Live AMA with the Wyze Team
E P 10 hours ago
Buyer beware... Just received the 44 and the 47 took booth for a test drive... DO NOT ORDER THE 44!!!! even if you have a small wrist the 44 is so inferior to the 47 it's not even funny. First of all they run on a complete different OS and firmware. Secondly the response from the 44 is abysmal... Put both watches on my wrist and the 44 won't even wake up about 80% of the time. Also the screen on the 44 only takes up about 80% of the screen as opposed to the 47 taking every inch of the display. The OS on the 44 looks like you ordered it off of Wish. The only thing good about the 44 is the offering of watch faces vs the 47.
doug mcgurer
doug mcgurer 14 hours ago
Cant get to scan QR code been on hold 20 min. Hummmmmm rethinking this purchase
Christine Cude
Christine Cude 20 hours ago
I don't need a lamp like this but your marketing is on point and I'm trying to find a reason to buy one! I have many of your products and love all of them.
J G Day ago
My iPhone Wyze app doesn’t work nearly as good as it did in my Samsung
Rick Booker
Rick Booker Day ago
Vina Elizabeth
Vina Elizabeth 2 days ago
What SIM card do u use ?
Elliott 2 days ago
Can somebody please tell me if you can set an activation timer when you enter your code? Say I'm leaving my house and I want to arm the system, will I be able to enter my code, open and walk out the front door (and lock it of course) without the alarm being activated? Probably a dumb question because I can't imagine there isn't, but I'd like to know before I go ahead and pay for a year of monitoring service
Sgt Rock
Sgt Rock 3 days ago
The freakin SD card won't even click and set into the camera!!!!!!! JUNK!!!!!! Now it's stuck all the way into it and I can't get it out!!!!!!! JUNK!!!!!! I formatted it, followed exactly what this guy said and it DOES NOT WORK SMFH!!!!!!!!
Micah Nightwolf
Micah Nightwolf 3 days ago
She put the ceiling camera on upside-down. In an actual setup, doing this will trigger a lot of false motion alerts and potentially ignore real ones, since the PIR sensor would be pointing towards the sky. When mounting on the ceiling, stick the magnet to the top of the camera.
Alloverdaplace 4 days ago
I can't even get mine to connect my wyze cam were so much easier. This bulb wants you to connect to a custom wyze wifi? Weird... update... It works but in doors only booooo I purchased it for the patio door guess its only an indoor bulb
ThisIsSMG 4 days ago
I have a 4-pack of these. They are legit. My condolences to Philips Hue.
Saúl 5 days ago
Well, now i know why its only 20 dlls 😂 Pros - big screen - good battery life - watch strap secure lock - it tells time - notifications kinda work Cons - you can't see your watch at direct sunlight, even at max brightness 🔆 - horrible step tracking - 02 and blood readers are trash - weather is way off (it says its cloudy where i live and no clouds are actually visible - vibration motor is horrible - No remote music controls - no calendar - no multiple sport modes - no multiple languages - watchface selection is bad, and custom watch faces customization is pretty limited, wayy to limited, can't even choose black as a font color 😂 - can't turn off screen when choosing to track activities. -sleep tracker doesn't work As you can see, im not pointing out anything that a wouldn't expect a 20 dlls Chinese to do, nowadays. This watch would be ok if it at least did the same as other 20 to 30 dlls smart watches do, but it doesn't. Until Wyze updates this damn thing, i would not recommend you buying this, even at 20. Go to Amazon and you'll find better smart watches at the same price point.
Ivan Shkinder
Ivan Shkinder 5 days ago
Awesome! 👌😁👍
Alex Falkenberg
Alex Falkenberg 5 days ago
Ah, the Wyze Preorder™. Pay now, receive it in 6 or so months, maybe, then babysit its half-baked software and features like a beta product for the rest of its existence. Not gonna fool me ever again, Wyze. Nope.
alienv5 5 days ago
Here is how to take out the mic on your Cams. You would void the warranty but no-one can eavesdrop on you.
alienv5 5 days ago
They should sell a version without sound. Through my research of Cams I found out they is a huge gap in the market. A lot of people do not want the mic and 2 way audio. I don't.
