Unboxing the Wyze Home Monitoring Bundle

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Month ago

We've got a new way to keep your family safe that we can't wait to show you.
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Elliott 2 days ago
Can somebody please tell me if you can set an activation timer when you enter your code? Say I'm leaving my house and I want to arm the system, will I be able to enter my code, open and walk out the front door (and lock it of course) without the alarm being activated? Probably a dumb question because I can't imagine there isn't, but I'd like to know before I go ahead and pay for a year of monitoring service
Tomas 7 days ago
What kind of unboxing video doesn't show it powered on? I got mine today (4/12) and it won't connect (stuck on the add device screen). Can you show a video of the setup?
Bert Fentress
Bert Fentress 8 days ago
So the hub will need an ethernet port/cable to work?
Faceless Entity
Faceless Entity 12 days ago
I can’t wait to get my and cut ADT
D KL 12 days ago
Can the V1 sensors work with this system?
Royale High Gamer
Royale High Gamer 19 days ago
How long will the pre order take? I per order my a few days ago.
Royale High Gamer
Royale High Gamer 22 days ago
The hub has a siren right?
M B 26 days ago
I loved ( as in pasted tence) Wyze and I used to brag and tell everyone about this amazing company but not anymore... your customer service and return process is one of the worce i've ever had to deal with ( i wish this was pasted tense as i'm still after two month and counting of fighting with the Wyze customer service team for a refund) so buyer beware if you buy something from Wyze make sure you have no intentions of returning it because the lack of and the run around customer service you get from this company will make you reconsider doing any kind of business with them!!!
theosuperstar 26 days ago
This looks great! I can dump ADT this summer.
Seemerise 67
Seemerise 67 15 days ago
Not if you have "cellular backup" with ADT. Cellular backed is a must.
Macster Month ago
Please fix the horrendous static noise on the Wyze Cam V3... All mine have that static noise and it seems a lot of other customers are having this issue.
Guy Peters
Guy Peters Month ago
Q1 - Can you arm and disarm remotely? Q2 - I have a WYZE outdoor cam, does the sense hub replace the outdoor cam hub?
D F Month ago
Connection timed out. Please re-scan QR code. Loop to infinity.
John Minninger
John Minninger Month ago
I need help with my outdoor wyze came and in home wyze camera, PLEASE HELP
D'Angel -0
D'Angel -0 Month ago
Can the sensors be used without the monitoring subscription. Just like the v1 sense products?
Brenda Short
Brenda Short Month ago
My question is can you arm and disarm from your phone with your phone ?
Hime's World
Hime's World Month ago
yes. it was built with that in mind. mainly due to kids or family members coming inside the house to check pets and other things if you're away. the only thing i can't understand.. what happens when you unlock your front door with a key or a (keypad, non-wyze) do you have to pull your phone out every time to disable the alarm system
peejhay26 Month ago
are the new sensors going to be available separately? i just need those to get notified when somebody open my door when im at work.
Hime's World
Hime's World Month ago
yes, eventually they said. the V1 has been out-of-stock for over 5 months. so good luck waiting!
Kevin Month ago
Can I use this like wyze sense without the home monitoring?
Josi Month ago
Do you ship to Europe?
The Net Guy
The Net Guy Month ago
Hey Dave - looking good. Obviously would love to get hands-on with it. How does it perform with rechargeable batteries? Does the Wyze Hub connect wirelessly or does it have to go with your router? (noted the RJ45 connector on the back). Is an angle mount/wedge included for the motion sensor? How many entry sensors can one slave? Can we get a simple garage door position sensor (horizontal=open, vertical=closed)? I'd love to get an opportunity to help answer these questions in a review video... *hint* *hint* :)
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Month ago
The hub can be connected either via Wireless or ethernet cable
UNIX Month ago
This looks like the perfect solution for my beach vacation rental condo since we are not allowed to have actual cameras in the unit. All I want to know is when someone opens or closes a door and the time and date that occurred. This is helpful to know when people actually check-in and check-out and when our caretaker comes to check on the place or if someone leaves a door open for too long.
