Meet The Newest Addition to the Wyze Ecosystem: Wyze Lock

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We only have a limited amount of Locks for our Early Access users. Full public launch coming in February 2020.
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Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 2 days ago
Guys, your products are really awesome. Just one suggestion with this one that I already got, can you please add more colors? Bronce color, black, white, etc.
21boxhead 3 days ago
Don't like separate keypad with batteries in 113+ desert heat not good idea need one keypad built in to the lock maybe add fingerprint sensor
Ben 9 days ago
David Williams
David Williams Month ago
It would be great if you made this work with GOOGLE HOME!!!!!! GET ON IT!
Ron Johnston
Ron Johnston 2 months ago
How about setting it up so it will work with Google Voice? I read articles before I bought it that said it would work with it now they're saying it's going to be working in quarter 3 of 2020 :-) please get that fixed that is a big reason I bought it
Jim Abbey
Jim Abbey 2 months ago
Ok thats all good BUT, What about battery life.I imagine if it's a main traffic door, the batteries will wear out fast!
Timm Smith
Timm Smith 3 months ago
Here we are a year later and the lock still does not work with Google Home devices. Promises, promises but no delivery. Think twice before buying Wyze product's.
Adrienne F.
Adrienne F. 3 months ago
I asked this question on the app too. I’ve been a customer since you first started. “Ok. Not sure if this has been asked. I’m playing Devil’s advocate here: what if a woman’s purse has been stolen in an airport. She lives alone and didn’t share her wyze app info with anyone. Her phone and her ID with her address are in purse. She has a wyze lock which has that auto feature. The thieves go to her house knowing she’ll be gone a while since she was flying out. They basically have free range inside her home. Is there a vacation mode set up that can prevent such things from happening with possible a password to set up and deactivate so the thieves don’t have access to that feature?”
Frak 4 months ago
You talk about the technical challenges of a product but you completely gloss over the fact that you need a gateway and you don't mention the wireless technologies used.
francisco zuñiga
francisco zuñiga 5 months ago
Hello friends, greetings from Chile, I already have wyze cam, wyze scale and wyze band, your products are incredible, hoping that soon it will be in Spanish
Joe Gatta
Joe Gatta 5 months ago
Smart home smoke and carbon dectector, and please make it wireless, on 5g or 2.4 if you have to lol.
Royale High Gamer
Royale High Gamer 5 months ago
Are you guys gonna make a video doorbell?
Larry J parkhurst
Larry J parkhurst 6 months ago
I only have an apple iPad Pro. I can not load in the micro chip for review. I can load my camera sd cards. All the hardware is functional. Seems to be a file format issue. Am I wrong. If so how can I get the data into the iPad Pro. I know you have provided access via the WYZE app but it is somewhat limited. What are the issues?
Larry J parkhurst
Larry J parkhurst 6 months ago
I have WYZE v1 and v2 cams. Each has a microchip that allows to be removed and viewed on a laptop (I used to have one that had Windows 10 that was compatible and I could read the files). I no longer have the lap top but I do have an Apple iPad Pro. The iPad does not recognize the format and will not load in the files. Is there a work around to get the files in the iPad? It would seem that all of the people with only an iPad and your cams have an issue. Thank you for your previous response.
Wyze 6 months ago
Thanks for reaching out to us! Can you give us a little more information about what you're trying to do or the issue you're running into? We'd be happy to help troubleshoot this, but want to make sure we're understanding the issue.
Vineet Rawat
Vineet Rawat 8 months ago
Guys how about doing something with window blinds
Brian Burgett
Brian Burgett 8 months ago
You guys are awesome!
Alton Riggs
Alton Riggs 8 months ago
I own 4 cams. I Will purchase no more WYZE products made in China.
Little Cottage Shoppe
Little Cottage Shoppe 8 months ago
Will this work for rental vacation homes, like Airbnb & similar?
