Meet Wyze Watch - An Aluminum Smart Watch that Tracks Your Health and Controls Your Wyze Ecosystem

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3 months ago

Wyze Watch is just $20 during preorder!
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Agapito Turrubiartes
Agapito Turrubiartes Day ago
Would this work with replying Messages on iOS devices? Not to be confused with Facebook Messenger.
Ben 9 days ago
Jrplays5150 YT
Jrplays5150 YT 7 days ago
Should have read the stuff about refunds 🙄
Rutvik Sheth - Neighborhood Tech
Rutvik Sheth - Neighborhood Tech Month ago
@wyze when will this be available in Canada?
Jess L
Jess L Month ago
Noticed it counts steps, heart rate, o2 levels, but it doesnt mention calories. Anyone know if it will give calorie info? I know it won't be super accurate, but would like to see that feature.
John Myers
John Myers Month ago
Waiting for my watch, love the tune "Give Me That"
Shirmila M.K
Shirmila M.K Month ago
Will it launch in india?
Shirmila M.K
Shirmila M.K 2 months ago
How to buy in india?
Delano Lopez
Delano Lopez 2 months ago
Introducing Wyze Plug Outdoor !!! #wyze
Delano Lopez
Delano Lopez 2 months ago
The only plug you need...💯 #wyze #power
AimeeAndEvan 2 months ago
Can you talk on the phone like the Apple Watch?
Juinor Persaud
Juinor Persaud 2 months ago
Can you make and receive call with this smartwatch
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Juinor Persaud That is actually how many I preordered as well. :D I am new to their products, I preordered the Wyze Watch and Wyze Cam V3, and I have had their Wyze Band & Wyze Scale for about two weeks now; not bad for the price, the Wyze Band needs some more improving though, and I hope to see them continue to improve & continue to have affordable products so that I can continue supporting them.
Juinor Persaud
Juinor Persaud 2 months ago
@John Jr I did order 6 but cancel it i don't need it in march lol. But they do have nice products 👌
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Juinor Persaud You are welcome, I still preordered several Wyze Watches because it is hard not to at that low price, but that would be a nice feature to have if they ever release another more expensive version for those who need extra features (they could still keep the cheaper version too of course).
Juinor Persaud
Juinor Persaud 2 months ago
@John Jr Thanks i do appreciate the answer to my question I'm typing to give it as a gift. But not being able to make calls won't work 👌
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Juinor Persaud No, but you can see notifications of calls & texts et cetera; and you might be able to end a call from the Wyze Watch if I am correctly interpreting a part from this video showing that.
Jess L
Jess L 2 months ago
I just ordered one but didn't know about the Wyze band. It looks like the Wyze has a mic so you can talk to it, and compose text messages. I do not see that this one has a mic, is that correct? Anyone notice?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Jess L, it seems that the Wyze Watch does not have the dual microphones that the Wyze Band has so no Amazon Alexa support that I see at this time, unfortunately. The Wyze Band supports Amazon Alexa through the microphones but there is no speaker so it only responds by text on the screen of the Wyze Band, so you can not use the microphones to text or answer calls unfortunately, but at least you can use the Wyze Band to talk to Amazon Alexa at least; and the Wyze Band also has weather, stopwatch, and a flashlight option.
Saúl 2 months ago
I know that this is a cheap, way to cheap smart watch, but C'mon, you can't control the music you're playing on the phone? Even Chinese knockoffs do this. Wyze I've ordered one but C'mon give us at least that. Don't want to excersice and pick up my phone every time I want to skip or pause music. 😂 Pay your programmers one extra hour and they'll get the job done
Simple Health
Simple Health 2 months ago
Has anyone tried any of these?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
They do not start shipping the Wyze Watch until next year, you can preorder them now though, they do have a Wyze Band that has been out for months now.
B J 2 months ago
Camera feed directly to my wrist, nice for us who forget the phones.