Turn 4 Automotive
Turn 4 Automotive Month ago
Do the motion sensors have a TStat in them and tell you temp in the area its at?
T R Month ago
does this home security system have any kind of siren? I don't believe I heard that in the video or saw that on the website
Donald RockJr
Donald RockJr Month ago
Is the motion sensor pet friendly???? I have a 70/75 lb American Bulldog rescue, that's why I ask. Thanks🤓🤓
Donald RockJr
Donald RockJr Month ago
@Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Thank-you🤓🤓
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Month ago
The motion sensors need to be placed up higher on the wall if you have pets. We have 150 pound plus seen Bernard and that was one of our questions also.
Jeremy W
Jeremy W Month ago
I've got Simplisafe atm, and while i enjoy it, $25+ a month is kinda steep and their cameras suck so i still use wyze cameras outside (They survived 8 degree snow storm here in texas for me, no issues at all, and these are the gen 2 not designed for outdoor use). Anyway, im waiting on comparisons to come out, in terms of response time, stability etc, but I'll happily ditch Simplisafe and save $20 a month. Otherwise, simplisafe has been decent compared to the other options im aware of.
Ryan Amirault
Ryan Amirault Month ago
Save a tree...lose the sleeve.
21boxhead Month ago
There's needs to be built in keypad door lock having separate keypad with batteries in 113+ heat will kill the batteries quickly
Beck S.
Beck S. Month ago
How is the hardware compared to SimpliSafe?
Cory Driver
Cory Driver Month ago
I have 3 doors I wanna monitor so can I add another entry sensor?
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Month ago
Yes, when you hit the pre-order button on Wyze.com you can add outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, additional sensors and additional keypads and have it all delivered at once. You can get the starter system for free if you pay $59 upfront for the year of monitoring. If you up to pay $4.99 a month you still have to pay $49.99 for the starter kit. Existing V2 cameras are compliant with this system. As I understand it, the first outside camera must be the $49.99 starter kit which also has a hub with it. For additional outdoor cameras they are $39.99.
Jason Bevan
Jason Bevan Month ago
My camera is trying to connect to all kinds of servers in China, Russia and Europe... what is that???? How come you dont answer these questions on your website chat or forums?
B B Month ago
What do we do with the increasing number of battery-bricked V1 sensors we have sitting in the drawer?
Bob Willey, K3RLW
Bob Willey, K3RLW Month ago
Looking forward to getting my kit plus the extras I ordered. Especially since iSmartAlarm has gone out of business sadly, so now I need it really bad. Great job guys@
Bob Willey, K3RLW
Bob Willey, K3RLW Month ago
I have several cams, and Outdoor cams, just ordered a v3 Cam. Also ordered smartwatch, band was so-so.
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck Month ago
Who is doing the monitoring tho? As in what country.
33CEdwin Month ago
Thanks for making both of the sensors based on standard AA and AAA batteries! Much easier to get rechargeable options and more economical
Kathy V
Kathy V Month ago
Please make the sensors available WITHOUT monthly home monitoring like V1 and I will buy them all.
SachaCeline Month ago
When are you goin to fix the cam plus problems??? Seriously why would I pay money for something that doesn't even work. I'm on a trial of it and I can't use it bcuz I keep getting the 06 error can't retrieve video from cloud. Very very disappointing.
lana bicar
lana bicar Month ago
Been waiting months for it to ship 😩
Susie Vanco
Susie Vanco Month ago
I like the outdoor cam I got and my scale. Nice company!!
imir8atu Month ago
Marketing is strong with little answers but more products of little support
imir8atu Month ago
My experience has been less than enjoyable upgrade lol
Can we buy additional sensors on their own?
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Month ago
Additional sensors cost $7.99 plus shipping
Eric F Drums
Eric F Drums Month ago
Been waiting and waiting. Well see whenever it's actually available I guess.
