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2 years ago

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Jason Drapac
Jason Drapac 18 days ago
Why would a company release a product so amazing in limited quantities (wyze car) and then not have their servers able to handle to load? I'm not the only person who's "word of mouth advertising" isn't going to be good anymore. You shoulda made it for everyone and not just 5,000 people lucky enough to get through to your crappy servers. Do you realize how much those things woulda sold? They'd be one of your best sellers but you only made 5,000. Not a good business strategy. Everyone hates you now. Lmao
Auroramystic Month ago
I watch it and I didn’t really believed it until I saw it now!
Ben Month ago
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 4 months ago
This is an amazing company with amazing products.... I'm glad to be part of your customers and I have already most of the products. I always love the idea of a smart home, but was so expensive, but.... one day, a friend show me your cameras and... bang.....
leigh ames
leigh ames 6 months ago
OMG, who would have thought that I could CRY from a short video about a small start-up tech company? REALLY??? I read TONS of consumer reviews of well known security cameras on various websites. Over and over WYZE stood out as best overall! Got my 1st camera today and am on the wait list for the next bundle. LOVE your story, passion, commitment to quality, and dedication to the consumer. BRAVO & Blessings!
iDeviceCollector Films
iDeviceCollector Films 7 months ago
I LOVE you’re Wyze cams! Amazing company! Keep going, Wyze!
LouMoodyBlock85 7 months ago
How can I become a certified wyze installer???
Michael Huff
Michael Huff 8 months ago
BEST Product out there on the market, nothing else compares! I heard about wyze from 2 people I know. I think your product is fantastic - please keep up the great work that you are doing!!!
Terence Williams
Terence Williams 9 months ago
Great come up story
Alex Harding
Alex Harding 9 months ago
I love Wyze, but about that lemonade?
Brian Reyes
Brian Reyes Year ago
Awesome video, brought tears to my eyes at the part where Yun put his house up. That's amazing; I love your story. And...I love my Wyze cam!! I can't stop telling people about it :-)
Rickerd Licks
Rickerd Licks Year ago
The dent that the cork made on that ceiling tile will be a reminder of the passion and love that continues to fuel the WYZE company. I love what you all stand for.
Bobe González
Bobe González Year ago
I loved my camera before watching this. Now I double love it.
Wyze Year ago
We tried to click the "Love" twice, but it only shows one heart. Know that we double loved this comment!
bosszell1 Year ago
I love everything about wyze the company the products the people most respect keep doing your thing 👏
Engineerisaac Year ago
We support you still. I own 3 cameras and I keep buying more.
Drizzled Dominance
Drizzled Dominance Year ago
I can't use my wyze.... Without plugging it in... Thought u could use it without the cord
Wyze Year ago
We're sorry for any inconvenience this caused. If you'd like help with returning that Wyze Cam, please reach out to our support team at:
billy baumgartner
billy baumgartner Year ago
Bob knoll
Bob knoll Year ago
Wow I just left a comment yesterday and now its gone! Still can't find app for my android phone but my friends I phone no problem. I will return to store buy something else this thing sucks.
Wyze Year ago
Hey Bob, Sorry to hear about this. We found your comment and responded to it earlier today, so we're confident it is still here. In case there's a glitch and your comment isn't showing up, here is our earlier response: When you search for the app, try typing in "Wyze" or "Wyze cam". If you aren't able to find the app, please reach out to our support team at:
Mark Walters
Mark Walters Year ago
I bought one. And now my brother has one coming for Christmas.
Wyze Year ago
We hope you both enjoy them! Happy Holidays from all of us at Wyze! :)
patssox100 Year ago
I just bought one of these, so far so good, believe me I'm gonna let people know if this is a good camera or if its a piece of shit.
Janice Shira
Janice Shira Year ago
Talk to The Holy Spirit he will be there for you.
Diana Woodrow
Diana Woodrow Year ago
That's pretty awesome..I showed the video's to my husband and I think he is going to buy a few. As many others I would like to put a couple outside our house here in Mesquite,Nv but with the high heat and the wind we get here not sure how it will do.. I found your site through viewing you and your sweet daughter singing 🙂👍when you were talking about the Wyze cam 👍
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for reaching out and letting us know, Diana! We appreciate your feedback and if you ever have any questions about your Wyze products, please let us know. :)
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White Year ago
I love my Wyzecams and have given many of them away to family and friends. I hope you are wildly successful and will do anything I can to support your business. I can't wait to see what the future brings.
Beck Stein
Beck Stein Year ago
If you guys keep the specs with ring and arlo cams without guys will slowly kill those firms.
