How to Setup Wyze Sprinkler Controller

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3 months ago

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Ed G
Ed G 3 days ago
Is the controller waterproof? My current system is outside and exposed to the rain and snow.
MaxK DIY M 17 days ago
My Ac unit on the sprinkler system started smoking while I was testing the stations. I’ve emailed and reached out on social media; It’s been 2 weeks. Not sure how much longer I’ll wait, but if i don’t get support I will just process a return.
K.R. Du
K.R. Du Month ago
I just received mine yesterday, connect all the wires, it DOESN'T work, no water came out of any of the zones:(. I have Hunter SRC plus unit. Please help or I have to return this.
Delano Lopez
Delano Lopez 2 months ago
Introducing Wyze Plug Outdoor !!! #wyze
Delano Lopez
Delano Lopez 2 months ago
The only plug you need...💯 #wyze #power
Mark Qball
Mark Qball 2 months ago
When is the wyze grow tent coming ?
Delano Lopez
Delano Lopez 2 months ago
Wyze home monitoring system !!! Finally here 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
D'Angel -0
D'Angel -0 2 months ago
None of my WYZE cams will stream in any of my google smart displays or chrome casts. Everything's firmware is up to date. Any one else having the same problem?
Garrett Borrajero
Garrett Borrajero 2 months ago
Yesss I was but after a while it started working. Idk what happened though
Timm Smith
Timm Smith 3 months ago
Another product, yet my Wyze Door Lock still doesn't work with Google. How about following through with your promises to make stuff work as advertised before pushing out more junk? Oh, and they pulled any mention of the Lock working with Google from there website. Bad Wyze...
heyheyhey520 3 months ago
Where is the video doorbell? It seems right up your alley!
MrJinwright 3 months ago
Outside of a couple of states (ex. Florida and California), most people won't order this until April.
Logan's lab
Logan's lab 3 months ago
who disliked this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
david hamburg
david hamburg 3 months ago
Hello and welcome to Waze and this video we're gonna show you how to set up an install your new wtae sprinkler she only take about 20 minutes to get started make sure you have the following items ready for installation for beginning installation unplug your existing sprinkler from the wall locate the wires on your existing sprinkler why is an optional stuff that will make the next step
ItsAlive111 3 months ago
That’s the exact sprinkler controller I’m replacing! Cant wait for the delivery
LS LOVE 3 months ago
No Alexa. :(
Prabhat Lamsal
Prabhat Lamsal 3 months ago
How about that wire management? Seems like all them wires are outside the unit 🤔
All-out action
All-out action 27 days ago
I just installed mine and you see no wires because the unit is tilted when in stalled and my wires are long
David Herrett
David Herrett 3 months ago
Agree. Looks terrible
Landon Welch
Landon Welch 3 months ago
That's what I was thinking it kind of looks messy and unorganized
Star Wizard Ranch The Star Wizard man
Star Wizard Ranch The Star Wizard man 3 months ago
How much is the wise sprinkler and you should let people know how it worked
The Animatebook
The Animatebook 3 months ago
$50 USD
John Laizza
John Laizza 3 months ago
Why would you replace your system with this one?
Mike Magana
Mike Magana 3 months ago
I have a rainmaker watering system. It is wifi compatible, but you need to buy the wifi module separately. The wifi module on it own is $80 which is ridiculous. $50 for a Wyze Sprinkler Controller is definitely something to consider.
Mike Magana
Mike Magana 3 months ago
@palliar d have your sprinklers come on when someone is breaking in your house. LoL. Good one.
palliar d
palliar d 3 months ago
So you can control it from your phone foo! Trigger with a motion sensor, and have your sprinklers come on when someone is breaking in your house, hehe.
Pieces Pieces
Pieces Pieces 3 months ago
I’m buying this too
Brandon G
Brandon G 3 months ago
Sprinkler plus: Our form of revenue because our products have little profit.
Marco Gaming
Marco Gaming 3 months ago
@ItsAlive111 still though you have to pay every month I think I’ll still use and keep my current dumb sprinkler
ItsAlive111 3 months ago
In 5 years time, if the controller still works, and the free 5 year period is over, they will be getting some subscribers. Not a master mind plan
Mean Green
Mean Green 3 months ago
Cool 😎
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