Stephen Nix
Stephen Nix 5 days ago
ONVIF? I would like to use this with my existing software and monitor it in one place with my existing non WYZE cameras. Using multiple apps is not ideal. I’d like to use my multiple WYZE cams with a QVPRO on a QNAP device, as well as on Blue Iris. A Windows based native app would be nice as well. Oh... and there’s this pesky issue where your iPad app doesn’t play nice in Landscape mode....
jamielth velasquez
jamielth velasquez 5 days ago
I really like this camera is so easy to install thank and is very cheap thank you again
luvstatus1 6 days ago
I love Wyze, but I really don't see the big deal about this product. Focus on something better.... Btw, just received my alarm kit. Can't wait to install.
Chris DeCastro
Chris DeCastro 6 days ago
I would rather have wyze outdoor lightning for my garden and walkways .
Mitch 6 days ago
I’d like Wyze to make a water alarm detector. One next to my water heater another next to washing machine. Just in case they ever leak.
Travis 3 days ago
It's a water heater. No reason to heat water that's already hot. It is a good idea you have, especially depending on where the water heater is located.
Jacob David
Jacob David 4 days ago
Notion has those
Lisa Snider
Lisa Snider 6 days ago
I can’t keep up with your products! Amazing!
Thanos 6 days ago
You should make more smart bulb variations, it would attract a ton of people. Outdoor, can, bigger/smaller bulbs, flat, etc
Sruli Schechter
Sruli Schechter 6 days ago
Does bigger sd card work
Auroramystic 6 days ago
Kareem H.
Kareem H. 6 days ago
I'm going to buy 4, but I'll wait until you guys have it in stock.
Scott T
Scott T 6 days ago
Off topic, but why is that the only color you can program on the color bulb is 15 shades of white? You can't program any other color. It is a colored bulb ya know.
Shawn Lancaster
Shawn Lancaster 6 days ago
No buy buy...taking a step backwards when I can't control via Alexa
Westlake 6 days ago
Can we pre-order in 🇨🇦?
Jonathan Mottern
Jonathan Mottern 5 days ago
NickShootsGuns 6 days ago
LOL good one... we have sadly been shafted for years at this point by Wyze... hopefully that changes soon
Jano le Roux
Jano le Roux 6 days ago
Love the innovation. Never stop innovating. Software can always be perfected later.
John Mack
John Mack 6 days ago
Couldn’t disagree more! Constantly rolling out new (and unrelated) products with unfinished, substandard software is a recipe for customer dissatisfaction, diminishing brand loyalty, and bad company reputation.
pdxwildchild Roberts
pdxwildchild Roberts 6 days ago
Omg WYZE...we are all still waiting for the gosh darn "Smart Switch"...can ya try stayin' focused on priorities ❓👍 who needs a flippin' Floor Lamp❓or that Weight Scale that is soooo inaccurate👎🏼sheeeesh 😱
Jonathan Mottern
Jonathan Mottern 5 days ago
Jano le Roux
Jano le Roux 6 days ago
Or even just a button similar to a Flic that you can use to control rules and setup in the Wyze app. If Wyze wants to make Smart Homes mainstream this is a must in the echo system
RSJ 6 days ago
What Smart switch? I've never had any issues with the scale, maybe you should contact them for a replacement.
Mohammad Tawash
Mohammad Tawash 6 days ago
How is it compared to Ikea smart LEDs ?
FirstTenor76 6 days ago
Wyze Panic Button System ---- Not an alarm. Just a Panic button with a siren. Period. Please. Thank you!
Jano le Roux
Jano le Roux 6 days ago
Or even just a smart button like the Flic button at a decent price you can set it up as a panic button or control any automations if you need to connecting to the Wyze hub.
Ronoldo W.
Ronoldo W. 6 days ago
Terribly irritating music. Otherwise, an OK video.
Ronoldo W.
Ronoldo W. 6 days ago
@RSJ Yes, I know. I can also mute it on my computer. But I think you missed my point. You also misspelled my name, but that is OK. No hard feelings.
RSJ 6 days ago
There's a little mute button in the lower left. Just click on it and magic happens Ronaldo
crw wcr
crw wcr 6 days ago
Outside smart bulbs???
