherwise it's just a fit band to me.
ColeBeans 11 months ago
Really interested in seeing what possible running features you guys can add. Glad this has accelerometer.
All Real All Heart
All Real All Heart 11 months ago
maybe wyze can hire a tech savvy person, some one who might know how to record videos with lighting and sound taken into consideration. seems silly to have 5 small screens when your trying to present a product using only one screen.. or better yet a media relations person that can describe the products themselves in clear English maybe?
Roberto Mezquia Jr
Roberto Mezquia Jr 11 months ago
All of this is good... I'd pay $50 for a better quality camera for inside and outside my home...
D'Angel -0
D'Angel -0 11 months ago
I told Google to turn on everything ... And it turned on my Wyze cameras. No they are not on smart plugs. But I tested this out by asking Google to turn on each camera one at a time in a dark room so I could see the infrared LEDs and hear the lense click for night vision. and sure enough, you can tell Google to turn ON specific cameras or all of them . You just can't get Google to turn them off. For obvious security reasons. I love it. I know we can group products , but I'd like to be able to create rooms in the app.
Waylander 11 months ago
Please make the Wyzeband compatible with Google Assistant. Also, would be nice to view live camera.
Wyze 11 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, I'll share the Live Stream request with the team. Google Assistant compatibility is something we're actively working on and will release in a future update!
dick302 11 months ago
Sorry but I can't understand much of what Arthur is saying.
Chung Yuan Mui
Chung Yuan Mui 11 months ago
@Wyze I noted that the Wyze scale measures total bone mass. However does it measure bone density to show if the person has osteopenia, osteoporosis or normal bone density? Thanks
the eabster
the eabster 11 months ago
I might have missed it but my question is can you track your sleep like the Samsung Smartwatch with this band with a heart rate monitor? Thanks
Wyze 11 months ago
The Wyze Band has built-in motion sensors, so you can track your sleep patterns and duration. You'd be able to check your Sleep data directly on the band's Activity folder, or from the Wyze app.
A N 11 months ago
They said they were going to get back to the Canadian delivery question but I never found that part. When is Canada coming?
LIkee !
LIkee ! 11 months ago
Wyze, can you guys please upgrade the CamPen speed from 2.0 to 3.1 because every modem and router coming out lately have that high speed internet which all need if you guys can upgrade that will be great for the Wyze Cam thank
SkiDiddlyDooDop 11 months ago
Any music apps and Bluetooth?
Nathan Scott
Nathan Scott 11 months ago
usposts.info/vision/f7qX0LHXqJGDodg/video @22:46 DID I HEAR SMARTTHINGS INTEGRATION!?!?!?!?!?!?
Eric Rakes
Eric Rakes 11 months ago
Knowing that google won't work with you unless you make headphones is almost enough to take all my google crap back. I mean dang, the youtube music / youtube premium and better mic totally sold me and we kicked alexa out... now I feel bad haha. Google, you're on the naughty list :(
Mas Z
Mas Z 11 months ago
Wyze Band Replacement video creators: I love the products. Wyze Cam 2.0 is amazing. Logan, product Director of Marketing, please hire someone to do the video's lighting in the future to have a more polished and effective video or please reach out to someone on how to light black plastic utilizing large soft light sources. its kinda cringy, that video you have now, on the replacement band. You can get away with the lighting you have for a White Camera, but not for a black wrist band.Large soft light sources preferably close to subject work best.
Snarlingjoker64 11 months ago
I doubt this watch is going to sell. Most people have iwatch or smart watches. Doorbell camera would sell more
Roberto Mezquia Jr
Roberto Mezquia Jr 11 months ago
Funny enough, I've had 4 FitBit's in the past... Never replaced my last one after it broke... But for $25, I ordered two of these... Now the doorbell, I have Nest Hello, so "most people" have a smart doorbell already... See what I did by grabbing random stats out my arse? 🙄
MrZACATECANO100 11 months ago
What about for us google users?
MrZACATECANO100 11 months ago
Wyze thank you Wyze Labs
Wyze 11 months ago
Google won't be supported out of the box, but we will release an update to bring compatibility as soon as possible!