Ray R
Ray R Year ago
Hello, I purchased a Wyze camera several months ago, i had issues with it on the SD area, could not get it to recognize it, instead of trying to figure it out, i got frustrated and returned it, in all fairness i should have tried to correct the problem, After reading and trying out other cameras, and not one bit satisfied with the others, I re-purchased a Wyze cam today, going to try it again. All the reviews I have read are positive and strong.
Mark ODonnell
Mark ODonnell Year ago
It was almost 20 years ago when I started with home automation and invested hundreds of dollars into X10 Home Automation products and software. Since leaving that home over a decade ago I have been researching, reviewing, waiting for another company with similar customer success stories and products that have high value vs cost. November 2017 I looked at WYZE and I have followed the news and reviews for what they were creating and the customer stories. August 2019 I purchased my first WYZE product. It's only been a few weeks but 4 cameras, 3 sensors, and 4 light bulbs later I have found my new home automation company. I am just as excited now as I was when I started with X10. Keep the momentum WYZE.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much and we're so glad that we can help be an option for you. We want to help democratize smart home tech and we appreciate your support! We've shared your feedback with our team and if you have any questions about your Wyze products or have any more feedback for us, please let us know! :D
poowap Year ago
Hats off to you guys !! 🎖🥇🏆🔥🔥🔥 Well done keep it up the products and support are top notch !
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much! We appreciate your support and we'll let them know! :)
Jon Phan's Promotions
Jon Phan's Promotions Year ago
I just bought one camera and went back online and bought four more. I dont think I will stop there. I will most likely replace Swann with Wyze. You got yourself a new customer. Keep up make great quality products and I am pretty sure you will not just have me as a customer but millions more.
Wyze Year ago
We're glad to hear it! We love your support and please let us know if you have any questions. :)
Greg Hall
Greg Hall Year ago
I’ve ordered my 4 V2’s and a Cam Pan and cant wait for them to arrive. I’ve convinced a friend to also go with Wyze Cam’s. My plan is to eventually have a “Wyze home”. You guys are awesome.
Greg Hall
Greg Hall Year ago
Will do. I wont get them until mid Sep. We are US citizens living in Australia and my wife is returning to California to visit her dad in early September so we had them shipped to him. I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on them and setting them up.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much, Greg! We hope you enjoy them and let us know if you have any feedback so we can help improve! :D
Super Nova
Super Nova Year ago
is wyze cam own by china company ?
Mario Landa
Mario Landa Year ago
Wyze... are awesome amazing unbelievable best in the biz
Wyze Year ago
Aw, shucks! Thank you, Mario!
Queen Elizabeth III
Queen Elizabeth III Year ago
*Still ran by the Chinese.. nice* /sarcasm
JacobKirsten Year ago
Good Job, just ordered Wyze online...
gardengirl1962 Year ago
I love you guys! Thank you for a reliable, dependable and affordable security system that works well. My husband can't stop talking about you. He goes to Lowe's or he'll just start a conversation with a stranger telling them about how wonderful and easy your camera system is to set up and how well they work. Word of mouth and good products sell themselves.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much, Gardengirl! We're appreciate your support and we're glad we can be a reliable option for you. Please thank your husband from us for spreading the word about us! :D
ankie dy
ankie dy Year ago
is this camera the same as xiaomi? which is the original?
John Stutz
John Stutz Year ago
I want to work there. Quote below from Founder The biggest thing we look for when hiring is: “Being customer centric: Our business can’t survive without it and it’s the heart of everything we do. For every job function we hire, this is a core requirement.” What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other entrepreneurs just starting out: “Focus on products and users. It’s a positive feedback loop. Build a great product that provide the best possible customer experience, and the rest will take care of itself.”
Wyze Year ago
Well, if your interested, John we are hiring! If you want you can check out our website and browse the career section and see if we might be a good fit for you. We've included the link below but if you have any questions feel free to reach out and let us know. :)
William Dial
William Dial Year ago
Hi . new user here.
Wyze Year ago
Welcome, William!
R Z Year ago
Honestly you guys are amazing! He put his house on the line for what he believes in!!!!!
EarringGirl101 Year ago
Just bought my first one! I cant wait to receive it in the mail!
Chris T.
Chris T. Year ago
Turned down much needed funding because the terms wouldn't be in the best interest of the customer. Uses house as collateral to get necessary funds. That takes courage and a true belief in the vision. Much respect. I recently ordered cameras, sensors, and the pre-order for bulbs. Don't let the vision fade!
