A Huge Update for Wyze Cam

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How we put Edge AI on a $20 camera.
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Stephen Nix
Stephen Nix 5 days ago
ONVIF? I would like to use this with my existing software and monitor it in one place with my existing non WYZE cameras. Using multiple apps is not ideal. I’d like to use my multiple WYZE cams with a QVPRO on a QNAP device, as well as on Blue Iris. A Windows based native app would be nice as well. Oh... and there’s this pesky issue where your iPad app doesn’t play nice in Landscape mode....
Jason Drapac
Jason Drapac 18 days ago
Why would a company release a product so amazing in limited quantities (wyze car) and then not have their servers able to handle to load? I'm not the only person who's "word of mouth advertising" isn't going to be good anymore. You shoulda made it for everyone and not just 5,000 people lucky enough to get through to your crappy servers. Do you realize how much those things woulda sold? They'd be one of your best sellers but you only made 5,000. Not a good business strategy. Everyone hates you now. Lmao
Guss Wilder
Guss Wilder Month ago
Shouldn't obsolete videos be removed from USposts?
Ben Month ago
Brenda Stolecki
Brenda Stolecki 2 months ago
I am ordering my Wyze indoor and outdoor cameras today. I am so excited!!
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 4 months ago
Dude I love Wyze cams very affordable !! I paid $3500 to put cameras in my store wish you guys were around 10yrs ago
Elzevier Javier Garcia
Elzevier Javier Garcia 6 months ago
About updating it'd be greater to eliminate motion zone vids that just get full the memory and makes my phone to ask for stopping the use of it. Please do smthg wize about it. Why do I have to go one by one wasting time delating'em all ? Thanks for your prompt respond to this matter.
Marius Razvan
Marius Razvan 6 months ago
Hy , why you dont open a store and a warehouses in Europe ? You can find a good and big warehouse for rent in Roumania...and its cheaper than usa....you can bring your product by airplane or sea....we have everything....airport and sea...you must think in big style....cover Europe after you have U.S.A its a big thing ! ! !
Recon models Vaughn
Recon models Vaughn 7 months ago
I don't think people understand how much work wyze has worked to give us a amazing products ...my family likes to say thank you for your hard work we have made our house a complete smart home with wyze keep up the excellent work 👍
Recon models Vaughn
Recon models Vaughn 7 months ago
Just a amazing company and Products love this company
Timothy Dean
Timothy Dean 8 months ago
Y'all are doing a great job
Photography Morning
Photography Morning 9 months ago
Their quality and style of these videos is amazing. You can actually compare it to some bigger youtubers!
FBI ANIMATIONS 9 months ago
My dad is obsessed with ur cameras
Ivan 9 months ago
Wow that partnership lasted for like 6 months
-- 7 months ago
Until Apple dickheads bought it:)
T Hogee
T Hogee 10 months ago
i am a huge fan of my wyze cams and pan cam they have been great for my feeling more secure at home and that I can leave and check in when Ever I want or need. they are great in my opinion!!!! Thank you to the Wyze guys!!!!
thegreatandini1 10 months ago
Account > App Settings > Enable Hardware Decoder: On. Lag Fix I had bad live stream lag and this took care of it. Good luck.
Kike 10 months ago
Outstanding minds at “WYZE” my respect to all of you. 👈💖👍
nichail Miller
nichail Miller 11 months ago
Why can’t it work on 5g?
Wyze 10 months ago
It won't work on 5GHz networks because of the hardware in the camera. We went with this because 2.4GHz has much better range capabilities compared to 5GHz. :)
MomoLiveFilms Year ago
5g internet is not supported wtf
Kamil Łysik
Kamil Łysik Year ago
Check this Wyze Cam offers usposts.info/vision/oM2X0Kavf4Weecg/video
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Year ago
Ha, just heard that phrase that AI on a $20 camera .... and I actually typed that exact sentence in a Hang to my daughter after loading the firmware! Totally agree that, that's pretty amazing (my cam works flawlessly every day so kudos to a great team bet you aren't shaking hands at this point and are all teleconferencing from home)
Mr. Pixelo
Mr. Pixelo Year ago
i thought they removed it
Jay2pay Year ago
Almost bought another RING camera for inside my house. Tried this camera and it’s WAY better than RING.
awcjfk Year ago
Hi will Wyze come out with alarm or siren to work with cams, sense, etc ?