Wezzynator 8 months ago
So I just installed the new Wyze smart lock and keypad and I love it! I also have the Wyze door senors, wyze plugs, wyze camera's and wyze LED bulbs with that being said I believe in this company. One thing that I thought about that would be a great feature in the wyze app is to make the cameras compatible with some kind of face ID. So when you walk up to your door you just look into your wyze cam and it would unlock the door! Idk thought that would be great for people with the wyze home setup and it would save them a lil money on not having to pay for a keypad from the jump, just some food for thought's.
William Rossetto
William Rossetto 9 months ago
when will all these new products be available in Canada?
David Perez
David Perez 9 months ago
🌱I admire your desire to succeed and your great work at WYZE, many congratulations continue to be very successful.🌳💯
javamanden 10 months ago
How about making an intercom Remote opner so People In appartments Can get the joy of smart locks. Like hacking the intercom from a Phone the open the Street door, without Keys and there after using the wyse smart lock In the appartment ( hint, the NUKi smart opner)
Mel Licious
Mel Licious 10 months ago
Where in Canada can I purchase the magnetic plates for your wyze cam???
Christopher Freeman
Christopher Freeman 10 months ago
if you knew anything about the electronic lock / security industry.... you would know LockIN is a horrible product name.
GeorgeandDad Decker
GeorgeandDad Decker 11 months ago
Love your products. Have many. Is the adapter or base plate the lock attaches to made out of plastic or metal ?
Wyze 10 months ago
The mounting plate is made of metal! :D
the eabster
the eabster 11 months ago
I purchased the Smart Lock several weeks ago still waiting on the keypad. Says early 2020 it will be available. Going into the 4th month of 2020 now. Any idea when the keypad will be released. I honestly would have never bought the lock if I realized the keypad wasn't part of it. Then I realize i can't even get it. Super happy with all your other products so I'll get over it. but when can I get my keypad!!!!??
Wyze 11 months ago
We're working on it! and are super grateful for your patience while we get the keypad ready to send out! I can't confirm a specific date, but as soon as possible! :)
Not J
Not J 11 months ago
And at his house, that's the jankiest camera setup ever. Can just be unplugged and/or stolen and taken with the thief. Not what I'm looking for in a security company.
Not J
Not J 11 months ago
This guy wants you trust him to secure your house, and he can't even secure his own seatbelt. No thanks.
You Nes
You Nes 11 months ago
I need you guys please to make doorbell video cam ... please please please
Mike Benton
Mike Benton 11 months ago
Does the bridge that comes with lock work the same as the bridge for the camera that controls the motion and door sensors? Or is it just for the lock?
Wyze 11 months ago
@Mike Benton, the perspective is much appreciated and I'll share your feedback with the team. We hope you and your family are healthy and please stay safe! :)
Mike Benton
Mike Benton 11 months ago
@Wyze the reason i ask is because my parents like the door sensors and motion sensors but don't want a camera in their home. A bridge solution that takes advantage of your affordable sensors and other products with out relying on a camera to implement them might appeal to more people like my parents. Just a thought. I personally love your cameras!!
Wyze 11 months ago
It's just for the lock! :)
Aaron Lecciones
Aaron Lecciones Year ago
Chinese backdoors, now the Communist Party of China can lock you out of your house!
Does the keypad have to be put next to the door lock ??? And could it be mounted elsewhere. If you live in a flat let’s say we have a post box or utilities cupboard close to your flat door or behind a picture in you hallway leading up to you front door area.
Wyze thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Well it’s all trial and error and depends on other interference and obstacles I suppose. Thank you and can’t wait to see your WYZE products in the UK 🇬🇧
Wyze Year ago
We don't have specific distances to apply for those scenarios, but it is wireless and can be mounted elsewhere!
TiM Q Year ago
I knew that was you but not 100% sure, until I see you daughter in the video. Haha well done. I love wyze products.