Jose RLM
Jose RLM Year ago
Im a big fan of your products, keep it up👍🏼
Wyze Year ago
Thank you!
Mangesh Somvanshi
Mangesh Somvanshi Year ago
Congrats guys!!!
Wyze Year ago
Thanks! It's been a great journey. :)
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard Year ago
Fantastic guys you have my support!
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much! We're glad we can have it! :)
Jennifer Wylie
Jennifer Wylie Year ago
I have 5 wyze cameras and 1 of them quit working the rest of the cameras are fine. Going to call the company and find out what they can do. Wyze cameras have helped me alot!! Cheap enough but also work great!! I have someone stalking me and needed something fast!! This has been going on for 4 months I see him on cameras but he stays away just far enough that I cant make out his face. I wish I could move them outside. I have watched videos of how to put them outside but scared I am going to end up losing all my cameras. And then this person will end up breaking in my house. Does anyone know of a safe and affordable way to be able to catch this guy with out losing anymore cameras. I have 4 left I keep 2 of them facing entry ways into my house incase I am gone and he breaks in and 2 more facing backyard and front yard through a window. I turned of the red lights to where it doesn't glare back in cameras. I have a limited income and cant afford much. I have looked into deer cameras thinking I could put it outside and maybe catch him because it wont flash when he walks by but those deer cameras are expensive and then I would have to worry about him stealing it also. I am stuck and police wont help. They come by and check but where the police drive by is on main road and you cant see much because he is mostly in my backyard which is fenced in. I cant use my backyard because I fear he might be there I have changed up everything my children dont even ride the bus anymore and I dont use the back room of my house that goes out to my back door in fear that he is in there. It might sound silly I have the door locked from the back room that leads into my house. I have thought about moving but dont have money to do that and also what if he finds out where I moved to. I am also out more money because I have to pay someone to mow my grass now because I have a fear that I wont hear him approach me of I am mowing it because of the lawn mower. I have protection I just dont want to hurt or kill someone but if I am pushed to do so I will i have 3 children to protect and i will do so. I have made police reports and have called 911 many times the man keeps getting away I even had to pay to have a electric pole put in for more light in my back yard. I even had to pay someone to cut all the trees out of my backyard so he couldn't hide behind them. Also before the cameras I have about 7 screens on my house that he has pried on. The screens only come out from the inside of the house and I have video and pics of before all this happened to show everytime when a officer would come out on a call there would be a new window messed with. I would take new pics of my home all the way around to keep a record. So if I end up finding out who it is. Maybe the cops or judge can make him pay for all the damage. I am do tired of living in fear. If maybe I knew who it was or even had an idea maybe the fear wouldn't be so bad. Does anyone know of anything I might be able to do to catch this guy on the cameras he stands outside late at night or even when I starts to get dark for hours. Maybe someone I can talk to or someone or something i might be looking over that could be right in front of my face. Or maybe someone has been in the same situation and maybe can give me some kind of idea. What also i need to tell you is that i believe the person can see my every move i believe they love very close to me to be able to get away and not found fast enough where the police dont catch them and also i have set up fishing line in my back yard before like if he jumped over my fence that maybe he would trip over the fishing line and make a loud noise to where maybe he would leave some blood on the driveway so maybe i would have some evidence incase anything happens to me or my kids that maybe they could get the DNA from that man.i an in so much fear and am scared for mine and my children's lives. Please help me!!
Josh Albanese
Josh Albanese Year ago
Best cams on the market.... Hands down🙌🏼
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much!
Todd Ramsey
Todd Ramsey Year ago
Just installed my first Wyze pan camera. Very impressed with the total package. Can't wait to spread the word. Love the company concept. Keep up the great work.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much and we're glad you're enjoying your Pan camera, Todd! We appreciate your support and let us know if oyu have any questions. :)
Seon Woo
Seon Woo 2 years ago
Congratulations. Well deserved.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you, Seon. :)
badandy 2 years ago
We love you Wyze! These decisions are what will make you excel.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you and we appreciate your support!
Nathan Q.
Nathan Q. 2 years ago
Love it, can you start to sell it in Canada?? I have to buy it from US..
Wyze 2 years ago
No promises yet but we are looking into what that would take. :)
Jose Madrid
Jose Madrid 2 years ago
You guys rock!
D'Angel -0
D'Angel -0 2 years ago
My guess is that the prospective investor wanted customers to subscribe for services and the investor wanted a cut of that residual money stream. I'm happy you guys got $20,000,000 to grow and that it was on terms you all are comfortable with. I look forward to getting new products you offer in the future.
