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Year ago
Danny T
Danny T 9 hours ago
My Wyze cam has a solid blue light, but my sensor bridge has a solid yellow. How can I fix this. Your input is greatly appreciated.
Danny T
Danny T 10 hours ago
My wyze cam has a solid blue light, but the bridge has a solid yellow. How can I fix this?
Anthony Ige
Anthony Ige 17 hours ago
I just got my today it look really good but I can’t use it because it’s not wireless. I stay where it doesn’t have one installed. Hope they come out with wireless one but if anyone want this I could sell it to you.
The Barefooted Pianist
The Barefooted Pianist 23 hours ago
I have only one R wire. Do I connect it to Rh or Rc?
Agapito Turrubiartes
Agapito Turrubiartes Day ago
Would this work with replying Messages on iOS devices? Not to be confused with Facebook Messenger.
Anthony M
Anthony M Day ago
Mines doesn’t work it blurs out everyone it detects both in infrared and color. Waiting on wyze to respond back.
The Net Guy
The Net Guy Day ago
Hey Dave - looking good. Obviously would love to get hands-on with it. How does it perform with rechargeable batteries? Does the Wyze Hub connect wirelessly or does it have to go with your router? (noted the RJ45 connector on the back). Is an angle mount/wedge included for the motion sensor? How many entry sensors can one slave? Can we get a simple garage door position sensor (horizontal=open, vertical=closed)? I'd love to get an opportunity to help answer these questions in a review video... *hint* *hint* :)
bradley shefmire
bradley shefmire Day ago
Pause/auto stop feature quit working on mine after 2 weeks.... 🤔
Rahm Menon
Rahm Menon Day ago
@wyze is it possible to get a live view of all my active camera via a dashboard type setting? The current configuration only shows the static view of my camera. Thanks
Tabish Syed
Tabish Syed Day ago
This is not good. Please change the brushes. They should be Tangle Free and NOT have bristles like your competitors.
Shaun Sommer
Shaun Sommer Day ago
When are the remote room sensors going to be available?
UNIX Day ago
UNIX Day ago
This looks like the perfect solution for my beach vacation rental condo since we are not allowed to have actual cameras in the unit. All I want to know is when someone opens or closes a door and the time and date that occurred. This is helpful to know when people actually check-in and check-out and when our caretaker comes to check on the place or if someone leaves a door open for too long.
Turn 4 Automotive
Turn 4 Automotive 2 days ago
Do the motion sensors have a TStat in them and tell you temp in the area its at?
Juno 2 days ago
wyze video doorbell is garbage, I have bought just about every product they offer and all have been great until now. If I had known this was a wired product I NEVER would have bought it. You have to disconnect your existing door chime and wire the outside doorbell outside of the house. My inside chime is two stories up, meaning I have to bring a 20 foot extension ladder into my house just to disconnect the door chime. I bought two of these video doorbells and both are now worth as much as garbage to me, I will not be using these. Why are they not just re-charageable like my cameras. very disappointed in this item. I had cancelled both of these video doorbells stating it was taking to long to receive them, then suddenly two days later I get a shipping notification saying they are on the way. WTF!
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 2 days ago
Guys, your products are really awesome. Just one suggestion with this one that I already got, can you please add more colors? Bronce color, black, white, etc.
Guss Wilder
Guss Wilder 3 days ago
Shouldn't obsolete videos be removed from USposts?
RealGoose 3 days ago
Fred Patchouli
Fred Patchouli 3 days ago
Does it work with mobile hotspot without wifi ?
T R 3 days ago
does this home security system have any kind of siren? I don't believe I heard that in the video or saw that on the website
Donald RockJr
Donald RockJr 3 days ago
Is the motion sensor pet friendly???? I have a 70/75 lb American Bulldog rescue, that's why I ask. Thanks🤓🤓
Ed G
Ed G 3 days ago
Is the controller waterproof? My current system is outside and exposed to the rain and snow.
Jeremy W
Jeremy W 3 days ago
I've got Simplisafe atm, and while i enjoy it, $25+ a month is kinda steep and their cameras suck so i still use wyze cameras outside (They survived 8 degree snow storm here in texas for me, no issues at all, and these are the gen 2 not designed for outdoor use). Anyway, im waiting on comparisons to come out, in terms of response time, stability etc, but I'll happily ditch Simplisafe and save $20 a month. Otherwise, simplisafe has been decent compared to the other options im aware of.
Ryan Amirault
Ryan Amirault 3 days ago
Save a tree...lose the sleeve.