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
Hopefully that is a feature of the Wyze Watch, I doubt it, but hopefully I am wrong.
ziad turk
ziad turk 2 months ago
Well, if the experience will be like the experience with pre-ordering the V3 cam, NO, THANK YOU
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
I preordered the Wyze Cam V3 & the Wyze Watch, from the Wyze website, and they have been emailing me updates on the estimated shipping dates for the various preorders depending on when you bought them; I ordered them when I was logged in with my Wyze account.
Alvaro Gonzalez
Alvaro Gonzalez 2 months ago
Wyze is amazing! I purchased the pan cam, placed it inside by my studio window and the motion sensor detects activity outside. I also own a $100 Security Blink Camera System, placed it in the same spot and it does not catch any movements outside. Wyze pan cam $35 Bucks. So, I can't wait for the watch!
Zacke Feller
Zacke Feller 2 months ago
If this meets expectations, this will be disruptive in the smartwatch industry. I use an Apple Watch now, and while I love it, I hate it’s battery life. We’re on gen 6 now and it’s still a single day battery. That’s just trash for something so expensive. And I find myself mainly using it as a fitness tracker, time teller, and notification preview device, which it appears this Wyze watch will be able to do, with better battery life, and for only $20....
terkinstein 2 months ago
I can't wait to receive mine in the mail!
Lucille Liu
Lucille Liu 2 months ago
if I don't have any other Wyze device, will it work? walk and sleep functions are what i'm interested
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Lucille Liu It should, I have the Wyze Band, for that you just need the Wyze app if you want to update the firmware and have it log your information from the band and adjust your settings et cetera, and so I assume that the Wyze Watch will be about the same.
MrVegas 2 months ago
AOD mode?
Mike Hobi
Mike Hobi 2 months ago
Lawsuit waiting to happen
Hunter Angel
Hunter Angel 2 months ago
Is it wifi and does it measure blood oxygen levels?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Hunter Angel You are welcome, and I hope that our Wyze Watches will meet our expectations (I also hope that it will get most or all of the features that the Wyze Band has that the Wyze Watch seems to lack at this time). :)
Hunter Angel
Hunter Angel 2 months ago
Thanks so much John Jr!!!
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
This is what their website says about Wi-Fi: "Does the Wyze Watch require WiFi? Wyze Watch links to your phone through Bluetooth and will use your phone’s internet connection, whether WiFi or cellular.". It does have a blood oxygen sensor according to their website: "Blood Oxygen A drop in blood oxygen saturation is one of the earliest signs of serious health risks. A crystal glass casing and a pair of infrared LED clusters keep it measured 24/7 on your wrist.".
Cindy Youngblood
Cindy Youngblood 2 months ago
Can you trade out the band for a magnetic one?
Pilipinas TV
Pilipinas TV 2 months ago
Can i pre order? Im from canada.
Craig Berkowitz
Craig Berkowitz 2 months ago
Hey Wyze when I go to your website the tab flickers can you explain this please? Is your website unstable or do I have a virus?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
Interesting, that does not happen to me on Windows 10 or on Android or on PCLinuxOS in the web browsers Microsoft Edge and Brave Browser.
Aayush Gandhi
Aayush Gandhi 2 months ago
Bob sacamano
Delano Lopez
Delano Lopez 2 months ago
Wyze home monitoring system !!! Finally here 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
c2thew 2 months ago
If this is compatible with Strava, I’ll buy this just for that
N G 2 months ago
Is the charging port proprietary?
Аndrii K
Аndrii K 2 months ago
I paid for this watch yesterday. Я из Украины, доставка Новой почтой
Barbara May
Barbara May 2 months ago
not sure what size to get. bigger size would be easier to read and touch.
Jason and a Camera
Jason and a Camera 2 months ago
Go for the bigger one. The battery is bigger, so according to the specs it gets an extra 20 days of standby time. The smaller one gets "only" 40 days
Nathan Wilkinson
Nathan Wilkinson 3 months ago
Does the screen have rounded corners, or is it square like at :10? You're showing two different screens in this video...
camaroman101 2 months ago
I think the 47 is more rounded and the 44 is squared off.