Mohammed Jina
Mohammed Jina 2 years ago
When are we getting Wyze2 in UK ? Nothing on Amazon uk
DL C 2 years ago
Just bought one cam, love it !
Jim Petit
Jim Petit 2 years ago
Read this if you want to keep your Wyze cam in tip top shape OUTDOORS !!!!....don't worry...Wyze cam has some of the best folks out there making outdoor "skins" for their cameras...I have 3 pivots is the secret...get that great "skin" may I suggest one with a siliconized cover like I is one for the stationary camera or go with this one for the pivot and btw..for outdoors only use the black skin so no reflection back and white is too easy for nar do wells to pick is what I bought for my pivot and LOVE it Then for the outside get this to mount it to anything..this is the best then the icing on the a HUGE tube of dielectric "grease" to push into any electric opening in the camera and all plugs and anything will keep the water and moisture from getting in...this is a huge hint that no one talks about but it really really does the is that link LOVE THOSE WYZE CAMS....jim
Ryan Finchum
Ryan Finchum 2 years ago
What was the condition?!
Minh Pham
Minh Pham 2 years ago
Amazon will make you an offer you can't refuse.
Sandra Wheeler
Sandra Wheeler 2 years ago
Smart move for the investor who invested in WYZE! And, always know that your basic philosophy is right on point for a long-term survival. Best of all, your product is awesome and I can't stop talking about to family and friends - oh and even occasional strangers!
basdfgwe 2 years ago
I love this company!!
Dex D.
Dex D. 2 years ago
I love my products, but why are you guys holding out on the sweet Wyze merchandise.
Kendall Ray
Kendall Ray 2 years ago
Hurry with the outdoor cams. Ready to replace my old ring cameras.
andrew121410 2 years ago
Wow such a open company also I just bought the Wyze Cam v2.
Wyze 2 years ago
Thank you on both counts! :D
TheTruth 2 years ago
Does WYZE have stock
Vgp 1982
Vgp 1982 2 years ago
I used to have blink and arlo in my home but have since replaced all with wyze cams. These cameras are absolutely amazing for the price. I really don't know of another camera that offers the features the wyze cam does for the price. The only thing I worry about is the price going up the more people are buying them or until wyze stops and says "we could charge 30-50 dollars for our cameras" hopefully that doesn't happen and they stay at a low price. I even recommended these cameras to my neighbor and some family and friends and I know for a fact my neighbor has bought at least 3 just in the last week as well as a couple friends. I have only had 1 issue with the cameras and that had to do with them not working when I put in an sd card but other than that they keep a strong signal, have good picture and alot of features other expensive cameras don't have. If there was a wyze doorbell cam, maybe some outdoor cams (I have 2 outside in these waterproof cases I got on Amazon and they have been working great for months) I would buy that too. Maybe a cam with some kind of lighting on it as well? Keep up the good work and I will defiantly keep telling people about them.
mysys dba
mysys dba 2 years ago
That's how a great company started
Satixa XR
Satixa XR 2 years ago
Thanks Wyze, thanks for keeping users in mind, WE THE PEOPLE back you!
Satixa XR
Satixa XR 2 years ago
Such an awesome company... I bought an EZVIZ cam for $60 and it sucks! The app sucks the quality sucks everything about it sucks. But Wyze a wyze cam is $25 on Amazon AND THE APP IS AWESOME
Jim Petit
Jim Petit 2 years ago
LOVE Wyze cam ......I'll say it again LOVE WYZE CAMS !!!!!!
Crypto Crab
Crypto Crab 2 years ago
I love Wyze cam.
Freddie the Fly
Freddie the Fly 2 years ago
When does Wyze go public? I want in!
Deborah Shieh
Deborah Shieh 2 years ago
Amazing quality products at an unbelievable price point. What a wonderful story about the people behind this product and the faith they have in their product!
Bull City Reader
Bull City Reader 2 years ago
I am new to Wyze. My order of cameras is arriving today and I will be setting them up tonight. Can't wait to try them out.
CL4KFL 2 years ago
Just bought my first one, waiting for it to arrive later today. I’m very excited.
Bill Hinostroza
Bill Hinostroza 2 years ago
Thank you Wyze!
Mark Disley
Mark Disley 2 years ago
Congratulations guys, wishing you continued success. And as someone living in Ireland I can only hope that you will now be able to expand your sales to Europe🙏🙏
Bradley Fritts
Bradley Fritts 2 years ago
My 10 cams and I are very happy for y'all.