Wyze Year ago
Never say never, but we have no concrete plans for this at this time! :)
Pam Pinese
Pam Pinese Year ago
Haven't heard nothing but great things about these cameras, and the price is unbeatable. Thank you to all you wyze designers for keeping so many families safe💗
Relle Year ago
I ordered 3 black cams on the website. I’m so excited!
Wyze Year ago
We're excited about your excitement! :D
djrickymix1 Year ago
Hey can you guys make dash cam for cars ? that would be great !!
Bedri Gunc
Bedri Gunc Year ago
Wyze Year ago
We hear ya :( But we're working on it! :)
Naima RestoringDivinity
Naima RestoringDivinity Year ago
Is there a way that wyze shows users if unauthorized hackers are accessing the camera and app? Just wondering because that’s helpful if using this for a baby monitor, predators have pretty complex access to inappropriate content to violate people’s homes and children
Wyze Year ago
Not at this point, but I will share your feedback with the team. Thank you for asking, Naima. :)
eric olivera
eric olivera Year ago
I got Wyze cam about month ago and it is a good cam. The only disappointment that I have is that I cannot set it up with my Apple HomeKit. If I could it would be great!!!
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for sharing your experience, Eric! We're talking with the HomeKit team, but don't have any concrete plans or dates on this yet.
Salam IQ
Salam IQ Year ago
how to use Wyze as a dash cam for your car usposts.info/vision/o5fPsrqrfKilrdQ/video
Kenneth Jensen
Kenneth Jensen Year ago
Can this be activated and deactivated through smart home systems like Home Assistant? 🙂
Wyze Year ago
Not yet, but this will be available later in 2020! :)
Clemente Torres
Clemente Torres Year ago
Thank you so much that is fing amazing!!!
shawng7902 Year ago
all the people upset with notification #s. Its probably because you have 8 cameras now instead of 1 arlo on the front door lol
JamBone30 Year ago
After watching probably 50 review videos and reading about the same amount of reviews, I just ordered 2 wyze cam pans for outside the house and am about two order to of the square wyze cam V2 for inside the house to watch the front and back doors to help the pans I ordered.
Priscilla Promises
Priscilla Promises Year ago
Will it work with an Android phone or Intel-based Windows PC?
Billy West
Billy West Year ago
Is this just a rebranded ip camera? Cause I’ve had the exact, exact same camera before Wyze even existed. I think it’s a Xiaomi camera.
Mark Bordelon
Mark Bordelon Year ago
New product suggestion - How about an external battery pack for cameras??
Wyze Year ago
Howdy, Mark! If you'd like, you can vote for an external battery pack for cameras using our Wishlist at: forums.wyzecam.com/c/wishlist
James K
James K Year ago
It ain't free any more..
Aliza Rafar
Aliza Rafar Year ago
So its free for the first million only right, and how much does it really cost.Thank You
Patrick Erwin
Patrick Erwin Year ago
Is there a thermostat on the way?
Roland's World
Roland's World Year ago
Don't care what ppl say Wize peeps, you all are doing great job!! Keep up the progress and customer satisfaction. Proud wize user... soon wise lock.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much! Happy holidays and we hope you enjoy the Lock! :D
Thisara Gamalath
Thisara Gamalath Year ago
Arlo has left the chat...
Isaiah Gaming
Isaiah Gaming Year ago
So much respect for Wyze
TiCTAC2930 Year ago
Can someone find out where Carlo got his glasses from for me.
Ssix Year ago
Can i use this wyze cam outside of my window?
Jimmy Shot
Jimmy Shot Year ago
Amazing camera and value! The only gripe I have is the security cam constantly triggers alerts at night time
Wyze Year ago
Thanks, Jimmy! Some in-app options which can help reduce the number of notifications would be setting a Detection Zone or adjusting the sensitivity for the camera. If you'd like to give it a try, please let us know if those adjustments help! Happy holidays! :D
Brandon Ly
Brandon Ly Year ago
So now that Xnor is gone... is there a chance we can get new edge AI vs. cloud based?
