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Jason Drapac
Jason Drapac 18 days ago
Why would a company release a product so amazing in limited quantities (wyze car) and then not have their servers able to handle to load? I'm not the only person who's "word of mouth advertising" isn't going to be good anymore. You shoulda made it for everyone and not just 5,000 people lucky enough to get through to your crappy servers. Do you realize how much those things woulda sold? They'd be one of your best sellers but you only made 5,000. Not a good business strategy. Everyone hates you now. Lmao
chris campbell
chris campbell 2 months ago
You need to look into making a wifi light bulb for can light
Google c
Google c Year ago
Faisal Lukyamuzi
Faisal Lukyamuzi Year ago
Hi wyze team. How does someone stock your products in big numbers. I deal in home security systems to keep homes safe. kindly advise
drreality1 Year ago
UK please
PapaGWing Year ago
watched your live launch - great product however i'm sure y'all have thought this through meaning launching the bulbs instead of launching a waterproof battery camera
shelby50315 Year ago
I just preordered, did I hear you say they can鈥檛 go in a ceiling light with a dome type glass cover?
Adrian Rubio
Adrian Rubio Year ago
Cool wyze guys in that meeting room 馃榿
Gerry Garcia
Gerry Garcia Year ago
So late on this guys, but will I be able to set up schedules and brightness by using ALEXA voice commands? I've recently installed Rachio, a super wifi enabled sprinkler system monitor and am able to set up schedules just by using voice commands.
Shikha Vivek - Your Smart Home Guide
Shikha Vivek - Your Smart Home Guide Year ago
Good to see Smart bulbs from Wyze. Hope you launch it in India soon.
Daniel Casta帽贸n-Rico
Daniel Casta帽贸n-Rico Year ago
I WOULD purchase, but my wifi already has many connections. That's one advantage PHILLIPS HUE has over WYZE. I'm VERY satisfied with cams and sensors however. Perhaps a software update will allow it to connect to the WYZE SENSE bridge? Thanks! P.S. +Spotlight camera +Peep hole camera +In car 360 degrees security camera? +ROV camera. Imagine being able to move around the house! +Camouflage options for the existing cameras as well as mounting brackets. +Corner and outdoor mounts for cameras and sensors, - clock, toy, radio- housings for V2, etc. +A bridge that would connect lightbulbs to it and thus reducing the number of WiFi connections to the router and therefore create a more reliable connection. +Everyone wants a black option and I'm just dreaming of a clear, see through, limited edition! +BE AS GREEN AS POSSIBLE WITH PACKAGING AND MATERIAS. THANKS!!!
Daniel Casta帽贸n-Rico
Daniel Casta帽贸n-Rico Year ago
I Max at 20, then things slow or some get dropped for others to connect.
Timothy Tackett
Timothy Tackett Year ago
Rob J makes since now thanks for the reply.
Rob J
Rob J Year ago
@Timothy Tackett Not the person who posted the question, but perhaps he is in similar boat to me. I get my Internet via Verizon jetpack, which only allows 15 simultaneous connections, so with smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart tv, Wyze devices, etc., having to have each bulb with its own connection is problematic for me. I may end up also going to Philips Hue for their hub. But love my Cams/Sense, etc.
Timothy Tackett
Timothy Tackett Year ago
Daniel Casta帽贸n-Rico How many connections does your WiFi have? most modern access points can handle 60-70devices.
Kaos Raynz
Kaos Raynz Year ago
I鈥檝e enjoyed my Wyze cams. Preordered the Sense and will do the same for the Bulb. I think your next step should be Lights... Cams.... LightCams! Outdoor spotlight cams to be exact. Thx
Christopher Moots
Christopher Moots Year ago
Any plans for candelabra base (E12) round (G16) bulbs? I've got a few Ikea decorative bulbs (Phillips is on crack if they think I'm going to pay $20 a bulb), but I haven't seen any E12/G16 options.
Maurice H
Maurice H Year ago
Flat smart plug
Rudy Amaya
Rudy Amaya Year ago
I can鈥檛 wait for these bulbs, but my question is when are you making a peep hole camera because I live in a apartment.
Andy1341000 Year ago
Swapping out my Hue bulb for this.
Jared Bzdok
Jared Bzdok Year ago
You guys are great and your customer support was awesome I had issues with the last presale and they totally made it better.
Lisa Snider
Lisa Snider Year ago
Can I use these for my porch lights?
Gildas Le Fur
Gildas Le Fur Year ago
In the video, they said that you can but there are 2 conditions: 1. Not recommended in fully enclosed light fixtures (that will reduce the lifespan of the bulb if it gets too hot) 2. No direct exposure to weather elements (obviously). Also keep in mind that it is designed for indoor use and the warranty only covers that.
Lisa Snider
Lisa Snider Year ago
GunNtonic Year ago
I'm in for 3! ;-]
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