21boxhead 3 days ago
Don't like separate keypad with batteries in 113+ desert heat not good idea need one keypad built in to the lock maybe add fingerprint sensor
21boxhead 3 days ago
There's needs to be built in keypad door lock having separate keypad with batteries in 113+ heat will kill the batteries quickly
Beck S.
Beck S. 4 days ago
How is the hardware compared to SimpliSafe?
Steven T
Steven T 4 days ago
Somehow my QR label is damaged. How can I connect now?
Mr.Bond 4 days ago
Awesome video. Can this adhesive stick on wooden exterior walls on the house?
David M
David M 4 days ago
Advertisement that would Apple do. But you got it first.
Cory Driver
Cory Driver 5 days ago
I have 3 doors I wanna monitor so can I add another entry sensor?
Jason Bevan
Jason Bevan 5 days ago
My camera is trying to connect to all kinds of servers in China, Russia and Europe... what is that???? How come you dont answer these questions on your website chat or forums?
Raahul Pooran
Raahul Pooran 5 days ago
We need a light switch now.
B B 5 days ago
What do we do with the increasing number of battery-bricked V1 sensors we have sitting in the drawer?
Bob Willey, K3RLW
Bob Willey, K3RLW 6 days ago
Looking forward to getting my kit plus the extras I ordered. Especially since iSmartAlarm has gone out of business sadly, so now I need it really bad. Great job [email protected]
Bob Willey, K3RLW
Bob Willey, K3RLW 6 days ago
I have several cams, and Outdoor cams, just ordered a v3 Cam. Also ordered smartwatch, band was so-so.
Ryan Peck
Ryan Peck 6 days ago
Who is doing the monitoring tho? As in what country.
33CEdwin 6 days ago
Thanks for making both of the sensors based on standard AA and AAA batteries! Much easier to get rechargeable options and more economical
Kathy V
Kathy V 6 days ago
Please make the sensors available WITHOUT monthly home monitoring like V1 and I will buy them all.
Kathy V
Kathy V 6 days ago
Beautiful song
Noam Gonen
Noam Gonen 6 days ago
I own many of their products (outdoor outlets, doorbell, headphone, vacuum) . I love the brand bc they're like Vizio of consumer electronics - they start at "reasonable quality" at a "great value" and from there they just keep raising the bar on build quality, product usability, feature set all while keeping the price - till one day you take a look and that "Vizio" is giving a fair fight to the "Samsung"s of the world - so I'm going all in on Wyze, at least till they prove me wrong ;-)
SachaCeline 6 days ago
When are you goin to fix the cam plus problems??? Seriously why would I pay money for something that doesn't even work. I'm on a trial of it and I can't use it bcuz I keep getting the 06 error can't retrieve video from cloud. Very very disappointing.
Dark Egress
Dark Egress 6 days ago
The Ad was annoying AF.
lana bicar
lana bicar 6 days ago
Been waiting months for it to ship 😩
Simon 6 days ago
LOL! More adverts should be like this!!!
Susie Vanco
Susie Vanco 6 days ago
I like the outdoor cam I got and my scale. Nice company!!
iris lily
iris lily 7 days ago
How can I get your products here in the uk
Yaslina 7 days ago
For my home I have Ring and I really don't see myself changing to Wyze for my home is the US or Mexico. But I think that they would make some great presents for friends in Mexico. I assume all it need is WiFi, right? How about developing a solar panel to charge the battery? Was that an option you considered? Just wondering. I also assume that you didn't have the home monitoring service yet when you taped this video, did you? Because if you did, it doesn't inspire too much confidence when the CEO of the company uses Xfinity Home Protection Services (11:00) to protect his home. Haha!
imir8atu 7 days ago
Marketing is strong with little answers but more products of little support
imir8atu 7 days ago
My experience has been less than enjoyable upgrade lol
USARMY11bANDWHAT 7 days ago
Can we buy additional sensors on their own?
Eric F Drums
Eric F Drums 7 days ago
Been waiting and waiting. Well see whenever it's actually available I guess.
Anwar Chan
Anwar Chan 7 days ago
My first sense kit was trash can't return since I'm in Belize and their not Nvidia that will return items no matter how far you are from them because the mailing system works also will this new system work here since it's a different country I just need sensors not the monitoring system
COLONEL H.S.L. 7 days ago
Hello! My WyzeCam Pan has been acting up and I emailed the support email above. However, I received an automated response saying that the email is unmonitored. What should I do?
Erin Powell
Erin Powell 7 days ago
The thing stopping me from buying this is no panic button. I'm currently with frontpoint. I have two individual panic buttons that I was able to mount in my rooms to hit in case of an emergency and police will be dispatched no questions asked. I would switch to Wyze if y'all included panic buttons, even with the option to buy them for an extra fee.