RSJ 6 days ago
I love that idea! I'm waiting there with ya buddy
45von 6 days ago
OUCH... the shipping charge is a killer on this.
Nefertiti 6 days ago
Half the price of the lamp.
Jeffrey Seymore
Jeffrey Seymore 6 days ago
I got 4 of them and shipping was $25... how is that a killer?
J P 6 days ago
Yes, just like the old as seen on TV 19.95 low price, plus 29.95 shipping and handling 🤔
Tyler Drees
Tyler Drees 6 days ago
You guys should make a home exterior uplighting set. I would buy that instantly.
Lydian Kennin
Lydian Kennin 6 days ago
I wish you guys would streamline your existing products before introducing new ones, especially since I am still waiting on products I ordered before Valentines Day. I really love your products, why not show more dedication for customers?
Jonathan Mottern
Jonathan Mottern 5 days ago
@John Mack The eye rolling emoji is just as bad...
John Mack
John Mack 5 days ago
@Protocol Savage Please cite a “unisexual” usage of “dude” from “almost a century” ago.
Protocol Savage
Protocol Savage 5 days ago
@John Mack seeing as "dude" has been used as a unisexual designation for other human beings for almost a century, similar to "guys", yes.
John Mack
John Mack 6 days ago
@RSJ “Dude”? Is everybody “dude”? 🙄
RSJ 6 days ago
Come on dude. It's called a pandemic! It's affecting supplies, shipping and this has been all over the news. Wyze does not control the global supply chain ya know.
MUSICWORLD 6 days ago
Love wyze ❤️🔥
Robot Reviewer
Robot Reviewer 6 days ago
Wyze, how do you buy wyze car? I am looking for the preorder button and the order now button.
Travis 3 days ago
I am so disappointed that I didn't get to order one. It was exactly what I was looking for.
Robot Reviewer
Robot Reviewer 5 days ago
@Lydian Kennin Do you mean the next April fools day?
Robot Reviewer
Robot Reviewer 5 days ago
@Lydian Kennin Ok
jTempVids 6 days ago
Yea. I'd really like to buy one. I've wanted and needed a RC car like that for years. I was actually going to use it under my house in the crawl space to look for problems (inspection).
Daniel Peters
Daniel Peters 6 days ago
They only sold 5000 on April 1st, and from what I read/saw they have no plans of making more. It was more of a gag/joke item that they actually made instead of just pretending.
Robot Reviewer
Robot Reviewer 6 days ago
Good work! Keep on making products!
Mark Medlin
Mark Medlin 6 days ago
Always The Of truth
Always The Of truth 6 days ago
Nice lamp but you should work on shipping all the back orders i been waiting for my house alarm for months
Jonathan Mottern
Jonathan Mottern 5 days ago
Mine is going to be here Thursday. I'm sure you have but have you checked to see if it's been shipped out yet?
Always The Of truth
Always The Of truth 6 days ago
@RSJ I love the products, but business is no only sales also delivering the products to costumers.
RSJ 6 days ago
Dude, for real?? They cannot control global supply and shipping! Not sure if your noticed but we're in a pandemic and it's been affecting the entire supply chain for millions of items around the world.
Mike MOS
Mike MOS 6 days ago
Wyze is still on top of their game brotha. Please take into consideration possible issues with global suppliers and manufacturers during a pandemic and a recent canal blockage in the middle east.
kyle spencer
kyle spencer 6 days ago
17$ shipping ill pass
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 6 days ago
@RSJ (seriously not trolling here). I would honestly just hold off for 6 month when they release a color temperature or color changing model for a few bucks extra. Getting stuck with one color these days is fairly archaic.
RSJ 6 days ago
Sweet that means I have one less person to worry about when they sell out.
James Comer
James Comer 6 days ago
Keep scrolling Kyle. No need to comment
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia 6 days ago
They all come to Home Depot soon after release... I would just chill on it.
TBSS DETROIT 6 days ago
I will be buying like 4 👌🏾
Auroramystic 6 days ago
No don’t buy
RSJ 6 days ago
I'm getting five and can't wait!
pdxwildchild Roberts
pdxwildchild Roberts 6 days ago
But ur only showing 3 fingers... Lol 😂
柳一柳 6 days ago
Parsa Vafaei
Parsa Vafaei 6 days ago
RSJ 6 days ago
Second for what??