Mary 3 months ago
What are the actual screen sizes? The 44mm looks like it has a huge bezel not present in the 47mm.....
Ryan Mario
Ryan Mario 3 months ago
does that work with IFTTT?
Ryan Mario
Ryan Mario 2 months ago
@Justin S i want to see my steps to get trigger with IFTTT, is that possible?
Justin S
Justin S 2 months ago
It uses your phone for everything so yes and at the same time, a resounding no.
Huzaifa Jafferji
Huzaifa Jafferji 3 months ago
Just think about this.... They are SELLING it for $20, so just imagine how much it costs them to make it.... Okay same logic but for Apple... THEY SELL THEIR WATCHES FOR $300+ imagine how much profit they're making lmao
Shabadaba Game
Shabadaba Game 3 months ago
Lo siento pero con esa canción lo único en lo que puedo pensar fue en la intro de apex legend sexta temporada así que no presté atención a su comercial 🤣
WEP BLASTER 3 months ago
Hey everyone dont forget to pre order your wyze house and wyze pet dog. Who am i kidding I already pre ordered the watch myself
Norris Thomas
Norris Thomas 3 months ago
To all the Canadians you can try a mail forwarding service.
Justin S
Justin S 2 months ago
Won't need to soon
Javier Munera
Javier Munera 3 months ago
Realicé la reserva el día de hoy! Saludos desde Colombia!!!💯👍🏼
AlexDoesRandomStuff 3 months ago
Looks too good to be true
Wally Bash
Wally Bash 3 months ago
Pre order is bullshit u either offering now or never
uTubeStalker DotCom
uTubeStalker DotCom 3 months ago
for FREE SHIPPING, add to cart 5 or more.. so if want that, ask your friends/family if they want you to order theirs
[VIS]Isha Voronkina
[VIS]Isha Voronkina 3 months ago
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😭 I already by mi band4 I waant ittttt😩
evn 3 months ago
I love my Apple Watch but at this price point I will wear this too just for periodic blood oxygen testing!! Also if we can have more control over the frequency of periodic testing than on Apple Watch, that would be another sell for me :)
evn 3 months ago
This is a very sexy promo for a very sexy watch
Unboxer of Worlds
Unboxer of Worlds 3 months ago
But does it have a timer?
homebrewGT 3 months ago
Pre ordered one. This gives me Pebble vibes! And that's a good thing.
Eric Fortin
Eric Fortin 3 months ago
US Only, not available in Canada... Same thing for Amazfit Band 5, or Honor Band 6... COME ON !
Lewys Cousins
Lewys Cousins 3 months ago
If only they shipped to the UK... :(
Lewys Cousins
Lewys Cousins 3 months ago
How is this $20? That seems way too good to be true
Charith Ratnayake
Charith Ratnayake 3 months ago
can this reply to texts using short messages/voice input?
Jason and a Camera
Jason and a Camera 2 months ago
No, it doesn't have a mic. It can still display incoming messages though
Bomber684 3 months ago
How much is it after pre-orders are done? I want to see reviews first.
Afzal Shaikh
Afzal Shaikh 3 months ago
Does it work with iOS?
TRCC 3 months ago
I need this, you need to figure out a partner in Canada so we can buy your stuff!
Dan Rink
Dan Rink 3 months ago
If you do not already own a watch, you have to give this a try for $20. I love my Apple Watch and the Wyze watch will never be an Apple Watch, but it will likely do almost everything most people need for HUNDREDS less.
drmzio 3 months ago
Lol please tell me you aren't just taking Chinese products and slapping the Wyze logo on it.
Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez 3 months ago
Can it run Alexa?