Anwar Chan
Anwar Chan Month ago
My first sense kit was trash can't return since I'm in Belize and their not Nvidia that will return items no matter how far you are from them because the mailing system works also will this new system work here since it's a different country I just need sensors not the monitoring system
Erin Powell
Erin Powell Month ago
The thing stopping me from buying this is no panic button. I'm currently with frontpoint. I have two individual panic buttons that I was able to mount in my rooms to hit in case of an emergency and police will be dispatched no questions asked. I would switch to Wyze if y'all included panic buttons, even with the option to buy them for an extra fee.
Erin Powell
Erin Powell 23 days ago
@Ryan Mish Thanks!
Ryan Mish
Ryan Mish 23 days ago
The keypad has a panic button on it, you can purchase additional keypads for $14.99 (same price as the Frontpoint panic fobs)
Michael S. Ruoss Sr
Michael S. Ruoss Sr Month ago
How about Adding a Smoke & Co2 and Medical Alert Window Stickers and a Yard Sign ( PLEASE )
Jonathon Smith
Jonathon Smith Month ago
Yesss!!!! Can't wait look at my video on the wyze door been
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez Month ago
Dave? can you get more accessories? more sensors for the door and motion?
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez Month ago
never mind, I saw on the wyze website that more accessories can be purchased. This sounds like a very good system
dmsaigbah Month ago
Does the hub make noise when the Contact sensor open?
Hime's World
Hime's World Month ago
only if the system is armed.
Arthur Valdez
Arthur Valdez Month ago
I wish there was like a panic button to get ahold of monitor center. Only reason I say that is cuz I live with my younger with special needs and idk if he would know what to do during an emergency. We've practiced 911 etc but still let's say I don't wake up one day would he know what to do
Ron Kaledas
Ron Kaledas Month ago
can we get wyze monitoring on our current alarm system (non-wyze)?
kip24u Month ago
I wonder what the range is on the hub?
Rick Hellewell
Rick Hellewell Month ago
If only I could get the doorbell cam to play back motion events......never has worked.
awcjfk Month ago
Need to have some type of sound alarm
kip24u Month ago
That base looks small. I hope it's really loud. I was hoping they'd come up with some sort of siren. Either way I know I'll need at least 3 sirens.
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo Month ago
In the base.
Tropic-Al Month ago
Love Wyze products!! Recommend them to friends and family. Eager to get the home monitor.
greg baker
greg baker Month ago
I think WYZE should get their act together with their older products first before introducing new ones. I cannot believe they still have not provided pc monitoring/access for the WYZE Cam, especially considering how many customers have complained about it. On the plus side, they have innovative products at a reasonable price.
SachaCeline Month ago
You can get it on your pc search it on youtube. I was about to do it but you habe to download a different firmware and you won't get undated features on you cam. I think 😅 but you can look into it.
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo Month ago
They never claimed to offer it. Their whole thing was affordable smart home devices accessible from your phone. They never showed interest in a PC app or claimed they would offer it.
All-out action
All-out action Month ago
I love Wyze and what your doing but I don’t think I can trust this product considering I’ve backed the sense V1 and nothing but trouble since day one. They can’t even stay online. I think I can speak for everyone that bought the first ones should get a discount for this new sense v2 when it comes available with out the monitoring service
Alex Falkenberg
Alex Falkenberg Month ago
imo, there should be a 1:1 exchange on their dime at the very least. They sold the garbage v1s to us in the first place, and haven't done squat to make any of it right. Replacing v1s with more v1s that will also permanently brick isn't the answer, and a discount isn't either, imo. They need to voluntarily recall all the v1s and make it right. Surprised they've not already been sued over the v1s, honestly.
kip24u Month ago
@Deedee Gringo The coupons would have helped me because I ordered so many additional devicesc trying to cover my home and detached garage. The basics just weren't nearly enough.
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo Month ago
@kip24u I had like 4 or 5 different coupons for the home monitoring. But I didnt mind paying $60 for both the hardware and a year monitoring.
kip24u Month ago
@Deedee Gringo Oh? I only saw 1 coupon and it expired by the time I decided to place my order 😧
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo Month ago
They offered FREE starter kit. You get the hardware free with a year monitoring. Plus they sent tons of coupons for the home monitoring months ago.