Nick Farino
Nick Farino Year ago
Only one thing left to do, make it in standard colors so the match. Brass, bronze and so on. Would look not right on my shiny brass door system Love it keep up the great work :-)
Larry Seibold
Larry Seibold Year ago
I have installed and used several smart lock systems in entrance doors. They all suffer from a nearly unsolvable issue that it does not look like Wyze addressed either. That issue is the weather striping. In articular, a properly installed entrance deadbolt does not rattle loosely centered in its strike hole, rather it firmly holds the door against compressed weather striping. What this means for the motorized lock is that when the door is to be opened, it needs to overcome the friction torque to slide open. This can be overcome with a strong motor & gearing, but the real problem is encountered when the door is closed and then the deadbolt is told to lock. In this case the bolt tries to move but hits the strike on the frame, unless the door is simultaneously forcibly compressed by the user (which they do not do). This leaves the door in an error state or simply unlocked. So far the only solution to this that is have seen, is to have the motor removed from the smart lock and thus require the user to rotate the bolt with a knob or an RFID like key instead, where they can compress the weatherstrip during the lock/unlock event. It is lower cost and more reliable, but i have yet to see companies adopt this design change.
Zac W
Zac W Year ago
What happened to the outdoor camera? Is that still happening? Thank you.
Aruba Haven Group
Aruba Haven Group Year ago
Integration with the auto code generation from HomeAway/VRBO? Every home rental would buy this! Current vendors just dont get it. Please add the integration so a user gets a code after home rental booking good for a date and time of the checkin/out booking.
CK Year ago
Got one . So many bugs they needed to work out before selling it. Do not recommend at all.
Wyze Year ago
We appreciate your feedback and I'll share it with the team. If you'd like, you can submit logs through the app (Account --> Help & Feedback --> Report an Issue) if there is behavior you'd like to report so our team can investigate and correct the issue.
Inspironator Year ago
Lots of tech companies try to get into the smart lock arena but fail miserably because they don't understand lock picking hackers. Just look at the YT video producer known as "Lockpickinglawyer" If I were you, I would first think about what benefits a smart lock can provide? I'm not sold on "smart locks" at all and I'm an early adopter tech guy. Make sure you hire "Lockpickinglawyer" to test your prototype and get an expert's point of view and suggested improvements. Don't go down the path of failure so many others have taken! If and only if he tests it and he gives you the thumbs up should you go to production! Personally, I hope you would work on the user interface and functionality of the existing cams, starting with Google Home interface! Without that, you haven't fully penetrated the existing production line's market penetration potential.
2THWNVME Year ago
I purchased 6 cameras 3 pan and 3 regular. Only 3 will connect. Plz help
Wyze Year ago
We're sorry to hear those cameras are having trouble setting up properly. Please reach out to our customer support team so they can investigate what's causing the problem at:
Timothy Jordan
Timothy Jordan Year ago
New fan boy! How can I be a product tester? I have 3 Wyze cams, motions senors, etc... I want this lock... I'm all in! Also, tested the cameras outside in the Northeast (New England) 30 to 40 F degree weather and they're working flawlessly!
NC Styles
NC Styles Year ago
Make a fingerprint version. I’ll buy one ASAP.
NC Styles
NC Styles Year ago
I would’ve prefer a fingerprint lock. You don’t need a Smartphone or keypad. Just your finger! Truly freedom.
kojoabaka Year ago
My country uses 220/240 volts power. How can I use Wyze products here? Please tell me you can get us that volt range as well!!! ☹
Anthony D
Anthony D Year ago
Is this a build up to a wireless security/alarm system for everything to tie into together?
Peggy Hill
Peggy Hill Year ago
I'm still on the fence at this price and lack of finishes. I'll admit I'm a bit frugal but I'd feel $59.99 would be a little more than I'd want to spend BUT I'd buy it.
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for your feedback, I'll share it with the team. :)
Brian Shabani
Brian Shabani Year ago
I don't understand why wyze cam updates makes the system work worse???????? Yesterday I had to update all my cameras, since that point application keep crashing, the motion detection setting doesn't function, why is that ??? anyone has answer for this please ???