ASJ 3 months ago
Can I view the health statistic from the Wyze app?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@ASJ Probably, you can with their Wyze Band and Wyze Scale, and so I assume that it will be the same for the Wyze Watch.
Andre S.
Andre S. 3 months ago
I just wish you could see your camera feed on the watch.
Jim Bragdon
Jim Bragdon 2 months ago
How much would you see though? It's so small
William Rheaume
William Rheaume 3 months ago
I would buy 5 right now if they would arrive before Christmas
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
Yeah, but I still preordered 6 though. :D
Cinderellie 3 months ago
Same! Lol
Chris Banick
Chris Banick 3 months ago
Too bad you partnered with Google to track everyone using their apps. Is this another tracking device but on the cheap?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Chris Banick I am also glad that they did it that way.
Chris Banick
Chris Banick 2 months ago
@John Jr Glad they did it that way. The last thing I want is Google stealing more of my data, which is why I never use them.
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
The Google Fit integration will probably be optional like it is with their Wyze Band and Wyze Scale, on those, you have to manually enable it and log-in with your Google account to connect it to the Google Fit app.
Tyrell Booker
Tyrell Booker 3 months ago
Sheesh have 2 cameras and now might have the wyze watchhh
Dan Krzykowski
Dan Krzykowski 3 months ago
Bob Sacamano.
Mamadou Diallo
Mamadou Diallo 3 months ago
I read so many people already demanding more from what the watch can or should do’s only $20 with everything that it’s promising to do and you want more?!?........ Humans 🤦🏽‍♂️
Manny Echaluce
Manny Echaluce Month ago
I want it to vibrate when I touch my p3n!$ , is that too hard to add as a feature ?!?!?! , just 2 seconds,, dang it....
Ron Morales
Ron Morales 2 months ago
20 bucks, then minus 10 with the code you get if you are a Cam Plus subscriber, and you sort of should be.
Jason Bass
Jason Bass 3 months ago
Hope it doesn’t disconnect hourly like the band does.
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
Did you make sure to set your setting in the Wyze app that allows it to constantly run in the background?
⳽ᖾiz 3 months ago
Renders make it look lovely... ... then reality kicks in when you see 0:09 ... oof. That display/backlight looks pretty horrible, not gonna lie. When stuff's this cheap I always think 'what's the catch? There's always a catch'. It's like a 2014 or something cheapo chinese watch got repurposed. Bit of a shame, rather have something by Xiaomi/Amazfit.
Jrplays5150 YT
Jrplays5150 YT 7 days ago
At 0:29 it looks like the screen is decent on that.
Jrplays5150 YT
Jrplays5150 YT 10 days ago
That could be a prototype or the 44mm. Don’t forget it’s $20
Andrija Krstić
Andrija Krstić 3 months ago
Will it have OLED display? since 0:10 doesnt look like oled.
Jrplays5150 YT
Jrplays5150 YT 7 days ago
At 0:29 that screen looks like a decent lcd
Atiq Sajawal
Atiq Sajawal 2 months ago
You're expecting oled for 20 dollars?
camaroman101 3 months ago
I wish it did.
Andrija Krstić
Andrija Krstić 3 months ago
Nope, just found the info: Size 1.75 TFT LCD Screen Resolution 320x385 Color 16-bit colour That explains the price.
Nafis Kausar
Nafis Kausar 3 months ago
I just preordered February can’t come any earlier?
Welvin Zabala
Welvin Zabala 3 months ago
Where's the Wyze Drone? ;-)
R Fox
R Fox 3 months ago
Two terrible honest facts about smart watches: 1. you look like a cheap nerdy fool wearing those 2. Recharging them every 2 days is a pain in the $@#
Jason and a Camera
Jason and a Camera 2 months ago
If I'm wearing a smart watch, I don't give a crap about what others think... I'm wearing it because it will help me be more productive and do things faster throughout my day. Besides, plenty of people wear smart watches now. Not sure why they would come off as nerdy? They've been around long enough, they're not viewed as just "gimmicks" as perhaps they may have been when they first started gaining popularity. It's just a matter of whether it's the right tech for you. Also they state a long battery life of 9 days. Even if it's only half that in reality, I would be impressed for $20
Matt Saul
Matt Saul 3 months ago
Clearly you did not watch the ad. The battery life on this watch last for nine days. Secondly, and Iwatch cost several hundred dollars and this one cost 20 bucks. Nothing nerdy about being frugal😬
Nick Ha
Nick Ha 3 months ago
wyze product is worth every penny...Ordered 4 for entire family but 44mm is a bit too big for me and definitely my kids.