Michael S. Ruoss Sr
Michael S. Ruoss Sr 7 days ago
How about Adding a Smoke & Co2 and Medical Alert Window Stickers and a Yard Sign ( PLEASE )
Abe M.
Abe M. 7 days ago
Can you please make a playlist of al these tips I see their numbered but the playlists u have i dont see which ones leads to these videos. I just bought and put in sd cards into my camera to record longer then 12 sec clips
Jonathon Smith
Jonathon Smith 7 days ago
Yesss!!!! Can't wait look at my video on the wyze door been
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez 7 days ago
Dave? can you get more accessories? more sensors for the door and motion?
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez 7 days ago
never mind, I saw on the wyze website that more accessories can be purchased. This sounds like a very good system
dmsaigbah 7 days ago
Does the hub make noise when the Contact sensor open?
Arthur Valdez
Arthur Valdez 7 days ago
I wish there was like a panic button to get ahold of monitor center. Only reason I say that is cuz I live with my younger with special needs and idk if he would know what to do during an emergency. We've practiced 911 etc but still let's say I don't wake up one day would he know what to do
Ron Kaledas
Ron Kaledas 7 days ago
can we get wyze monitoring on our current alarm system (non-wyze)?
kip24u 7 days ago
I wonder what the range is on the hub?
Rick Hellewell
Rick Hellewell 7 days ago
If only I could get the doorbell cam to play back motion events......never has worked.
awcjfk 7 days ago
Need to have some type of sound alarm
kip24u 7 days ago
That base looks small. I hope it's really loud. I was hoping they'd come up with some sort of siren. Either way I know I'll need at least 3 sirens.
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo 7 days ago
In the base.
Tropic-Al 7 days ago
Love Wyze products!! Recommend them to friends and family. Eager to get the home monitor.
greg baker
greg baker 7 days ago
I think WYZE should get their act together with their older products first before introducing new ones. I cannot believe they still have not provided pc monitoring/access for the WYZE Cam, especially considering how many customers have complained about it. On the plus side, they have innovative products at a reasonable price.
SachaCeline 6 days ago
You can get it on your pc search it on youtube. I was about to do it but you habe to download a different firmware and you won't get undated features on you cam. I think 😅 but you can look into it.
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo 7 days ago
They never claimed to offer it. Their whole thing was affordable smart home devices accessible from your phone. They never showed interest in a PC app or claimed they would offer it.
All-out action
All-out action 7 days ago
I love Wyze and what your doing but I don’t think I can trust this product considering I’ve backed the sense V1 and nothing but trouble since day one. They can’t even stay online. I think I can speak for everyone that bought the first ones should get a discount for this new sense v2 when it comes available with out the monitoring service
Alex Falkenberg
Alex Falkenberg 7 days ago
imo, there should be a 1:1 exchange on their dime at the very least. They sold the garbage v1s to us in the first place, and haven't done squat to make any of it right. Replacing v1s with more v1s that will also permanently brick isn't the answer, and a discount isn't either, imo. They need to voluntarily recall all the v1s and make it right. Surprised they've not already been sued over the v1s, honestly.
kip24u 7 days ago
@Deedee Gringo The coupons would have helped me because I ordered so many additional devicesc trying to cover my home and detached garage. The basics just weren't nearly enough.
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo 7 days ago
@kip24u I had like 4 or 5 different coupons for the home monitoring. But I didnt mind paying $60 for both the hardware and a year monitoring.
kip24u 7 days ago
@Deedee Gringo Oh? I only saw 1 coupon and it expired by the time I decided to place my order 😧
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo 7 days ago
They offered FREE starter kit. You get the hardware free with a year monitoring. Plus they sent tons of coupons for the home monitoring months ago.
Green_Cafe 7 days ago
gimme gimme gimme
charlie kehoe
charlie kehoe 7 days ago
Do you have to pay for the monitoring?
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo 7 days ago
Yes. If you pay the $60 for the year they give you the hardware kit free.
Big Jeff12
Big Jeff12 7 days ago
Yes, I believe they said $5 a month.
Big Jeff12
Big Jeff12 7 days ago
Will the WYZE bulbs work with the new system?
iris lily
iris lily 7 days ago
Where can I get that wyze light
iris lily
iris lily 7 days ago
@Deedee Gringo thanks 😁
Deedee Gringo
Deedee Gringo 7 days ago
It was probably a custom piece. You can order custom neon lights online.
Kxng 7 days ago
I like the gray fabric
Kxng 7 days ago
I like it