Wyze Year ago
We're sorry to hear about that experience, Brian. This isn't what we expect from our updates and we apologize for any inconvenience you've encountered. Please reach out to our customer support team so they can look into what's causing the app to crash and motion detection to not work properly at:
Masha Mambea
Masha Mambea Year ago
I love u guys and what u do. Can the gateway do 240v ac
tubbytuber Year ago
Is this a joke? Installed and tested on one house before declaring this thing is ready for us to protect our own homes? Where is the video where you invite some experts to try and defeat the lock? Is your company able to buy product liability insurance based on such limited testing, or does Lock-in indemnify you (and are they based inside our outside the USA?)
Ricardo Juarez MTB
Ricardo Juarez MTB Year ago
So something needs to be connected to the wall (power source)??
Wyze Year ago
Nope! The Wyze Lock runs on 4x AA batteries and is expected to have 5-6 months of battery life before those need to get changed (depending on use).
test test
test test Year ago
This is being used to control and abuse me. Thanks.
Singh Sh
Singh Sh Year ago
huge fan on day one of use of wyze cam and sense
Jamarr Johnson
Jamarr Johnson Year ago
Just finished installing the wyze lock great product now I'm curious will I be able to say " lock my door" aka using google home?
Wyze Year ago
This will be coming later this year! :D
NDS Traveler
NDS Traveler Year ago
How long do the batteries last, and how hard to change? I have a keypad lock and the batteries on last about 6-8 months but they only drive the keypad and lock and the batteries are a PITA to change. Seems that being always connected to wifi and/or scanning for Bluetooth would eat batteries quickly. Also, if someone steals your phone, can they walk right in? Otherwise (otherwyze) I love the idea.
NDS Traveler
NDS Traveler Year ago
@Wyze Thanks for the response. I have your cameras all over and love the quality so I'm sure this will be just as good!
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for the questions! The Wyze Lock's battery life will run around 5-6 months, depending on use. If someone has your phone, they can walk in -- assuming they know your home address and that your door has a Wyze Lock (similar to losing a house key). :)
Brady Neal
Brady Neal Year ago
Thief enters through window and exits through front door. That's why I like double keyed deadbolt.
face of just ice
face of just ice Year ago
Anthony Baroza
Anthony Baroza Year ago
I got 2 Wyze cameras for Christmas. Went and bought the sense kit with all the extra stuff (plugs, lights, door sensors) the next day. Love Wyze!!! Going to get smart lock at homedepot today.
Rahul Year ago
When will UK shipping happen?
Wyze Year ago
We don't have concrete plans for shipping to the UK at this point.
Cezar Constantin Cociorbă
Cezar Constantin Cociorbă Year ago
By guys. How does it handle... Idk how to phrase it... multiple door opening directions? A door opening from the right VS one from the left? You put the lock upside down? Just curious as it may be a deal-breaker. Looks fun and good though. Congrats!
barnrd Year ago
Apple HomeKit compatibility please.
Najib Nawas
Najib Nawas Year ago
Let’s talk about the elephant in the room- the latest data breach detected that left personal information unsecured (mine included). Before I purchase any new Wyze products, I need to feel comfortable that my information will not be mishandled in the future.
Jacqueline McDonald
Jacqueline McDonald Year ago
Can’t wait to try this lock out!
Ken Whittaker
Ken Whittaker Year ago
More than a product introduction video. Your connected to my values. I'm bought into your company now. Great video.
Jim G
Jim G Year ago
What's going on with this new update? I cannot connect my Google assistant to my Wyse app. I see many people having issues. Please fix this problem
custompc48809 Year ago
Zigbee or zwave? Work with smarthings?
Brandon Bombard
Brandon Bombard Year ago
I just read that it’s just silver only. Come on guys launch more colors! I have everything Wyze in my home and really want this lock but not in silver. Come on man
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for your feedback, I'll share it with the team!
Brandon Bombard
Brandon Bombard Year ago
Does it come in different finishes?
Wyze Year ago
Not yet, but if you'd like you can vote for additional color finishes using our Wishlist:
Sick Egg
Sick Egg Year ago
Nope, thank you. I think the “most” I can consider is a outdoor cam from wyze at this point..... coming from security standpoint.