Siraj Hakkani
Siraj Hakkani 3 months ago
I ordered just now
Matthew W
Matthew W 3 months ago
Can you see wyze cams on the screen?
Justin S
Justin S 2 months ago
Sal Coco
Sal Coco 3 months ago
You guys are seriously kicking ass and hitting the mark, keep it coming!
ismannyb 3 months ago
Plus shipping is 26 just ordered
trentcdrums 3 months ago
Yup I'm a day one Wyzer. Keep the affordable products coming!
=:Mustang:= 3 months ago
All those wanting wyze products in Canada and elsewhere.. You can thank me by using my referral link. Using Fishisfast for almost 6 months now extensively. Made use of all them Amazon and other stores super sales. Extremely reputed and reliable company. Ask me anything. They take pictures of each package you receive and let you consolidate multiple packages into one order which becomes super cheap. I am currently residing on the other side of the world. Look up their supported countries list. Creating account is free, and they ship items via your preferred choice of international couriers. It appears their rate per kg is slightly more than the courier companies and that's how they make their profit. The more packages you consolidate the cheaper per kg it becomes. I recomend ppl to use during sale season especially from oct - Jan. As Amazon and most online stores give you return window upto 31 jan for items purchased from Oct.
Fonseca fonseca
Fonseca fonseca 3 months ago
i hope and this company knocks apple out
Marco Gaming
Marco Gaming 3 months ago
Is this running android watch os?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
No, from what I have read in news articles (like PCMag) so far, it is running an unnamed proprietary real-time operating system (RTOS).
Mike Jone
Mike Jone 2 months ago
Marco Gaming
Marco Gaming 3 months ago
It’s nice but it’s like a Apple Watch knockoff but a good knockoff
Tony J
Tony J 3 months ago
I wonder if this is going to keep disconnecting and losing connectivity like a Wyze band. Because I have to return the two I just bought like a few days ago. They’re losing Bluetooth connectivity on the iPhone 12 pro
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
@Tony J I have only had my Wyze Band for two weeks now, I would recommend contacting their support, unless you are at risk of not being able to return them in time; they might be able to help you without you having to return them, but I would return them instead if there is limited time to return them. Even if you do return them I would probably still give Wyze a chance, whether you try getting another one and / or whether you preorder their Wyze Watch, I am new to their products so I am giving them a chance as well. Fortunately I am not having that problem with my Wyze Band, it does have the roughness of a 1st generation product, but it is still worth it at this price point & I hope that they will continue to improve it.
Tony J
Tony J 2 months ago
@John Jr already did that
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
In the Wyze app under Account | App Settings | did you enable Running In The Background?
Harun C
Harun C 3 months ago
@Hans Sabastian Luckily saw your comment and woke up! Wouldn't want to badmouth but bought a cheap smartphone before and this one (00.09) looks similar. If it's not (almost) full screen and the resolution is low, it will be a shame to wear. No Alexa, no responding texts, emails... Not so smart yet.
fred bins
fred bins 3 months ago
Don’t think ships to uk or do they?
kumar309 3 months ago
Been a wyze pan cam user for more than a year! Their products are pretty cool. Just preordered the watch. I have never purchased a smartwatch and i feel paying 300+ on any watches is useless. this watch is as good as an iphone and has all features a "Watch"is supposed to do. Why spend more when Wyze sells for the best price.