Ronnie Adamowicz
Ronnie Adamowicz Year ago
I understand that person detection has been removed - www.theverge.com/2019/11/27/20985527/wyze-person-detection-ai-startup-canceled-removed-dropped
Fuad Javadov
Fuad Javadov Year ago
Great product, but please work on PC app. It would be nice to have camera views on PC, or TV.
Wyze Year ago
You can use RTSP firmware to view those cameras on the same network, if that works for your scenario! Otherwise this is something we are discussing at this time but there is no concrete ETA for this. If you'd like, you can vote for this using our Wishlist at: forums.wyzecam.com/c/wishlist
RydFree Year ago
We need the ability for the camera to turn on and off automatically when it detects our location as home or away .
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for the suggestion! If you'd like, you can vote for this using our Wishlist at: forums.wyzecam.com/c/wishlist
Jerald B
Jerald B Year ago
Great stuff. Love the product
Mijagi1976 Year ago
It is not good enough. This camera should be able to make me a morning coffee.
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez Year ago
Do you know if I set up camera in location A, can I still view the footage from another location, like location B? Or does my phone have to be using the same WiFi as the camera is currently on?
user6667azxc Year ago
Good way to train your AI... agree to put on a popular low cost camera, get their users to submit feedback to make your software better... then take your improved product to a higher bidder! Sounds like you guys got into bed with Hooli...
3Lab Designs
3Lab Designs Year ago
My wyze cam has been outside for almost a year now in Michigan and works just fine. It's about 1 foot below an overhang that is about a foot as well.
Nate Van Ginkel
Nate Van Ginkel Year ago
I ordered my first wyze cam after being recommended by amazon. After I ordered the cam I’ve done more research and am even more excited for the cam!
Wyze Year ago
We appreciate the feedback, Nate -- I'll share your experience with the team and we hope you enjoy the Wyze Cam when it arrives! :D
L K Year ago
i upgraded my firmware, but i don't see the wyze service option
Eugene Prinsloo
Eugene Prinsloo Year ago
Unbelievable outstanding well done. Do you have an authorised supplier in South Africa?
Wyze Year ago
We appreciate the feedback, Eugene! At this point, we're not an international company and don't have authorized international suppliers. We'd like to get to South Africa someday but we don't have concrete plans at this point.
ALX CMR Year ago
hello guys, What do you recommend for the securty of kids at home ? how is this? amzn.to/2D1fDBq
SlupitaB Year ago
I originally bought this camera to test out what a security camera would be like without the big investment and without hardwiring and all the questions and preferences that come along with them. These little cameras are amazing, they are wonderful for the money and I have one In front and one in my middle yard and I tried way in the back and I still get a signal . Even looking at the door cams , . I love these cameras they are excellent for the money. 👍 and they have been doing really well outdoors. I haven’t had any problems.
Wyze Year ago
We appreciate the feedback! Thank you for sharing your experience and we're super stoked that you're enjoying them!
Macster Year ago
Please fix the Time Lapse issue with IOS - I have not been able to make it work as it keeps telling me to connect to the same network, which I am.
Wyze Year ago
Hey Mac A. Would you double-check that your mobile device is on the same 2.4 network? If the network is the same but you cannot access and download those Time Lapse files, please reach out to our support team at: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Catherine Kuhle
Catherine Kuhle Year ago
I’m been wanting a affordable camera and I decided to purchase the wizecam Im going to us this camera to keep up and see how my cats do when I’m gone at school or on vacation or just not at home or in my room.
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for sharing, Catherine! We hope you enjoy them. :D
Duck Landes
Duck Landes Year ago
I use a Wyze Cam V2 with the RTSP firmware and the free open source iSpy program. Works awesome, for the most part. 24/7 live stream. Motion detect. Time lapse video. Though occasionally the cam loses connection to the LAN for some reason. www.ispyconnect.com/
Jerzee Al
Jerzee Al Year ago
The only issue i have with my new WYZE CAM PAN is the SOUND QUALITY..... Its very muffled when interacting with someone on cam at home!!!