柳一柳 6 days ago
Very good, I like it so much!
Tomas 7 days ago
What kind of unboxing video doesn't show it powered on? I got mine today (4/12) and it won't connect (stuck on the add device screen). Can you show a video of the setup?
Michelle Jean Eden
Michelle Jean Eden 7 days ago
Knowing David Crosby and his integrity of the products makes me feel so confident of whatever I buy. Thank you for bringing trust into the market place.
Robot Reviewer
Robot Reviewer 7 days ago
0:26 the first funny part 0:49 second favorite part
Robot Reviewer
Robot Reviewer 7 days ago
I can't wait to get mine!
Bert Fentress
Bert Fentress 8 days ago
So the hub will need an ethernet port/cable to work?
Jan Leyba
Jan Leyba 8 days ago
Love my new Wyze scale and cameras, but a little concerned in the notification timing of 49 to 53 seconds. I watched someone test it out, not sure if I am going to send it back. I think before I buy the lock I will look into it to make sure it gets some good reviews. I noticed 3 stars on the camera and my guess is the notifications is too slow and possibly the distance is the clarity could be better. On both wired & WiFi.
Josh Hancock
Josh Hancock 8 days ago
Your product is crap. I’ve needed support for a month and get no response. So, basically if you buy there products and have a problem there response is F U.
Esteban Torres
Esteban Torres 8 days ago
So many problems with the App....Location is way off.....doing a quick run it show time like 7 hours or even 70+ hours.....cant change the number if sprinkler head it gies back to 8 (default).
Silvia Ayala
Silvia Ayala 9 days ago
How do I change my Wyze cámara back to color instead of black and white?
Marquiss Colter
Marquiss Colter 9 days ago
If it doesn't scan after a while take your screen protector off.
Leche 661
Leche 661 9 days ago
Mine came in yesterday and im EXTREMELY disappointed was working fine last night and the afternoon but this morning when i need it the most it decides not to send notifications all day and im still in the 14 day free trial and its acting like this im seriously considering returning it i have everything the same as in the video and i even deleted the app and reinstalled and still nothing -_- and i had high hopes from it working the previous day. Also the app is extremely glitchey and hard to use wyze needs to step there game up like seriously
Dan kim
Dan kim 10 days ago
Needs better watch face
EagleRun23 11 days ago
is that J Peterman?
كل ما هو جميل من المجتمع الامريكي
كل ما هو جميل من المجتمع الامريكي 11 days ago
I love this camera I am by two camera to my house and I get a bye to my friend for his business thank you guys
Curt Cherry
Curt Cherry 11 days ago
Should have a way when events are deleted, they delete off all your phones or tablets.
Musheng Wu
Musheng Wu 12 days ago
Can it works with home's existing chime box?
Faceless Entity
Faceless Entity 12 days ago
I can’t wait to get my and cut ADT
Elle Kei
Elle Kei 12 days ago
So happy i watched this video till the end. I was so close to purchasing it until i saw all the wires stay exposed. Wyze has some sleek looking products but this one failed to hit the mark.
Janice V
Janice V 12 days ago
These directions need to be updated, since the app now has a different set up.
D KL 12 days ago
Can the V1 sensors work with this system?
King Of Kings
King Of Kings 12 days ago
I didn't know you all had Joe Bien writing titles for you
Arturo Venegas
Arturo Venegas 14 days ago
Como puedo mirar los videos de la camara
Rosemarie Santos
Rosemarie Santos 14 days ago
I can’t connect my phone with the camera it stay yellow it not saying ready to connect like the first time I don’t know why .. need help with it please
35kflowers Vlog channel
35kflowers Vlog channel 15 days ago
Ok I just bought it 😁
joeybab3 15 days ago
I even bought the damn thing and I still can’t believe they actually thought this was a satisfactory product video
Peter Stone
Peter Stone 15 days ago
This ad sucks. Make another one.
Gail Browns
Gail Browns 15 days ago
My Wyze cam want reset
Gail Browns
Gail Browns 15 days ago
My eyes cam want reset