Francisco Enrique Pérez Abreu
Francisco Enrique Pérez Abreu 3 months ago
I'm buying one to everyone in my family lol Wyze always amaze me with the great prices for great products.
Sherri 3 months ago
What ios version do I need for the app?
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
Requires iOS 9.0 or later according to the description for the Wyze app at the Apple App Store.
hortikal 3 months ago
How can you make a phone call with this?
camaroman101 3 months ago
You can't. Only view or reject.
Hans Sabastian
Hans Sabastian 3 months ago
Man....the lcd screen looks bad - see the watch face at the 10sec mark. Wish they’d put in the amoled screen from the band.
Harun C
Harun C 3 months ago
@camaroman101 That, and Alexa. Lacking both features are turning me off.
camaroman101 3 months ago
@Harun C I was talking about the lack of amoled screen. But doesn't Alexa need a mic? This doesn't have one.
Harun C
Harun C 3 months ago
@camaroman101 Wyze Band has Alexa and it's $25 so I believe they still could. I'm sure people would pay $5 extra if it had Alexa.
KiemPlant 3 months ago
Yeah, there's also literally no way the watch would function that smoothly when you look at the specs.
camaroman101 3 months ago
Probably how they kept they price at 20 bucks.
Tim Ber
Tim Ber 3 months ago
Added this to the headphones, thermostat, doorbell camera, and robot vacuum I have on preorder, lol. This has been a significant year of growth for Wyze, and I'm all about it.
camaroman101 16 days ago
@Corpsycle yea just bought a set, thinking of buying a second box.
Corpsycle 16 days ago
@camaroman101 they are out now
camaroman101 3 months ago
Hopefully the color bulbs come out this year too.
pranav 3 months ago
What apps does it work with? Google fit/Samsung health/Apple health, etc
John Jr
John Jr 2 months ago
The Wyze Watch FAQ says: "Google Fit and Apple Health will be supported. We may explore other integrations in the future!".
Kemari Johnson
Kemari Johnson 3 months ago
yall wyze isnt playing with yall omg i love wyze now seriously! WATCH TAKE MY WORD THEY ABOUT TO COME OUT WITH A PHONE NEXT OR A DAMN LIGHT COMPANY LOL, OR A DAMN CAR, OR A DAMN SPEAKER SYSTEM!!!!!! a wyze tablet like they is the best rn no games!
Latin Label
Latin Label 3 months ago
I own an Apple Watch and will get this one as well. It will serve as my backup watch.
10throwfilms 3 months ago
Scam likely? What are you trying to tell us?
Ashkan M.
Ashkan M. 3 months ago
data mining
Ryan Dickerson
Ryan Dickerson 3 months ago
It did not mention anything about Alexa, which is my favorite feature on my Wyze Band. Because the Watch probably doesn’t have microphones to power Alexa, that’s why it’s cheaper. But, it is not confirmed to not have Alexa
Bob Oso
Bob Oso 3 months ago
But can you unlock your doors from the watch? Something I wish I could do from my current one via the app.
camaroman101 2 months ago
Read on the forums it can be done with an app "alexa in a can" or something like that. Need something with a mic though.
camaroman101 3 months ago
Dont think so, but i thought they said they were working on it? I remember something about having to enter a pin though.
White Crow49
White Crow49 3 months ago
I had to return the Wyze Band because of a severe allergic reaction. I have eczema and psoriasis. The product information on Amazon did not mention this could be a problem. It was only after communicating with Support that I learned that the strap material gives us that problem. SO, I ask: does this issue exist with this new item?
Jean Claude Boutique
Jean Claude Boutique 3 months ago
It's a fucking joke this pub... LOL!
nickL7389 3 months ago
Will it work with Strava?
Syllma HERS
Syllma HERS 3 months ago
Just pre-ordered 3 my husband and my son are going to love this surprise..... Wyze Thank you for being so affordable.❤️
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