Wyze Year ago
Hey there! We're sorry that the two-way audio quality is impacting your use of the camera. If you'd like, please reach out to our support team at the following link so we can help sort out what's causing this behavior: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Erick Gomez
Erick Gomez Year ago
I love these cameras but why don’t you have an outdoor one?
Scott Shaffer
Scott Shaffer Year ago
Okay! But the video quality really SUX! I know, it's inexpensive, so keeping cost down, means using a lesser quality censor, but here's the clincher. A Security camera is worthless if the footage is so poor quality, that you can't see the scene clearly enough to distinguish anyone. I get the market is full and you've found your niche, again, a Security camera is nothing if it doesn't provide useful information and the Wizen cam quality is NOT good enough to do that..... I really want to love or even like your product, but how can I, when it fails to deliver?!?
Wyze Year ago
Hey Scott, thank you for reaching out to us and letting us know about the your device's video quality. We're sorry to hear about this and would like to help. If you'd like, you can reach out to our support team at the following link so we can help sort out what's causing this issue: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Hunter Turner
Hunter Turner Year ago
Could you guys comment on the complaints that you are sending video footage to China from people's Wyze cameras? It's the 1 thing holding me back from getting these.
Wyze Year ago
All stored videos are saved in the US through AWS and our live streaming is limited to servers in North America. We started out using intercontinental servers but worked with our live stream provider to limit this to North America when our customers requested it not long after our launch. Thanks for checking in!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Year ago
I would love to try these but they seem only to be available in the US and living in the UK means I miss out.
Robin Spina
Robin Spina Year ago
Hi. Had the camera for 4 days and I love it. I'm telling everyone about it. Buying one also for my son and daughter's houses. Question: I was receiving Motion notifications every time a car went past my house - which was very often. However, about an hour ago, all I receive now is people motion notices (and sound notices even though sound notifications are turned off). No more notices when a car passes by. What's up with that?? Love this thing but can't figure out this brand new issue. Yes, people motion notifications and all other notifications are turned on. Thank you.
Robin Spina
Robin Spina Year ago
Wyze thanks for your reply.
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for sharing your experience and spreading the word, Robin! The change in notification behavior is odd -- I'm assuming that you've not adjusted the camera's detection and notification settings, correct? One thing we can check is the times each Event is being generated. If a Motion or Sound Event is triggered, there's a 5-minute cool down period before the same detection will trigger another event. If you'd like, you can also reach out to our support team at: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
ahmedadelhosni90 Year ago
You shall add a very basic funcionality .. it is a button to alarm and disalarm the system from the app !!
Wyze Year ago
@ahmedadelhosni90, you're very welcome! Thanks for reaching out and we are excited for those to arrive for you! :)
ahmedadelhosni90 Year ago
@Wyze great. I thought this wasnt available. I will recieve them in 2 weeks and will do so. Thanks a lot for your concern
Wyze Year ago
@ahmedadelhosni90, thanks for clarifying! A Shortcut button would be able to do this for you. To set up the On and Off buttons you're describing, go to Add/Edit Rules -> Create Rule "+" symbol -> select the sensor/grouped sensors and select the action "Turn on notifications" or "Turn off notifications". Once you tap "Save", you'll be able to see the button on your app's Home tab! You can follow these steps for creating each button. :)
ahmedadelhosni90 Year ago
@Wyze Thanks for your concern. What I mean is that I need to disable and enable the notifications of for example the door sensors or motion sensors by a button.
Wyze Year ago
Hey there! The app does have the ability to create Shortcuts, which would allow you to adjust a group of cameras' settings with the touch of a button. If this isn't what you're asking for, please let me know and I'd be happy to respond. :)
Israel Vega
Israel Vega Year ago
Ready to connect, ready to connect, ready to connect, ready to connect, ready to connect.