D M 2 years ago
Why didn't Wyze ever go to shark tank? Either way... Love the product! Best affordable security camera out there hands down 👌🏼
Hamid Sdna
Hamid Sdna 2 years ago
Good job guys and congratulations. How can we users help?
Joe Ruth
Joe Ruth 2 years ago
Great Camera.... I have 3 now and a lot of my friends are staring to get them also. Thanks Wyze !!
Terry Williams
Terry Williams 2 years ago
Wyze Cam is one of the best companies I have ever purchased from... hightech.. great customer support, and incredibly low priced for the qualigy of product! Keep doing what you're doing Wyze Cam!!!! I will continue to be one of your loyal customers!
Nathan Boyer
Nathan Boyer 2 years ago
Crowdsource the investments. I’d totally contribute for a share in your profits.
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson 2 years ago
Your welcome! Own 2 and more to come. 👍🏻
Your Highness
Your Highness 2 years ago
I bought both Echo show and Wyze for monitoring purpose; unfortunately it's not working. Echo Show just always says "hmmm, the camera isn't responding". I already did everything should do, but to no avail. Reset, Power Cycle, Factory Reset, disable/enable alexa skill, remove delete, reinstall.. made sure in same network; none of these works. Its frustrating. I did research and I am not alone. There's a lot of us who had same problem. I hope a fix comes very soon.
Jonathan Orick
Jonathan Orick 2 years ago
Live view on home screen!!! Please!! I love these cameras and tell everyone about them!
Wyze 2 years ago
We don't know if we'll end up putting a live view on the home screen but we are working on simultaneous streaming. :) Thank you for your support!
InnDreki 2 years ago
god damn that's a positive ass comment seciton.
Wyze 2 years ago
We're incredibly fortunate and happy to have such a wonderful community. :)
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 2 years ago
You guys are the best and deserve all that you have made, to make this company happen, thank you for standing up and being strong, Your going a long way
Rox Dad
Rox Dad 2 years ago
Wizen rocks! You all are great!!!!
Rox Dad
Rox Dad 2 years ago
Wyze rocks!!!
duckiedx 2 years ago
Believe me, you guys just keep doing what you're doing and stay true, I will buy whatever crap you guys come out with. I love my Wyzecam and would love to see other smart products from Wyze.
fanaticofutube 2 years ago
just give us smart wifi light switches/dimmers outlets and plugs and i'll be glad to give you my money. your cameras are great BTW!
Dee 2 years ago
They're building outdoor cam!
Rhovic Oana
Rhovic Oana 2 years ago
Truly inspiring company. Would love to work for this company in a heartbeat.
Aj Nazario
Aj Nazario 2 years ago
I'm a fan! Whatever you do, Do NOT stop innovating! Hell I cant stop spreading the word on WyzeCams to my friends. To be honest, I take super great pride in describing my camera system to everyone else that has anything different than WyzeCam. And I absolutely the jawdropping look on their face when I'm done showing em all it can do. Love it! So keep it up everyone! So thank you to the techs, payroll, software,hardware,designers, the CEO and anyone I missed in between and all the way up to the cleaning crew who keep the place running clean! Thank you!!! Great job!
Michael Mancino
Michael Mancino 2 years ago
Just ordered 2 more today
Big_ Prev
Big_ Prev 2 years ago
I can’t wait to see the outdoor version, I’m loving my wyze cam so far. I’m hoping to replace my arlo cameras (which suck by the way) with more wyze products. Keep up the great work 👍🏽
Sharazod 2 years ago
Oh my gosh Wyze I love love love your company. I have 7 cameras. My problem is every time you release a new camera that does something different I have to have it. I have bought other cameras as presents. 3 cameras are outside and worked perfectly in zero snowy weather. The things you do to make the wyze experience fantastic, is just awesome. Thank You.🥰
M. Serry
M. Serry 2 years ago
I just got mine today !! Fantastic camera .. same great Xiaomi quality as my car cam that I received 3 days earlier !! I hope you don’t greedy and raise the price !! Please check if Xiaomi can make you a camera door bell as next product !!! Good luck and much success !!
Robert Pruitt
Robert Pruitt 2 years ago
Now I'm going to have to buy one. Much success to you all.
Castor C
Castor C 2 years ago
Let's go!
dimmunize 2 years ago
Keep up the great work you guys, love the cameras.
Bud Stephens
Bud Stephens 2 years ago
How’s this for a business. Model .... you make a camera that works for a fair price ..... and everything works great ..... you can’t get much better then that ..... AND a company that cares about there customers , and throw in workers that actually look like they care ..... I think we have a winner here !!!
DrZzs 2 years ago
Local-access-only mode please.
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