Brandon Lee Sanders
Brandon Lee Sanders Year ago
Get to the point!
idrew5 Year ago
Wyze doorbell??? 4:03
Tim Smart
Tim Smart Year ago
What ANSI 156.2 grade does this lock have? In addition, has this lock passed the UL437 testing?
JamBone30 Year ago
Seems cool, but I'll stick with an old fashioned key.
Max Year ago
Nice! Something that is simple, Easy to set up and it's affordable 😏
patdud1979 Year ago
The auto unlock features is what I've been waiting for !!!! Any ideas on availability for I can't wait to test it out and to review it 😁. And a smart lock is what I need to turn my basement in to an Airbnb. I just hope you will be able to setup temporary access key ??
JW L Year ago
Does it auto unlock if you approach from inside? That would be an issue. If not how do you get around it? Looks like a cool product. I have two of your cams. So just wondering. Oops... found it...nvm.😀
Cesar Maldonado
Cesar Maldonado Year ago
Hey make a water leak sensor you will make Millions just send me a cut trust me I’ll buy it it’s a needed product
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for the suggestion, Cesar! If you'd like, you can vote for a water leak sensor using our Wishlist:
Shawn Year ago
It looks very cool. When can we buy this product in Canada?
Adan M
Adan M Year ago
OMG they totally STOLE August smart lock's idea. This video wants you to believe that they did all kinds of creativity to get to this lock what total BS. I like their cameras but this is straight thievery. They should be honest and say that like someone else idea and just made it cheaper. Now that's the truth.
Willie Year ago
I want a smart door bolt... just the bolt, so I can drill 5 holes in the side of my door and my door jamb and insert some bolts that move in or out on command. And all I need is a pull handle on my door and no one would know where my bolts are located and could never kick it in.
Willie Year ago
Just under $90 is a good price point for that kind of capability. I would have liked to have seen the actual install. Are the two screws that hold the outside keyed deadbolt hidden under that rectangular grey box? And it could have been made of plastic since it is on the inside of the house. Now you just need to match all those typical finishes, chrome, satin nickle, black, gold, etc. Will it retrofit to Schlage, Kwikset and all the others out there?
Brian S
Brian S Year ago
1. I like the auto-unlock feature but I'd like it better if it could be disabled/enabled. Maybe there are times I wouldn't just want my door unlocked 50 feet before I get to it. 2. The auto-lock feature seems like it would lock me out if I stepped outside for a moment and the door closed behind me. 3. Why is a 'gateway' needed? Seems like another failure point. 4. Does it work with Google home and others? In other words, can I just say "Unlock the front door". 5. Will each lock work independently if I have other Wyze locks?
Wyze Year ago
@Brian S, not at this time but I will bring this up with the team! :)
Brian S
Brian S Year ago
@Wyze Thanks guys. It is on my shortlist. Will you have use/feature video coming out?
Wyze Year ago
Hey there, Brian! We'll tackle each point to keep this response organized: 1. You can disable or enable the auto-unlock feature! 2. You can adjust the time for auto-lock triggering or disable this. 3. The Gateway helps improve the battery life of the Wyze Lock unit. It connects to WiFi and then uses Zigbee to communicate with Lock itself. If we allow Lock unit to directly connect to WiFi, the battery life would be negatively impacted. 4. The Lock will work with Google Assistant and Alexa. You can lock/unlock the Wyze lock through voice command. For unlocking, it will require authentication code. 5. Yup!
John Cooper
John Cooper Year ago
Great video. When people tell me Millenials are lazy and entitled, I will send them a link to this video. I cannot wait to get a WYZE lock (actually three)
Excite My Details
Excite My Details Year ago
Note: I can't order anything on the Wyze website. I tried Apple and Android. I tried Chrome and Puffin. I could only get through a partially filled shopping cart, and couldnt go any further. I'll try again later.
Wyze Year ago
We're sorry for the delay in our response but thank you for bringing this to our attention. If this behavior is still impacting you, please let us know and we hope all is well!