Wyze Year ago
Hi there, If you're having difficulty connecting during the setup process, our support team would be happy to help you. We saw your other post and suggested the same step, but you are welcome to reach out to our agents using the following link: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Israel Vega
Israel Vega Year ago
I buy 2 cam I spent 5 hours trying to connect to my iPhone won’t connect ok . I tried in android same result no connect. Check video in USposts to fix this problem won’t work . Send back . Your video don’t help
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We're really sorry to hear the setup process wasn't smooth for you, Israel. Depending on which error message or step you reach, there are a few possible reasons this can occur. If you reach out to our customer support team, we're happy to help sort out what is causing this issue at: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
the eabster
the eabster Year ago
Loving all your products look forward to all the new ones. Just don't start jacking up all the prices cuz then you're just be the same as the rest. Thanks for awesome products
neeha reddi
neeha reddi Year ago
where is multi screen mode?
Wyze Year ago
Hi there, Neeha! To set up a group of cameras: open the app and tap the "..." icon in the top right and select "Group Products". You can select any cameras set up on your account and view multiple Live Streams at once!
mr2cqql Year ago
I love your little cameras so much that I ran out to micro center and purchase 7 of them.
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy them! :)
E lack
E lack Year ago
Guess My dog Sadie is a person!!....she is to me.
Jays Geronca
Jays Geronca Year ago
This Wyze Cam Smart Home Camera is now $26 in Amazon amzn.to/2p7O4mD works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
Todd Szuch
Todd Szuch Year ago
when will homekit compatibility be added?
Anything Under The Sun
Anything Under The Sun Year ago
There are a lot of people (that include me) who want SO BAD to purchase your products BUT the problem is that its difficult to buy outside the US. Please make it possible/available to ship your products outside the US.
Wyze Year ago
Hey! You can tune into the Wyzies which start at 4pm PST today. We have an update about international shipping! :)
Rabbit Man
Rabbit Man Year ago
My camera stoped working after the firm update. I message someone and they said to flush the old one back until there’s a fix. How long is it going to be
Wyze Year ago
@Rabbit Man, thank you for letting me know. Can you let me know the ticket number so I can look into this for you?
Rabbit Man
Rabbit Man Year ago
Wyze hello I don’t have one but I was messaging someone on the support page. They told me that the firmwear update for the cam was causing the 12 sec Detection to stop working and I needed to reinstall the old firmwear. They sent me a link on how the download the old firmwear but I don’t have a sad card .
Wyze Year ago
Hey, Eric! Can you let me know your case's ticket number so I can look into this for you?
dank meams
dank meams Year ago
God the wyze cam is just. Well amazing if you ask me though I would love to see a outdoor camera or even better a outdoor case for a normal wyze can
Wyze Year ago
We're working on it! You can keep an eye on our Roadmap for updates: forums.wyzecam.com/c/roadmap
Zee Amazon
Zee Amazon Year ago
amazing cameras usposts.info/vision/q8yYmsnWjo6ae9Q/video
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez Year ago
Hi guys congrats for such an amazing and affordable product!!! Can you provide a "Crying Baby" detection service or sensor? I think training AI algorithm to do this should be way easier than person detection as you only need sound treatment.
Wyze Year ago
Thanks, Jaime! We can understand the appeal of this sort of detection! I'm a new uncle myself and can imagine how nice this would be as an option. If you'd like, you can vote for this using our Wishlist here: forums.wyzecam.com/c/wishlist
Lawrence Reyno
Lawrence Reyno Year ago
Hello Wyze. 2 things can I put a 64 gig chip in or a bigger chip in the camera? When is they going to work with Apple HomeKit
Wyze Year ago
Hey, Lawrence! Wyze Cam supports Class 10 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB microSD cards in FAT32 format. The camera will recognize larger cards (64GB+) that use exFAT, but these cards are less stable and are more likely to experience issues in the long run. We aren't giving up and are investigating options with HomeKit, but we don't have a specific timeline on if or when it will be available.
KrycekDK Year ago
Looking like a great camera but, would love to see PoE of somekind integratet. WiFi (battery powered) or PoE is in my world the furture, not to have power socket close by the cameras everywhere in the house. Keep up the good work, really nice cameras, but again not the perfect ones.