Green_Cafe Month ago
gimme gimme gimme
charlie kehoe
charlie kehoe Month ago
Do you have to pay for the monitoring?
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo Month ago
Yes. If you pay the $60 for the year they give you the hardware kit free.
Big Jeff12
Big Jeff12 Month ago
Yes, I believe they said $5 a month.
Big Jeff12
Big Jeff12 Month ago
Will the WYZE bulbs work with the new system?
Big Jeff12
Big Jeff12 Month ago
@Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Thank you!
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Month ago
hamo 823
hamo 823 Month ago
Where can I get that wyze light
hamo 823
hamo 823 Month ago
@Deedee Gringo thanks 😁
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo Month ago
It was probably a custom piece. You can order custom neon lights online.
Auroramystic Month ago
I like the gray fabric
Auroramystic Month ago
I like it
Ralf Hoyos
Ralf Hoyos Month ago
Is going to have the option for multiple users so the system can tell who is alarming and disarming the security system?
Two Eighteen Media Group
Two Eighteen Media Group Month ago
Can I still use the v1 version products with this monitoring because invested quite a bit hate to replace them all over again. I have several outdoor cams, indoor cam and pan cam, all my doors with sensors as well.
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Month ago
From what I read V1 cameras are not supported just V2
Michael Vance
Michael Vance Month ago
I preordered one, and can't wait for it to come! I don't think that I will continue with the subscription once the first year is up unless there becomes an all inclusive subscription that covers all the sensors and all my cams. Similar to the Ring subscription. It just becomes too expensive for a few dollars a month here and a few dollars a month there. If you could do a single $10/month subscription I would be super happy and would subscribe. Otherwise, I'll just stick to the basic options and self monitoring.
kip24u Month ago
On the order page it says something about the base supporting 5 devices, but they're hoping to extend that. I'm hoping sooner rather then later.
AlabamaDad Month ago
Would like to see a glass break sensor.
Javier Gibaja Esteban
Javier Gibaja Esteban Month ago
You dont need. Use any of the cameras. It's a feature
Neekster Man
Neekster Man Month ago
YES! Gone are those annoying button batteries!
Big Jeff12
Big Jeff12 Month ago
Amen brother - WOOHOO!
Just a Channel
Just a Channel Month ago
Cant wait to get mine. Just got my doorbell is still waiting for my watch
Jeremy Sledge
Jeremy Sledge Month ago
I used my V1 to turn lights on when entering a room. Will this V2 do that with out monitoring fees??
Big Jeff12
Big Jeff12 Month ago
I too use V1 motion sensors for a few WYZE light bulb “triggers”. I sure hope the V2 works with the bulbs!
Marchea Dixon
Marchea Dixon Month ago
Is mine in the mail, just checking 😁
Michael Kidd
Michael Kidd Month ago
When are the flood sensors coming out?
Michael Kidd
Michael Kidd Month ago
@Auroramystic obviously
Auroramystic Month ago
This year.
Geoff Hamilton
Geoff Hamilton Month ago
Come to Canada, come to Canada, come to Canada, come to Canada, come to Canada... PLEASE
Frank Graffagnino
Frank Graffagnino Month ago
is there a siren? seems like an alarm needs a way to annunciate.
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo Month ago
Yes in the base.
Steve J The Sunset & Sunrise Channel
Steve J The Sunset & Sunrise Channel Month ago
ME ME ME Send me mine 😁😎😍
Robert Bradford
Robert Bradford Month ago
Do I still need the base station for the outside camera in addition to this base?
Dangerous Cougars
Dangerous Cougars Month ago
LessThanHandy Month ago
Will the monitoring service actually call you if something triggers the alarm? Or are they emailing and/or texting you??
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan
Heidi Hendrickson Reagan Month ago
If an actual alarm is triggered, according to the protocols you set up in the phone app, local emergency officials can be notified. They are not notified for alerts. They are only notified for alarms if you have designated them to be contacted.