Gil Guzman
Gil Guzman Year ago
So many smart-asses here. WYZE has great, innovative products that are truly affordable.
Tobie Aimable
Tobie Aimable Year ago
We need a wyze alarm system. Needs to take a sim car for data sms and calling. Check this out
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for sharing your feedback, Tobie! If you'd like to vote for an alarm or the other features you mentioned, you can do so using our Wishlist at:
Harvz B
Harvz B Year ago
When are you guys going to make the wireless camera doorbell? I really like your app reliability.
Wyze Year ago
Thank you for sharing your experience with the app, Harvz! We're working on that doorbell and hope you enjoy the holidays! :D
Max It Up with Marta
Max It Up with Marta Year ago
Just bought my Wyze sense cam and Wyze cam and i am won over!!!! But after watching your video now I want every product you sell!!!! great customer service too!! 😘🙃😝
Wyze Year ago
Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Marta! I'll pass this along to the team and we all hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :D
Clyde Perrine
Clyde Perrine Year ago
About a year ago I installed the Wyze camera inside looking through the side glass and front door. For the price, you can't beat it and they are available at Home Depot too. The Wyze lock looks interesting and simple to install. I see it in my future.
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for sharing your experience, Clyde. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! :D
Jonni Malave
Jonni Malave Year ago
How is this not an August copy cat?
Chase Vaseleou
Chase Vaseleou Year ago
89.99? plus you have to buy the keypad. This is the same cost as my zwave smart lock that is a lot better looking and has a LCD keypad. I thought this would be $40 tops. I'll wait for V2
Jerequan Year ago
Sensors, cameras, and what not basically all serve the same purpose. Instead of just being notified when something is awry. I would love a wyze door and/or window alarm for the extra security. It will serve as a deterrent instead of something that can solely be used as evidence. Cameras alone might make some feel emboldened knowing you have something in the house being protected by those cameras. An alarm would run most of those people off although i'm sure there are some that would still want what they came for
Wyze Year ago
Thanks for sharing your feedback, Jerequan! If you'd like to vote for an alarm device or feature, you can do that using our Wishlist at:
afterrain71 Year ago
Please, please, please make it Homekit compatible!
Wyze Year ago
We hear ya! We're still chatting with the HomeKit team, but don't have a concrete ETA for this. Happy holidays! :)
Joseph Wise
Joseph Wise Year ago
Any chance you will create a dark version?
Wyze Year ago
Color variations aren't something we've made plans for at this point, but you can vote for this using our Wishlist at:
Mark McEathron
Mark McEathron Year ago
Wyze: Tip for future products that you want to research in order to bring to market. Take a full day or two, and just come here to USposts and watch reviews on the product you want to consider. Reviewers will TELL you what features are important and why. You'll see the products actually used in the real world and the experiences that users have. This will help a lot in your research.
Clarence Lee
Clarence Lee Year ago
The whole auto unlock thing worries me a tad. But I don't know specifics.
Kirill Skobelev
Kirill Skobelev Year ago
So good! What’s about HomeKit?
Kxng 2 months ago
Nope they should of made it support smart things because it uses zigbee and it requires this thing you plug into an outlet instead of connecting to a smart things hub with is dumb because it uses zigbee but the smart things hub is a zig bee hub and they have their own zig bee hub and it’s both a zig bee hub but it doesn’t work with smart things
Volts PC
Volts PC Year ago
HomeKit support????
JDLRtv Year ago
You guys are my ABSOLUTE favorite company. Started with cams ..then sensors....and I will get these locks, too! Can I get a WYZE t-shirt?!!! I'm serious. Much love from Canada
Dan F
Dan F Year ago
will definitely buy this! If that becomes available in Canada :(
Thatcanadiandad Year ago
This istantly reminded me of the August smart lock
Jonni Malave
Jonni Malave Year ago
its a complete copy. Same design, features and idea. The entire concept of only doing the inside portion as well. Even the ding.
thisismicah Year ago
Wyze siren next please
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