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for the feedback, Kim! If you're interested in a battery powered, wireless camera option, keep an eye on our Roadmap which can be found here: forums.wyzecam.com/c/roadmap
Keo Menorath
Keo Menorath Year ago
I still need continuous recording everyday not just motion. There is but only when I press recording and I can’t exit app doing so
Wyze Year ago
@Keo Menorath, you should also be able to see the footage in the app by using Playback. To access Playback, select a Wyze Cam from the Home tab and look for the teal "View Playback" button at the bottom of the screen. :)
Keo Menorath
Keo Menorath Year ago
Wyze it’s on continuous record on local storage. But you cannot view on app only by taking the SD card and onto a computer correct ?
Wyze Year ago
Hi, Keo! If you have a microSD card installed, your camera can use Continuous Recording (Camera > Device Settings > Advanced Settings > Local Storage). This footage is stored on the card but can be downloaded to your phone (the way you've described is a manual option) or you can use a computer if you'd prefer! Keep in mind that the card will start overwriting the oldest files once it runs out of space. I hope this helps!
Shari Day
Shari Day Year ago
Wyze Year ago
WOW right back at ya! :D
Mr Connor TV
Mr Connor TV Year ago
OMG, the Value is amazing for the price. Let me go buy at least 2 now.
Wyze Year ago
Hey there! Thank you so much for the support! We hope you enjoy them. :D
p9948 Year ago
Today we bought our first cam. Four Wyze pan tilts and four external battery lights to eliminate the night mode as we want to mount cams looking out windows. We understand the led on cam creates reflections. Very impressed with your products. We will likely buy four more for sides of home later.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much for your feedback! I shared your experience and thoughts with the team. Everyone is glad the Wyze Cam Pans are working well for you!
alonzo nino
alonzo nino Year ago
Hi I was thinking about purchasing the wyze cam pan will the person detection update also be available for that?
Wyze Year ago
Hi, Alonzo! Yes, the Wyze Cam Pan is compatible with Person Detection! :D
Lesal8403 Year ago
One complaint.. BRING HOMEKIT!!!
Wyze Year ago
Hey there! We tried to make this work with the HomeKit team but ran into a problem with hardware limitations. We're still talking to them and looking for options but we can't make promises yet. You can learn more here: forums.wyzecam.com/t/apple-homekit-integration/6751
Pedro Ramos
Pedro Ramos Year ago
Would like to see a hunting trail cam version of Wyze where I could sit at home and view wildlife. Will a Wyze cam work with a 3G/4G/5G hotspot?
broderp Year ago
How about an outdoor version of this camera able to withstand the elements? Same as the pan model, but maybe with an external antenna for extended range. Other than mostly mechanical design, you can use the exact same circuitry.
phillip w
phillip w Year ago
Incredible Camera and app, ditch my 8 camera NVR, install WYZE cams
Martin G
Martin G Year ago
This feature only works randomly for me.. definitely set properly.
Wyze Year ago
Hey, Martin! We're sorry that Person Detection isn't working consistently for you. Is the Person Detection triggering Events too often, not often enough, or is there some other issue you noticed? We'd love to look into this with you.
J C Year ago
Great camera but not flawless. I needed to Playback video for a certain time frame, but there was a freeze in the continuous recording for 18 mins. This has occurred several times (on both cameras at the same time). This seems more of software issue. Other than that, great price for the camera.
Wyze Year ago
Hey there, J C! We're sorry to hear about that freeze in the continuous recording. If you'd like, you can bring this to our Support team and we'll work to determine what's causing this behavior: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us
Dave Chapman
Dave Chapman Year ago
Hi guys, please please bring Wyze to the UK, we are all feeling left out over here!
Dennis Mathias
Dennis Mathias Year ago
What a fabulous presentation. I'm excited about my cam and am increasing the inventory. BTW, It's independently not indipendantly.
Adrian Crowder
Adrian Crowder Year ago
Great Job! Reasonably Fabulous Price for Such So So Much.! Please create Mother board unit. This is needed to give notifications when burglar “Cut your power an just walk in / Pick Lock Of Door......Help!
user6667azxc Year ago
Only had this cam for a week and its AI person detection is pretty impressive. I wouldn't be surprised if this was unofficially running pied piper software under the hood !
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