Zack Rays
Zack Rays Month ago
I pre-ordered. When will it ship?
Jim Tobin
Jim Tobin Month ago
The last email they sent said it will ship in April.
Vincent Gonzalez
Vincent Gonzalez Month ago
Can't wait to see these new sensors as a stand alone product! The V1 motion sensor were too creepy for my wife as they resemble a tiny camera.
Zachary Yates
Zachary Yates Month ago
Looks great! I will be ordering mine soon. Does anyone know if you will be able to use the sensors outside of the 'Home Monitoring' aspect? Like how the V1 sensors were?
Mike Blakeslee
Mike Blakeslee Month ago
Picardo gaming
Picardo gaming Month ago
Let's gooooo
Kick Rocks
Kick Rocks Month ago
You don't answer questions......(screw you). Thumbs down....
thirsten55 Month ago
Man this is awesome....Just wish that I could get it in Canada, along with everything else you guys make. :(
Steve Quan
Steve Quan Month ago
I also WISH/HOPE they make this available in Canada !!!
Geoff Hamilton
Geoff Hamilton Month ago
@Digital Werebear you can get some stuff here... www.wantboard.ca/search?type=product&q=wyze but I'd MUCH rather get it direct from them
Kyle Krueger
Kyle Krueger Month ago
I’d love an update if google home integration is ever coming to wyze lock.. the last update we got was a year ago
Connor Finley
Connor Finley Month ago
@Wind Walker The newer echos have zigbee hubs built in. I don’t see why you can’t just use the built in hubs on your echo instead of many other hubs that use the same technologies
Wind Walker
Wind Walker Month ago
agreed. also, why all these different hubs? Wish you would make a central hub and create better integration with google home and alexa for faster/more reliable automations.
pcheb Month ago
A " security system" without battery and cellular backup is no security system.
Wyze Month ago
Wyze Home Monitoring's Sense Hub has a battery backup and its non-emergency services functionality continues to work without internet access. Cellular backup was something we decided not to include so we could keep the price of the hardware as accessible as possible. I'll definitely pass along that you'd like to see a system from us with cellular backup in the future. Thanks for your feedback!
Zachary Yates
Zachary Yates Month ago
I agree with the cellular and maybe they'll have a setting to contact the alarm company if Wi-Fi is cut off for longer than a time you set. But I'd argue that they do have batteries that you can replace and I'm sure they will tell you when they need to be changed.
MR. GOLD Month ago
WHEN WILL they shit
kip24u Month ago
The email said sometime in April. Fingers crossed.
Adrianne Month ago
Couple questions: what is the expected battery life on the keypad before they need to be replaced? Also, does the mention sensor also trigger the monitoring service or is that just a phone alert?
Apple Maniac
Apple Maniac Month ago
As shown in 2:34, they do monitor your system and can send emergency services if needed.
Jonathon Smith
Jonathon Smith Month ago
The motion sensor can be used to turn on a camera or a light
Hernis De La Cruz
Hernis De La Cruz Month ago
Just hoping this gets sold indv and not as a home system bundle
Mike Blakeslee
Mike Blakeslee Month ago
That’s cool they reached out to let you know that. Thinking about it now I completely forgot about the Sense V1 Kit. I have that and you were able to monitor it by itself. Hopefully these will be better than the first version.
Hernis De La Cruz
Hernis De La Cruz Month ago
@Mike Blakeslee They sent an email hours later after I commented and said "we promise that they will be available for individual purchase soon." So good news I think... And I know they sell it as a bundle but you need 24/7 monitoring, I just rather get the sensors and monitor myself.
Mike Blakeslee
Mike Blakeslee Month ago
They’re already selling it as a bundle for $60. Or do u man later down the line as individual pieces? I doubt they’d do that b\c they’re making way more money selling them at $60 per bundle but who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️
christian crow
christian crow Month ago
I love the video so good can’t wait
Adrianne Month ago
Can't wait to get mine
christian crow
christian crow Month ago
I’ve been waiting for this video so long :)
Adrianne Month ago
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