Cesar Villanueva
Cesar Villanueva 11 months ago
Can Wyze Band track sleep? Also needs Google Home/Nest not Alexa
Wyze 11 months ago
HN 11 months ago
Yes, I just read on the wyze website that it does track sleep.
Chung Yuan Mui
Chung Yuan Mui 11 months ago
Can the Wyze scale provide information on one's bone density as advertised by some other name brands?
Wyze 11 months ago
@Chung Yuan Mui, it calculates the total weight of your bones but will not show or diagnose their density!
Chung Yuan Mui
Chung Yuan Mui 11 months ago
@Wyze I noted that the Wyze scale measures total bone mass. However does it measure bone density to show if the person has osteopenia, osteoporosis or normal bone density? Thanks
Wyze 11 months ago
There's a too much variance among different brands for us to make a blanket comparison, but we do provide information on bone density! If you want to learn more about what the scale can measure, take a look at our support article here: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039478631-What-can-my-Wyze-Scale-measure-
Pablo Station
Pablo Station 11 months ago
Google Assistant and Google Home integration PLEASE!!! I don't use alexa..
Travis Rose
Travis Rose 11 months ago
Pablo Station google sucks. bug google about that.
Jerry Ray
Jerry Ray 11 months ago
So amazing listening to you young developers. WYZE is a culture network making it work. We customers are listened to.
Bert Fentress
Bert Fentress 11 months ago
Need Google integration with it. Don't use Alexa for anything. Hoping for an outdoor cam soon...
Karen O
Karen O 11 months ago
Thanks! Looking forward to Outdoor Wyze 'EyE'. 8 ) Powering & data distance on my list. Would like to keep EyE on Owl nest box, so distance is issue. POE is used on few cameras, would that be a possibility? And - In Black? Can't understand why some don't pack brain cells to do the things You Guys do. ? Glad Some Do! : } Thanks! CHEERS!
GrinningDemon 11 months ago
Google Home integration is the minimum for me to purchase, seems weird to only support the amazon ecosystem.
GrinningDemon 11 months ago
@Travis Rose I read into their limitations a little more via the wyze teams AMA. But, the WYZE bulbs still work fine with google home, as do many other IOT devices that are non-google. Seems like its really more specific to the features and platform they used to build up the watch.
Travis Rose
Travis Rose 11 months ago
GrinningDemon you can thank google for that. Google only works with google. so you will NEVER get to use cool products like this in combination with google products
Google c
Google c 11 months ago
Jonua I suppose Bluetooth headphones
Google c
Google c 11 months ago
joshx413 11 months ago
WALID ALHADDI 11 months ago
I was going to pre-order the scale until I saw the $9 shipping charge. If you go on Amazon, there are tons of scales that look very similar with the same features. Wyze is a company that just goes to China and buys existing products, slap their logo on it, and design their own app.
Little Red
Little Red 9 months ago
@Ryan Cohen yeah I actually own one of those cheap Chinese scales with tons of data, but am tempted to get this just because it's by Wyze and I know they care. If you read the reviews on said cheap scales, you'll see a lot of the information they give is factually inaccurate. My scale is as well, but I luckily didn't NEED the info from the inaccurate numbers and it was cheap, so meh. If I bought one with Wyze, I could reasonably expect the information to be as accurate as stated.
Ryan Cohen
Ryan Cohen 11 months ago
Okay go buy those scales then. They will never improve though like Wyze does with their software.
HN 11 months ago
Shipping is never free.
John van V.
John van V. 11 months ago
This all looks good! What I can use right now is weatherproof containers w solar to 'stake' out the yard (yeah, crime problems)
Nolan Arasato
Nolan Arasato 11 months ago
You guys ROCK! Thank you for all your hard work! 🤘👏👌👍🤙
macbravery 11 months ago
This is all well and good...but when will we get the OUTDOOR CAMERA!!!
Snarlingjoker64 11 months ago
Probably in the next 20 years
Dangrousdave20 11 months ago
This year he said. He also said a doorbell and thermostat are coming out this year as well, but that the outdoor cam is "Next". So i'm guessing in the next few months.
William Coberly
William Coberly 11 months ago
customers may not know that SDK = Software Development Kit etc...
FoVision 11 months ago
Order creation failed
mitch marzec
mitch marzec 11 months ago
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